The Hazards Of Being A Desk Jockey

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t the only hazard of being a desk jockey. According to this infographic from Frames Direct, digital eye strain is also a major concern. Read on to learn all about the hazards of being a “desk” jockey.

Software Is Not Eating The World

Plenty of people think software is going to take away their jobs, but this just isn’t true. Learn more about how automation helps in this infographic from Global SEM Partners.

Immerse Yourself In A New Reality

Can virtual reality be used to sell houses? Taking a virtual reality tour could be a great alternative when you are moving far away. Learn more from this infographic by Self Storage.

When Can The Police Use Force

Using force can get the police in a lot of trouble if it’s not warranted. Learn when use of force is acceptable in the following infographic from The Police Foundation.