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David Wallace | Infographic Journal - Part 2

7 Attributes Of A Great Business Leader

Leaders play an extremely crucial role in the business organization. However, they are one of the key people in a company that is often misunderstood because they have little time to work on building relationships with their employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders. Regardless of the variety of tasks or the level of interaction they are required to do, leaders are essential to run a successful business.

The Rise of Video Marketing

Video marketing makes it easy for you to reach to your target audience as it has the potential to improve your search engine ranking, click-through-rates, open rates, and conversions. Here’s an infographic that will provide you everything you need to know about the rise of video marketing and why it’s being hailed as the future of content.

Ultimate Checklist For Business Video

Starting your next business video? Explainer business videos are one of the smartest tools for generating a high engagement rate and capturing leads. Check out this ultimate checklist from Info Graphic Design Team that covers everything you need to start your next business video.

Missed Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning various establishments in and around London is both varied and challenging. Each establishment is unique and therefore requires a bespoke cleaning solution. Despite this, it’s surprising how often the same things get missed. This infographic takes a look at often missed cleaning services.

Plan Your Wedding At a Glance

So you have got a ring in your finger. Now what? Settling on a wedding style, shopping for your dream gown, finalizing your guest list. Info Graphic Design Team has put together the following online wedding planning guide to help your planning process be simple and fun. 

Six Things Successful People Do Before Bed

Have you been struggling at work recently? Feeling exhausted and finding it difficult to motivate yourself? Or even finding yourself more emotional or more likely to snack on food? Your sleep, or lack thereof, might be having more of an effect on than you think. The Sleep Matters Club has come up with a few tips to help you get a full night’s rest and consequently have a productive following day.

Top 20 Best Alternatives To Facebook

With Facebook mired in a controversy over the misuse of the data of 50 million of its users by the company Cambridge Analytica, people have started thinking about alternatives to Facebook. The following infographic courtesy of MiniCreo has a lot of very interesting facts and stats about Facebook alternatives.

Predicting Consumer Behavior with Data Analytics

The following easy-to-understand infographic from Dot Com Infoway explains why it is important to analyze customer behavior. With engaging charts and graphics, it lists online shopping behavior of an average online buyer along with a mention of sites where consumers share feedback about products and services. The infographic also lists down the steps involved in making a purchase.