What You Should Eat Before You Work Out

Fueling up before your workout will give your body the energy it needs to perform at its best. Here’s a guide to the types of foods you should eat before you work out. Get the energy your body needs for a workout with these pre-workout approved foods.

The Evolution of the Toothbrush

Attention to dental hygiene dates all the way back to 3500 BCE with the Chew Stick in Egypt and Babylonia. Centuries later, we have seen tremendous advances in the dental hygiene industry. Check out this Evolution of the Toothbrush by Fortis to understand the incredible transformation of the dental hygiene industry from 3500 BCE until today.

The True Cost of Home Improvement

Around the United States, millions of people embark on home improvement projects each year. Before getting started, many don’t know how much money it will cost them. By the time the project is over, they might have a much bigger bill than they were originally expecting.

Avoiding Small Business Pitfalls

Think of all the reasons any small business owner may close the books in a given year. Whether from competition, poor planning, low demand, or a host of other factors, many small businesses are forced to permanently liquidate as other companies take their place.

Impacts of a Paper-Based System

Can you imagine a future where the planet is full of greenery and big cities are free of pollution? This is the vision shared by environment activists, who often advocate drastic steps to reduce the current trends of environmental degradation. Among them, using too much paper is a common and worldwide trend.

The Strange Effects of Weather on Human Behavior

Have you ever stopped to think about how your behavior might be effected by the weather? I’m sure we’ve all noticed ourselves feeling slightly happier when the sun’s out, or perhaps getting a bit down when it won’t stop raining, but the list of the ways that the weather can affect our behavior is actually far more extensive than that.

Could You Live Off the Grid?

Advancements in micro-energy production mean that by using one or more of the methods listed in this piece, providing energy for a modern home has never been more achievable. A part of this will involve coupling your own energy production with energy efficient ways of heating your home. Yet living off the grid requires more than simply providing your own energy.

How to Care For Your Cosmetics

From lipstick to eyeliner and blush to mascara, the average person puts about 515 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day. But if you’re not careful, you could be putting on a lot more than you bargained for. FatWallet has put together the following breakdown of the keys to taking care of all the different kinds of cosmetics.