How Does grandPad Measure Up?

Tablet devices, with their array of options, menus, and applications, can prove too difficult for most seniors to effectively use. As such, many companies have developed tablets designed specifically for seniors as a way to boost revenue and reach this key demographic. But are these tablets really worth the investment?

The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Most of us are familiar with the concept of reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing high-carb foods with foods that are high in protein. Usually, people adopt a high protein diet when they are on a weight loss program and it is widely accepted that following a diet that does incorporate a substantial portion of protein, is a great way to go about shedding weight.

Blender Food Processor Buying Guide

People who love to cook know well that a blender and food processor are kitchen essentials. However, not all people have adequate kitchen space to accommodate the two machines. This convinced manufacturers to develop a combination appliance that performs both functions.

First Lady Locks: A Hair History of the USA

Every since Martha Washington, there’s one role the First Lady has always been responsible for fulfilling – fashion icon. The public has often obsessed over the First Lady’s hairstyle and wardrobe choices. Some have been trendy, some have been traditional, but they’ve all been uniquely themselves. Here is a visual guide to the hairstyles of all the First Ladies of the U.S.

Better Hair = Better Music?

Some of the most iconic music artists of all time also have some of the most iconic hairdos of all time. This infographic showcases music artists and their hairstyles who have performed great on the Billboard Hot 100 chart over time. So, does better hair equal better music?

Comparing Reboots – Who Won?

30 years ago during 80s, it seemed like once a movie franchise was done, that was it. As soon as a series had worn out its welcome, Hollywood moved on to the next big thing. Not these days. Everything old is new again, thanks to reboots. Here is a comparison of original movies vs. their reboots.