The 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

Computer viruses and IT security breaches often make the news, and with good reason. Viruses tend to spread like wildfire and can infect hundreds of thousands of machines within a very short space of time. 5u IT Consultancy have created an infographic which runs through some of the worst offending viruses of the last ten years.

The Omad Diet – Eating One Meal a Day

The Omad Diet or also called Eating One Meal a Day is a simplified way of eating. It is a diet that only consists of eating once per day with no calorie counting, difficult to follow instructions, or meal restrictions. The Omad Diet is form of intermittent fasting that has many great benefits.

Secrets of Successful Salespeople

What are your commercial goals? Do you have a business development plan in place? Have you identified the right people that you should be talking to? If you are passionate about developing and fine tuning your sales process, this infographic is just the thing to whet your appetite. Full of statistics and top tips on how to become a better salesperson and detail about why what you do, matters.

How Passive Houses Can Help the Environment

This infographic is about the benefits of living in a passive house, which were first built in Germany in 1988 and enjoy energy savings of up to 90%. They are essentially energy efficient buildings that provide year-round comfort without the constant need for heating and cooling systems. These homes save you money and they’re great for the environment so it can only be a good thing if they become more popular.

The Residential Asbestos Removal Process

Asbestos has carcinogenic minerals and only a licensed asbestos professional should be contracted to properly remove and dispose the substance. Doing it on your own will only disturb them and further worsen the damage that it can cause, thus, exposing yourself and your home to asbestos fibres more. Here’s an infographic explaining in detail the residential asbestos removal process.

The Perks of Playing Slots Online

For a lot of people, online gambling becomes so much fun that it quickly becomes their primary source of entertainment. Online casino gaming allows people to win a lot of money from afar, or at least feel like they are about to do so, which is always exciting. There...

The Evolution of Locks & Keys Through the Ages

The first lock of note was the Assyrian lock in 600 BC and it actually used the still very common technique of sliding tumblers into place. From there, we had the revolutionary Bramah Lock which was considered the first commercially produced product to provide good security from manipulation. In more modern times, the technology has improved further with keycards and keypads becoming more popular.

What is Personal Branding?

With 70% of recruiters looking at candidate’s social media profiles, personal branding is a must for job seekers. The following infographic courtesy of 365 Careers highlights personal branding dos and don’ts.

Rental Cars vs Uber vs Taxi – What’s the Cheapest?

If you’re traveling to a new city for the first time, then it’s always good to know the cheapest, safest and best way to get from the Airport to the City Centre. GO Rentals have analyzed 85 cities around the world from Adelaide to Zurich and everywhere in between to work out whether it’s cheaper to rent a car, get an Uber or jump in a taxi to the City Centre from the Airport.