Pipe Marking 101

Pipe marking is required in most industrial facilities. The standards are set by ANSI and ASME. This infographic from Creative Safety Supply covers the basics of pipe marking, focusing on the colors, size and locations of labels.

15 Muscle Building Tips

Building muscles may sound easy; it’s not. You need discipline, consistency, and sometimes an incredible amount of sacrifice. If you really want to achieve that impressive Hulk like physique, it’s time to stop dreaming and do the hard work. To help you, here are some proven tips.

How the World Uses Coconuts

We’ve all gone nuts for coconuts! The UK spends £60 million a year on coconut water alone. And coconut oil is popping up everywhere from our fitness regimes to our beauty regimes. But how do other countries use them? Find out in this infographic by Holland and Barrett.

10 Bad Habits That Kill Your Productivity

Productivity is one of the biggest concerns for every person who wants to succeed in work-life. Unfortunately there are some habits that kill your productivity and you may be practicing them without even realizing it. In the infographic below, the team at Luxafor Blog have gathered 10 most common habits that can minimize your work efficiency.