The Difference a Smile Makes

Did you know that even a fake smile can indirectly make you happier? The brain is tricked into believing that you are happy and thus changes its brain activities and gets you into a better mood. Studies prove that the more you smile the more positive you perceive your surroundings. Check out the following infographic by Junomedical and discover curious facts about smiling.

VR in the Military

VR in the military? They do and it’s quite amazing. Virtual reality is being used in three main areas – recruitment, training and recovery. In recruitment, VR is changing the way that the military finds new recruits. It’s also being used to generate interest in young adults who may have an interest in signing up for the armed forces but who perhaps don’t quite know it yet.

What Can We Learn From the Flint Water Crisis?

When Flint’s administrators switched to a local water source in 2014, it was soon followed by complaints from residents who cited health concerns about this water and, a few months later, high levels of lead were discovered in children living in the city. The whole affair was a sorry tale of buck-passing from figures in political authority and a flagrant disregard for the city’s residents.

Essential Men’s Boots Guide

Do you know your Chukkas from your Chelsea boots? Should you choose crepe or commando soles? What are the six toe types available? Men’s boots are available in a wide choice of styles, and it can be hard to choose the right pair. Take a look at this easy-to-use men’s boots guide from Samuel Windsor and you’ll be boot boss in no time.

8 Items A Legitimate Small Business Must Have

Everyone knows that marketing is key to a successful business. Why not make those tips known to the public to help the new small business owners in there journey to success. In this infographic, the team at Las Vegas Printing Experts has outlined 8 must have marketing items that will jump start your business.

The History of Wealthy Affiliate

In the following infographic, Wealthy Affiliate Review visually explores the rich history of the Wealthy Affiliate program. It all began in 2005 as two young and innovative internet marketers, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Kim, had an idea to provide lists of valuable keywords to other internet marketers in exchange for a monthly subscription. Today, the Wealthy Affiliate program offers unparalleled training in how to build a successful online business.

Your Local SEO Checklist

Local search engine optimization is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses who want to increase their presence, leads, and sales. Learn how to rank your local business with this Local SEO Checklist. In this infographic, Velvet Cloud breaks down 7 essential items to have on your checklist. Utilize these best practices and take control of your local search results.

DIY Pest Control

Pests in and around the home are troublesome for any family. It can make a living in the home uncomfortable and moving is not an option. Some pets can also cause diseases which becomes a health hazard to your family and loved ones. The following tips from are some recommended practices that you need to keep to manage them