Road Trippers: Drug Driving in the UK

The UK has a severe drug driving problem. As of March 2015 it is illegal to drive in the UK if you are either, unfit to do so because you’re on legal or illegal drugs, or if you have above a specified level of an illegal drug in your blood stream (the drugs don’t need to be effecting your driving). Here is an infographic that looks at “drug driving” in the UK.

The Zika Virus and Pregnancy

This infographic visually discusses some of the dangers of the Zika Virus, where it has been located in the United State, how it is spread and the symptoms associated with it. Also talks about the effects it could have on infants. This infographic also showcases the steps of prevention and the things you can do to keep your house and home mosquito free.

Child Head Injuries

This infographic will inform parents about the danger of head injuries, falls, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) of their children. Falls are the most common cause of minor head injuries in children and adolescents, followed by motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, sports-related trauma, and child abuse.

Can You Guess How Much Sugar is in These 50 Common Foods?

Most people know what a sugar packet looks like and feels like. Most sugar packets contain roughly four grams of sugar, so they are excellent objects to use to help visualize just how much sugar is in foods that people are exposed to on a daily basis. Excess sugar is hazardous to a person’s health in various ways. It is known to deplete minerals in bones, stimulate aging and create wrinkles, contributes to obesity, harms dental health, triggers adrenal fatigue, and much more.

Home-Buying Myths vs Facts

Here is a useful collection of misconceptions and myths versus the actual facts on home-buying. Ever since the housing bubble burst and the 2007-2008 recession, millions of Americans are afraid to invest in real estate. According to the facts presented on this infographic, that fear is no longer valid and buying and owning a home is a great idea again.

How the World Reads

As a person, acquiring information in this day and age could easily be in a single snap. The variety and scope of knowledge out there is vast and it’s always available. With that in mind, reading is such an important skill to have because it is a basic ability in learning things. Aside from verbal communication, written communication passes knowledge from one person to another either for entertainment, information-sharing, or simply exchanging ideas.

Australia Gambling History: 100 Amazing Facts

Here is a detailed list if interesting facts from related to the history of gambling in Australia. If you like gambling – this infographic will inform you everything you need to know about your hobby. Read about the developing of the different gambling spheres in Australia and find out lots of new exciting things.

Fascinating Facts About the USA Tech Industry

Did you know that in 2005 on April Fool’s day, NASA pranked the world by claiming they had found water on Mars? Starting from the early years of its independence, US became a home for many inventions and progressive technologies. The leading position in tech is so deeply rooted in US history, that “America” is easily associated with the Silicon Valley, Google, Apple and numerous other software and hardware giants that changed our lives forever.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Ecommerce Tips to Increase Sales

$4 trillion dollars of merchandise is abandoned in shopping carts every year. Using follow up texts, ad retargeting and a streamlined checkout process you can increase recovered purchases and help lure shoppers back to websites to complete their purchase. Minimizing steps, providing multiple payment options and using exit popups can help streamline the checkout process and reduce shopping cart abandonment.