7 Ways Millennials Benefit From Their Love of Plants

Countless studies have explored the benefits of plants on humans and in recent years, the boom of the millennial houseplant trend has seen news headlines mock their obsession with nature. Call it an extension of environmentalism or a need for a sense of ownership, but the growth of the eco-conscious, plant-loving millennial surpasses aesthetic reasons and may even contribute to growing life expectancy in the future.

The ABCs of a Personal Injury Claim Process

Personal injury law or tort law covers situations wherein an individual’s body, mind or emotions are hurt. More often than not, it is usually due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. This infographic is a useful resource that provides a complete low down on the personal injury claim process.

Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-Fatigue Matting is a great tool to help in the fight against the negative effects of prolonged standing. To help us understand the extent of the problem, the team at First Mats have created this handy infographic to highlight how serious the problem is and how Anti-Fatigue Mats can help.

7 things You Need to Know About Despacito

The Spanish language miracle tune “Despacito” has broken all records and put Spanish and Latino music back on the map. It has paved the way for a completely new generation of artists, put it’s homeland back on the list of desirable tourist spots and turned the recording industry upside down. It also made its performers Louis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee instant superstars!

How to Uncover the Best Time to Post on Social Media

With over 5 billion active users on social media, brands put maximum effort into driving engagement. Every aspect of social media strategy is about getting the most eyeballs. As such, the team at Unmetric analyzed the engagement and timing patterns of the top 100 brands from various industries selected according to audience size between November 15th and December 22nd, 2017. 

Yoga Poses to Slim Down & Tone Specific Body Parts

Already a yoga practitioner but still unsure as to what poses can help you ‘tackle’ your problem areas once and for all? Don’t fret. Book Yoga Retreats has handpicked a set of 15 beginner and intermediate-level friendly yoga poses and compiled it in the following cheat sheet. Add these to your regular fitness routine and be on your way to a slimmer and fitter body.

50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money

One of the best Leisure days I can remember was hanging out on the beach at Ko Olina in  Oahu, Hawaii all day long, enjoying the ocean, the beach and Mai Tais that we made and brought from our room. This was the best day of our week-long vacation and best part is, we did not spend a dime! Yes there are ways to relax without spending any money!

Carpenter Ants – All You Need to Know to Deal With Them

Carpenter ants are nuance insects that can invade your home and establish a colony fairly quickly. These ants burrow into wooded materials to create their nests which can cause a lot of damage to wooden elements of your home and compromise the structural integrity of the building. The following infographic will help you identify this type of ants and provides information on how to prevent damage and eliminate a possible infestation.