A Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Clients

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If your company has ever worked with a tough client, you know what a nightmare it can be. Too often, clients have unrealistic expectations or offer zero insight as to what they want–making them none too desirable to work with. The fact is, some clients just make unreasonable demands–and they end up frustrating your entire staff.

No company should have to put up with tough clients. That’s why Ciplex compiled the infographic below, which details a few specific characteristics you can look for to identify when someone is going to be hard to work with. Learn how you can deal with the issue–without losing your credibility or your client.

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A Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Clients


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  1. Nicely done! I cant’ help laughing as I go through your infograph.

    It seems it’s entirely possible for one client to exhibit more than one of these traits!

    Thanks for the tips and grateful for all the Project Management skills I picked up in corporate world. At least I insist on having a project scope and agreement for each piece of work – but even then, it’s interesting to see how scope can “evolve” and take complete change mid way through the project …