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David Wallace | Infographic Journal

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

The caffeine that is present in our daily coffee is not bad for us as many would have us to believe, but can help us to live longer, increase our mental ability and focus, fight depression and even help us to lose weight. What’s not to love about many people’s drink? Fed up of justifying your coffee addiction? Here are 13 reasons why your daily fix is actually a good thing.

The Evolution of Communication

Various communication methods are something that we have used since the beginning of time. Younger people may take for granted the fact that today they have access to multiple forms of communication on a device that you can fit in your pocket. And to think that once upon a time people communicated written messages, history, and stories through cave paintings and pictures on walls!

The Psychology of Successfully Marketing to Millennials

Those of us who are older often make jokes about today’s Millennials. Statements such as, “The ‘Me Generation’ is spoiled and entitled,” among many other insults and jokes is virtually endless. But any company, group or political party that doesn’t take this generation seriously is making a monumental mistake. In the following infographic, take a look at the psychology of successfully marketing to Millennials.

Growth of the Mobile Marketing Realm

With more people now getting their hands on mobile devices around the world, and using them to do just about everything — the future truly is focused on mobile. At the same time, it’s also important to note that the growth of mobile usage and marketing is just getting started. In this infographic, the Info Graphic Design Team looks at the growth of the mobile marketing realm.

How to Choose the Perfect TV

The variation of different TV types, sizes and screens nowadays are enormous. If you want to be pleased with your TV choice, they are things you need to think about, besides what kind of TV you can afford and how big it is. You need to consider the type of brackets for wall installation, screens, resolutions, viewing angle and more.