Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse Are Linked

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This infographic published by raises awareness about the fact that both men and women with alcohol abuse disorders are 18 times more likely to also have a problem with prescription drug abuse than people who don’t drink at all.

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Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse Are Linked
Courtesy of: The Internet Drug Side Effects Database


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Comments (2)

  1. Amy Barrett

    The issue here is the addictive personality and the disease of addiction. Many alcoholics are cross addicted, what is alarming is the lack of understandig of addiction in the main stream medical world. It is very easy for an alcoholic to go to a doctor and get prescribed deadly and addictive medications which they become addicted to very quickly due to their biological predisposition to addictive substances. Alcoholics should never take anything addictive if they are to stay clean and sober. Ironically, more people are now dying from “legal” drug addiction than street drugs.

  2. Alex Geeks

    I think this kind of cross addiction is just usual ignorance. There are so many things that can help us to enjoy life in a health way. I can see in here there are some celebrity names that are mentioned. Hollywood industry is full of temptations. Its a pity that so many talented people died because of this garbage.