8 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt

Everyone struggles with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt at one time or another. While it is impossible to banish self-doubt entirely, it is possible to get it under control. Using self-knowledge and understanding, you can turn self-doubt into motivation to succeed. The following infographic looks at 8 ways to conquer self-doubt.

Lawn Mower Safety

Lawn mower injuries are not the kind of accidents to immediately jump to the front of your mind, but year after year, thousands pay a visit to the emergency room due to a lawn-mowing mishap. In this infographic, Bradley Mowers looks at statistics regarding common lawn mower injuries, tips for how to avoid any such injuries, and ways to ensure children do not come into harm’s way during any routine lawn work.

The Essential Road Trip Survival Guide

There’s something so raw and pure and free about going on a road trip. It’s a rite of passage, a learning experience, a shot in the arm of pure adventure. It’s like your first time at sleep-away camp, except there are no counselors around to tell you what to do and where to go. Here is an ultimate road trip survival guide so that you can get the most out of your next road trip. 

Email Marketing Campaigns The Ins and Outs

Email marketing is an extremely valuable way to connect and learn about your customer base. Studies show that consumers prefer emails because they are a less urgent form of communication that puts no immediate pressure on the consumer to buy. And since customers feel less defensive, it makes email communication a fantastic way for your business to connect.

Cyber Security Lessons From Pop Culture

We have all seen the classic Hollywood hacking in movies and television. A typical scenario involves a man in a basement dressed in all black, typing on a keyboard at an unrealistic rate and instantly hacking into a person or organization’s files. The reality? Hacking is not immediate. And hackers can look like ordinary people, roaming the streets, even hacking next to you at a cafe or restaurant.

15 Open Source Security Testing Tools For Web Applications

The vulnerability of websites can be costly for any apps. Since attacks on websites and web apps are increasing at an alarming rate, it is indeed a must that they should undergo rigorous testing. The golden question is how? Obviously plethora of tools are available, but which one to choose? Let’s have a look in the following infographic by Testbytes.

Conference Call Survey: The Who, What, Why, and Whoops

How often does your business use conference calls? And, are you wondering what people are really doing during your conference call? The team at Ooma wanted to learn more about how people are using conference calls and what the friction points were — dropped calls, poor quality, or maybe something else. The following infographic shows the results of their conference call survey.

Can Smart Water Sensors Help Prevent Flood Damage?

Home flooding can be expensive. From a broken appliance to a leaky roof or burst pipe, a situation can quickly go from a minor problem to a serious incident. In a recent survey, Ooma found that 74 percent of Americans have had flood or water damage in their homes. The following infographic explores whether smart water sensors can help prevent flood damage.