14 Remodel Projects That Increase Home Value

What are good remodeling and home improvement ideas and which should you avoid when you want to increase the resale value of your house? As many people aren’t realtors or experts themselves, finding out what is good and what is bad may not be very easy.

The Ultimate Bicycle Maintenance Guide

Some bicycle enthusiasts are hesitant at the idea of maintaining their own bicycle and as a result, end up spending a lot of money on an exercise that they could easily have handled on their own. But do you know that it is actually easy and fun to maintain your bike on your own?

Cyber Monday Hour by Hour

You know Cyber Monday is a huge shopping day, but do you know exactly what time you should log on to score what you’re looking for? Here’s a breakdown from Ebates of the key Cyber Monday shopping trends that online shoppers have created from 2012 until the present year.

How Does Crack Cocaine Affect the Brain?

Smoking crack cocaine vapor into the lungs is as rapid as absorption into the bloodstream by injection. Recurring use of crack cocaine can cause long term changes in the brain systems which may lead to addiction. The following infographic looks at this in more detail.

Cyber Monday Online Shopping Trends

In recent years, Cyber Monday has been getting stretched out into “Cyber Week.” Online retailers have started their sales earlier and earlier, some as early as Sunday morning, and extended them later and later. Some stores take their cyber sales all the way to Friday, offering new special deals on different items for every day of the week.

10 Cat Superpowers

Cats have always been popular pets and it’s not hard to see why as they truly are fascinating creatures. But because they are so common, we tend to take their extraordinary abilities for granted. So now it’s time for you to realize how awesome your cat really is.

The Height of Flight

The folks at FlyToDubai.co.uk have created this visual representation of the Height of Flight. They’ve charted a few famous land masses, added in mushroom clouds, high altitude weather and even space flight.

Can We Have a World Without Debt?

A lot of people are forced to live in a debt from day to day. Can you even imagine the world where debt isn’t an option? Find out more about it in this intriguing infographic by the folks at PayPlan.