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Which State Has the Best Taxes for Small Businesses?

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council has a ranking system for state tax systems. It incorporates a wide variety of factors that, in the end, give you an idea of how good or bad a state’s tax system is for small businesses. This infographic from Experian Data Quality takes those rankings and maps them out. Besides the SBE’s ranking system, this infographic also maps out personal state income tax rates.

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A Look at the Next Generation of Service Desk

The IT industry keeps innovating, and it is equally important to build service desk systems that evolve with technology. Here’s an animated infographic from the team at transcosmos with a quick look at the next generation of service desk.

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Why Food Truck Businesses Are Revving Up

Food trucks are kind of a big deal as they’re approaching a $2.7 billion industry this year .Learn more about the food truck business in this infographic from Food Truck Operator. It is designed to give food truck owners and suppliers an easy-to-grasp snapshot of the state of the industry.

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10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Your Work Done

Life has become so fast-paced that we have trouble keeping up with our daily routines. Productivity levels keep dropping as weekend approaches and by the time the weekend is over, the dread of going back to work is experienced. So how to boost productivity? It sounds like a cliché by now, but planning your work is actually the only best way to do it.

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Buy Online Business: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Many of those who typically would be doing their own start-up have come to understand the benefits of buying an online business. It is important to look at how this trend is progressing through varying professionals, cities, and universities. Quiet Light Brokerage has created this infographic which looks at entrepreneurial activity through acquisitions of online businesses.

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The Future Is Fintech

Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, is becoming more and more popular worldwide. It is no secret that the numbers behind FinTech investments are incredibly impressive. For example, there has been a 201% increase of investments over just one year, with a 51% increase of deals worldwide! In just 3 years, investments in global FinTech has risen from £4 billion to £30 billion, proving just how prominent it has become.

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Ease of Doing Business 2017: Singapore vs Indonesia

The following Infographic shows the ease of doing business in two southeast Asian countries : Singapore vs Indonesia. Indonesia’s economy is expanding at a rapid rate, with the country increasingly attracting interest from overseas investors and Singapore remains highest investing in Indonesia. The infographic measures indicators like demography, company Incorporation process, corporate tax rate, Internet speed, and IP protection laws.

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Online Business Ideas You Can Start

Do you dream of creating a new business online? With today’s technology, it is very possible and with little to no capital at all. However, you need to have the right skill and careful planning. There are some online business ideas you can start with. Some of these will be tricky at first but may bring in big fortunes in the future.

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5 Time Saving Excel Features You Must Use

Worldwide, millions of professionals use Excel spreadsheets to crunch numbers, maintain records, create financial models, and track progress. Excel has some really great inbuilt tools that can help you get the work done a lot faster with a lot more efficiency. Here is an infographic by Excel MVP Sumit Bansal on using 5 Excel features that can help save time and make the users highly productive.

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International Phone Etiquette for Business

According to the 2016 Wells Fargo International Business Indicator, 47 percent of U.S. companies expect profits from international business activity to increase this year, and 87 percent agree that international expansion is needed for long-term growth. This infographic presents the do’s and don’ts of making business with internationals over the phone.

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The Proof There Is No ‘I’ In Team

The following infographic puts the spotlight on the teams and individuals behind some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, clearly demonstrating that very often there is no ‘I’ in a team effort. For example, we’ve all heard of Bill Gates, but far fewer will know of Paul Allen. Walt Disney, had a team of 11 people behind him helping to make Disney a success.

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Cost of an Office Around the World

New York has been named the most expensive city in the world for office space, according to a report produced by Kit Out My Office on office rental prices. The report looked at the cost of leasing office space of 10,000 square foot and associated business costs, such as property tax, service charges, and Internet access. Following New York as the second and third most expensive cities for office space are Hong Kong and London, respectively.

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How to Avoid Workplace Safety Blunders

In order to boost awareness on these commonplace misconceptions and mistakes SHEilds have created an infographic collecting statistics and highlighting key workplace safety failings. Have you made any of these mistakes? Could your workplace be doing more to avoid preventable injuries? Read on and find out.

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8 Items A Legitimate Small Business Must Have

Everyone knows that marketing is key to a successful business. Why not make those tips known to the public to help the new small business owners in there journey to success. In this infographic, the team at Las Vegas Printing Experts has outlined 8 must have marketing items that will jump start your business.

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