World’s Biggest Heists

Burglaries happen everyday and are one of the most common types of crime. But millions upon millions of dollars separates a common burglary from a big score. This infographic explores the world’s biggest heists. And these events aren’t some fictional scene in a movie, like Oceans Eleven, The Italian Job, etc. These burglaries really happened.

You Wanna Bet? Psychology of Gambling

Gambling in the the United States of has always been extremely popular. In fact there are over 1,500 land casinos where people that are of legal age can gamble. We can trace gambling all the way back to the 1600’s with gambling exploding in the US In the 1900’s to the point where almost every state has at least one casino. This infographic explains why Americans love to gamble.

Make the Most of Working From Home

Did you know that 3.7 million employees, approximately 2.8% of the workforce, operate from home? In fact, since 2005, working at home among the non-self-employed population has grown by 103%. Improved technology has enabled companies to work more with telecommuters than traditional office employees.

Why Oil Prices Fluctuate

Most of us greet the news that oil has fallen to $50 a barrel with a shrug of our shoulders. It goes up, it goes down; no one dies. We fail to engage because we don’t understand what drives it either way, or how it affects us. As with all commodities, supply and demand plays a big part in its price.

How Oil Is Formed

Those of us who imagine that striking oil means drilling into a pool of liquid riches might be surprised to learn how wrong we are. Oil is not found in underground lakes, but dispersed through rocks like a sponge. The rocks must be broken to extract the oil, which looks like mud when it is taken from the ground. Nor is it the remains of dead dinosaurs!

MLB Stadium Index

Couponbox recently published a comprehensive MLB Stadium Index which ranks stadiums across the country according to the cost of premium tickets, average drink prices and hot dogs. Not only does the index show the prices of premium MLB tickets for every stadium, it also shows the average prices of drinks and the cost of everyone’s favorite baseball food – hot dogs.