Evolution of CPR

Here is an infographic courtesy of ACLS that depicts the evolution of CPR. The time line goes back to the 1500s and lists the many unusual and barbaric ways that CPR was used throughout history as it advanced to what it is today.

Animals and Their Babies

The difference between animal offspring is fascinating. Some of them are able to walk within hours after being born (like giraffe’s calf ), and others need months before they get out of mama’s pouch and can be more or less independent (like little joeys for whom it takes 235 days to get grown enough). This infographic by AlansFactoryOutlet.com also shows some interesting physical facts and statistics of survival for certain species.

Cost of Apartments in Adult Cartoons

Watching cartoons as a grown-up is the best kind of TV. While we’ve been watching some adult cartoons for decades (like “The Simpsons”), other shows (like “BoJack Horseman”) lend themselves to binge-watching on Netflix, where we can go through a whole season in a weekend. Since apartments are the business of ForRent.com, they are naturally tuned in to the apartments where their favorite characters are living. Here’s what they have found out about the apartment rental costs in adult cartoons.

The List of Infuriating Office Behaviors

With millions of offices and tens of millions of office workers, we’re all bound to come across office behaviors that drive us crazy. The folks at MyOffers have listed some of the most common and infuriating office behaviors. From a colleague that are always late, to the colleague that can be heard in the office building across the road, or that one colleague that takes personal hygiene to a new level.

Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

If you’re rushed for time during your morning routine, you don’t need to sacrifice your hairstyle. There are ways to make your hair look super cute in just a few minutes. These lazy girl hair hacks put together by The Ogle School will fool everyone into thinking you spent lots of time styling your hair. No one will ever know just how easy it is to be lazy on the daily.

7 Casino Facts

Sometimes a myth is talked about so much that it can become the truth over time. But not in this case. In the following infographic by onlinecasinopolis.net, you will only find the most interesting facts proven by history. One of such facts is a well-accounted story about the invention of the sandwich which, to no surprise, took place nowhere else but in a casino. This and six others included below.

Why the Way You Poo Is Harming You

Did you know that you are probably pooping wrong? Every year, more research is being published proving that sitting is unnatural and linked to colon cancer, IBS, hemorrhoids, constipation, appendicitis, and more… How did we get here? This infographic courtesy of Relaxx answers this and provides a simple solution: the toilet stool.

Hiring A Marketing Agency Vs. Hiring Internal Staff

Many business people believe that in order to grow their business they need to hire internal marketing staff. In reality, hiring a marketing firm instead can be much more cost-effective and help you reach your financial business goals faster. Explore “Hiring A Marketing Agency Vs. Hiring Internal Staff” in this infographic.

20 Tricks To Fall Asleep Fast

Lying awake all night and counting sheep? Don’t fall into the trap of relying on prescription medication as a sleeping aid. The next time you find it impossible to drift off, try one of these science-based tricks of falling asleep fast in an infographic by Drömma.