Which States Use the Most Water?

Water is a necessary aspect of life. In America, this fact is often taken for granted. Now, with the recent devastating drought in California, it’s becoming a more visible issue nation wide. This map and accompanying visualization shows the water use per capita and for different industries for each state and most populated county per state.

Natural Beauty Treatments Found inside Your Home

If there’s one thing that most people fear, it would be aging. Who wouldn’t? Seeing fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles forming in your face can be daunting. With our lives getting busier by the minute, the ageing process can speed up even faster. Not to mention, we have been so consumed with beauty products that are chemically induced which can do harm on our skin than good.

Lifeblood of the Medical Field

A nurse’s role in the medical and healthcare industries is incredibly crucial for success and proper care. The skills and attributes needed to make a great nurse are numerous and this infographic from Denver School of Nursing explores the many hats a nurse must wear every day.

Health Benefits of Mustard

It’s strange to think that one of the most overlooked healthy ingredients is also one of the most common. We’re talking about mustard—a condiment usually used as sauce in hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and corn dogs. Sometimes, it is mixed in flavorings and spices. Here’s an infographic that illustrates the numerous health benefits of mustard.

Online Pokies and Gambling in Australia

Online pokies and gambling in Australia has managed to surprise a lot of people except, perhaps, for the Australians themselves. Around eighty percent of Australians gamble in some way, shape, or form. However, there are some forms of gambling that are more popular than others, even in a culture where gambling is most definitely the norm.

Bad Breath: A Dating Killer

In this day and age, dating is a lot harder than it was for the Baby Boomer generation. It’s a big turn off when you find out your date has a problem that has existed since the Stone Age – bad breath. The truth is, fashionable clothing, a nice haircut, and winning personality won’t matter if you have bad breath.