How Florida’s Immigrants Contribute to the State

As the presidential campaign season rolls on, things have gotten a little contentious when it comes to immigrants and their role in America. Reforms, walls, and amnesty have all been fodder for debates. With all the discussion over how immigrants contribute to America, let’s take a look on how specifically Florida has benefited from immigrant

Sweet Candy: DIY Candy Buffet

Most people like candy and if you are one of them then you may have considered a candy buffet. This infographic brought to you by the team at Sweet Services online candy store, will show you how to set up your candy buffet the right way.

Top 10 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

In today’s busy era, we often neglect the importance of physical activities. We forget how important engaging in sports, exercises, or any physical activities. So here’s an infographic which explains the benefits of regular physical activity.

Online Reputation Management Statistics

The team at Life Experience Solutions have gathered some very informational statistics for a popular online topic. One big factor in having a successful online brand is maintaining a healthy online reputation. Reputation can make or break a company so proper management is a necessity. Here are some of the reasons why other CEO’s are taking online reputation management more serious.

2016 Father’s Day Spending Survey

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad just how thankful you are for everything he does for you. Find out the best gifts to get your Father based on his persona and see what other consumers like you are spending in this infographic.

The Freelancer’s Tax Guide for 2016

Freelancers often pay twice the amount of taxes as their corporate counterparts which causes financial hardship if you don’t prepare for this annual inevitability. So, rather than being caught off-guard every tax season, the following strategies will make filing your taxes a straightforward, successful and stress-free experience.

The US Gold Market

The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical gold is actually exchanged between COMEX trading participants, and gold inventories maintained in COMEX vaults in New York are very low. This infographic guides you through some of these need to know features of COMEX gold trading.

Defending Your Apartment Against Alien Invasion

We’ve all watched a good alien invasion film from the comfort of our apartments, but what if our apartments were no longer safe because of the risk of alien invasion? This infographic looks at how to defend yourself and your apartment from different types of aliens.

Driving in Foreign Countries

There are many things to consider when traveling to another country and that includes the driving condition in the place that you are planning to visit. The folks at VroomVroomVroom researched and created an infographic that features unique driving habits, driver’s license information, traffic laws, road hazards and most dangerous roads.

Was Morpheus Right – How Hot Are Humans?

In the 1999 film The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that a Human being gives off 25,000 BTUs of body heat, but do we really? 25,000 BTUs is a pretty big amount of heat, so what do humans actually have to do to give off that amount of heat? Was Morpheus right, or was he just a massive machine loving liar?