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What is Personal Branding?

With 70% of recruiters looking at candidate’s social media profiles, personal branding is a must for job seekers. The following infographic courtesy of 365 Careers highlights personal branding dos and don’ts.

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Pitfalls Of Being A Young Entrepreneur

Young entrepreneurs make headlines when they shatter glass ceilings and break molds, but they face a steeper climb than older entrepreneurs. Learn more about the pitfalls of being a young entrepreneur in this infographic from Insurance Quotes.

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Jobs For Petrolheads

From £27k to £40m – the car industry offers salaries not to be sniffed at. Excitement beckons for Supercar Test Drivers, Stunt Car Drivers and Engineers alike. Car Sales experts can earn two to three times the UK average salary. Check out the following infographic by OSV Limited for more details on jobs for petrolheads.

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Substance Abuse Nursing: An Introduction

In addition to becoming a registered nurse, you can also opt to study a specialty such as cardiac care, clinical nursing, anesthesia related care, ambulatory care or substance abuse nursing. Of all the specialty nursing fields you might choose from, substance abuse nursing provides the opportunity to not only help those in immediate need, but also help them and their loved ones possibly enjoy a better future.

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Sourcing Candidates: 10 Best Practices

With hiring getting more competitive by the day, companies need to find new ways to find the very best candidates on the market. They can’t just wait for them to apply organically anymore. It’s as simple as this – many of the best candidates don’t apply anymore. It’s on you and your team to get proactive, and go out and find them.

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EQ Genius?

Your EQ, or emotional quotient, is a measure of your emotional intelligence. Why should you care? Turns out it’s a greater indicator of your potential than your IQ, as outlined in this infographic from Aumann Bender & Associates.

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What Skills To Put On Your Resume

Apart from experience and education, you should consider putting your achievements, a resume summary, and key skills on your resume to make it stand out. The following infographic from Uptowork will show you the most desirable skills to put on a resume and how to showcase them.

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Getting Ahead And Staying Ahead In The Gig Economy

‘Freelancers’ and ‘gig economy’ – words that’s become rather topical over the past few years within the job market sphere. The gig economy is more than just freelance writers and Lyft drivers. You can actually turn it into a real career. This infographic presented by JOBVINE, shows us how a trend towards a gig economy and freelancing has begun.

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9 Benefits of Medical Training Programs

According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 23% from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than average for all occupations. Read more about the advantages of medical training programs in this infographic from Dorsey Schools.

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Habits Of Highly Successful Women

Policies are changing too slowly for most women to see any real change, so what can women do to empower themselves to move forward in an unfair world? This infographic from Business Student outlines some of the possible habits.

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16 Important Things Recruiters Should Look for in a Resume

Recruiters have an eagle eye for resumes. If you are planning to go job hunting soon, there are several things to include in your resume before hitting the send button. By knowing these information, It can increase your chances in landing an interview or if you are lucky the job itself. To breeze through the screen process, the following infographic by Manila Recruitment can provide guidelines on how to create a perfect CV.

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The Mega List of Highest Paying Teleworking Jobs

Why do people work remotely? Is it because they have certain personal obligations? Or because they feel more comfortable working in the confines of their home as compared to working in the office? The answers may vary. What remains constant is the fact that remote jobs bring several perks to the table, which include flexibility, increased productivity, low downtime, cost savings etc.

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