What You Should Know About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome which inflicts around 5 million women in the USA alone. Women with PCOS have enlarged ovaries which over produces androgens and typically have high insulin levels. PCOS causes a variety of health problems such as sleep apnea, heart disease and cancer. AuthorityDiet.com has created the following infographic which lists interesting facts about PCOS.

Social Gaming & Online Gambling – Two Hot Markets Converging

Social gaming really came to the forefront in the early 2010s. People were able to play with their friends on their game consoles via Xbox Live and everyone was receiving Facebook notifications from friends inviting them to play Candy Crush. With social gaming becoming so popular, it seemed almost inevitable that it would eventually find its way into online casinos as these are some of the most popular places to play online.

50 Snacks That Are 100 Calories or Less

Dieting is hard work, especially when cravings kick in! Fortunately, there are easy and low-calorie ways to satisfy savory cravings, sweet cravings, and cravings for chocolate. In this infographic, TitleMax has listed 50 snack ideas that are quick to whip up and enjoy, or plan ahead to eat between meals.

9 Avant-Garde Color Trends to Expect in 2018

Brands presented consistently are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility. So for the sake of consistency, there’s no need to chase every trend. But evolving your visual identity can help you keep up with consumers. If you’re re-branding or designing a logo in the new year, keep in mind these 2018 color trend predictions, displayed in infographic style.

5 Fastest Growing Careers That Require a Graduate Degree

Earning a master’s degree is a big commitment. In addition to considering your interest, it could be important to look towards your future career. Why not match your strengths with BLS data about job growth and salary potential? The main factor in determining the top 5 fastest growing careers requiring a graduate degree is the employment outlook from 2016-2026.

The Rise Of Contactless Cards

The following infographic by Card Cutters includes information about the behavior of shoppers and consumers in the UK in terms of contactless cards, with the frequency of contactless card transactions rising. Interestingly despite the increase of frequency, the average order value has decreased as people are much more likely to use the cards for small transactions.