Biometrics in Movies

Facial recognition used to just be for science fiction. Eye sensors and voice scanners used to only be something we’d see in the movies. But these biology-based security systems from science fiction are no longer just futuristic dreams. They are now the reality of maintaining security. Here is a comprehensive list of all the biometrics used in science fiction movies.

The Nursing Universe Explained

The aging population in the US is set to create big demand for capable nurses and care tackers. This infographic from CNA Certification & Training explains the different positions and opportunities in the field of nursing. It also shows where can you work, what are the daily job duties, the average salary and job trend over the years.

Casino Facts From Around The World

We’ve probably all been to a casino, but have you ever wondered just how popular they really are? Greektown Casino has created the following infographic showing the popularity of casinos around the world, ranging from highest revenue to cities with the most casinos, and more.

Sharenting Or Parenting? What Kind Of Parent Are You?

You might not be familiar with the term, but chances are either you or your friends are “guilty” of it. Sharenting refers to parents oversharing information and pictures of their children on social media. Sounds a little bit more familiar now, doesn’t it? In this infographic, Picky Basket looks at sharenting and parenting so you can see what kind of parent you are.

10 Biggest Cyber Crimes Till Date

Rarely a week goes by without news of another data breach at another corporation. And cyber thieves are taking different types of data and doing more things with them. Here is an infographic from that looks at 10 of the most notable cyber-crimes, either by size or significance. They illustrate the growing threat to businesses, consumers and governments.

Visual Merchandising & the 5 Senses of Retail

When’s the last time you were pleasantly impressed by a store’s selection of music, by its color palette, by its displays or even by a specific scent? Chances are, not very recently. Visual merchandising is a very challenging undertaking and you rarely see stores that leverage more than one sense effectively. While many stores might have an interesting visual design, choice of displays and overall aesthetic feel to them, they fail to leverage more senses.