Brand Loyalty Is Dead

Brand loyalty as your grandparents practiced it is dead, but brand loyalty in general is definitely still around. Learn more about the new brand loyalty within the following infographic from Rave Reviews.

Making Security Manageable

Recent studies predict that global cybercrime damages will grow to $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion annually in 2015. Network segmentation is the latest tool in the fight against cyber crime. Learn more about network segmentation in the following infographic from Tufin.

Predicting Economic Trends

Predicting economic trends is difficult if you don’t have the right information. Learn more about economic trends within the following infographic from Legal Shield. These indicators predict the direction that the economy is headed, and will help you to make smarter investments and better business decisions.

EQ Genius?

Your EQ, or emotional quotient, is a measure of your emotional intelligence. Why should you care? Turns out it’s a greater indicator of your potential than your IQ, as outlined in this infographic from Aumann Bender & Associates.

Why Do Businesses Fail?

There are some pretty common reasons why businesses fail, from cash flow problems to competition. Learn all about the reasons why businesses fail and what you can do about it from this infographic from Insurance Quotes.