10 Most Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana

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Marijuana is Commonly known as chronic,pot or harsh and is consumed either by eating,smoking or by soaking it in tea. Whether the human body is exposed to this plant in small or large quantities, side effects are a sure fall out. Side effects of using Marijuana vary from the simple increase in appetite to much graver threats like lung cancer. Let us explore in the infographic below by Test Country what marijuana is capable of doing to the human body.

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10 Most  Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana


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Comments (3)

  1. Barb

    I’ve never seen anyone using marijuana get violent but have seen some get paranoid. Usually people just get relaxed. Pregnant women should never use ANY drug. I think the Test Country company that produced this study went extremely overboard on the anti-marijuana side and used untruths and unproven statements. Those who have certain illnesses definitely benefit from its use and OCCASIONAL users lead productive lives the same as someone who has an OCCASIONAL drink.

  2. Chris McKinley

    Thats funny, i thought this was an infographic not a propagandagraphic. There are no peer reviewed scientific studies that support ANYTHING that this is telling you. Notice how there are no sources cited? Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in three states this novemeber, and preliminary polls say it will pass at least in Colorodo. Stop the propaganda, let the people chose, this is AMERICA REMEMBER

  3. Barb and Chris McKinley, thank you for comments.

    This infographic is only for informational purposes. All facts can be found in wikipedia. (Effects_of_cannabis)