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It’s a Dangerous Job So Hug Your Garbage Man Today

Have you ever thought what a risky job your garbage man faces every day out in the streets? Being a garbage man means you have the 5th most dangerous job and it ain’t pretty as well. It’s not only a life-threating job but the body and muscles can get worn off and are exposed to several injuries. Hug your garbage man today, it’ a dangerous job.

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The Road To Becoming A Home Improvement Professional

Here is a detailed look and breakdown of the different types of home contractors, put together by See what it takes to become a electrician or plumber. See what schooling is required and what kind of money you can make. Home contractors are a very important part of our economy and they help with the needs of our homes.

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How Motivation & Happiness Play A Role In Your Career Path

Close to 70 percent of people are not in their “dream job.” That’s according to a recent Northwestern University School of Professional Studies survey of 500 professionals. The survey was conducted to understand the connection between motivation, educational focus and careers, and the degree of happiness later experienced. In this infographic, learn how motivation and happiness play a role in your career path.

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Five Minute Tricks That Will Improve Your Resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. First, it takes a lot of time and effort. Second, you can never know if you’ve done a good job until you send about 50 resumes. And when you finally fail to receive a callback from a recruiter, you realize that maybe your resume is not as good as you thought it was.

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The Average Software Developer Salary in Different US States (2016)

Daxx ranked different states across the US by the average salaries they offer software engineers (as of October 2016) based on the data available on Indeed and SimplyHired. This infographic features the 20 highest-paying states for software developers, as well as the average salaries in the seven fastest-growing states for tech jobs in the US.

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How to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job in 2016

Digital marketing is continuously gaining importance among all industries globally. How does one grab these lucrative digital marketing jobs in 2016 and beyond? Here’s a list of most popular digital marketing jobs, associated skills, and tips to get hired in digital marketing.

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Do Millennials Make The Best Entrepreneurs?

Millennials could be the greatest entrepreneurs ever, but they are lacking confidence to take the plunge. In fact, many people believe Millennials have the entrepreneurial mentality without the experience (and guts) to be leading entrepreneurs. Agree or disagree? Learn what’s holding potential Millennial entrepreneurs back in this infographic from Online MBA Page.

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Thinking Outside The Box

When Baby Boomers finally finish retiring from the workforce, they will leave behind the largest leadership gap in history. Learn what is being done to find and develop the next generation of leaders in this infographic from Genesa.

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Lifeblood of the Medical Field

A nurse’s role in the medical and healthcare industries is incredibly crucial for success and proper care. The skills and attributes needed to make a great nurse are numerous and this infographic from Denver School of Nursing explores the many hats a nurse must wear every day.

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9 Tips For Launching A Career Abroad

Want a job abroad? After all, launching abroad can expand your mind and horizons – for many this will be a turning point in their life, where they share experiences with a whole new team and friends. Working abroad is an enriching experience.

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6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

If you are already a Registered Nurse, you are one of an elite corps of medical providers serving on the front lines of patient care. However, you may be yearning to expand your career horizons. If you are looking for the chance for more autonomy by being able to set up your own clinic, or become more involved in holistic patient-centered care, becoming a Nurse Practitioner may be the career path for you.

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When Is An Unpaid Internship Illegal?

Are interns really just unpaid workers who are getting ripped off? While this is a question ultimately answered by particular courts and particular judges, the Department of Labor (DOL) has tried to clarify the issue, outlining a six-step test to determine which workers can really go uncompensated and which workers qualify as “employees,” entitled to all the benefits of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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How To Turbocharge Your Freelance Translator Salary

Most freelance translators don’t earn a super high salary, yet a select few make enough to live (almost) like royalty. So, how do they do it? This infographic looks at 5 very different methods the highest earning freelance translators use to earn large salaries.

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The 10 Most Hazardous Jobs in the U.S.

This infographic lists the 10 most hazardous jobs in the United States. This data is published annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and includes the jobs that had the highest rate of fatal injuries for full-time employees. The viewer will no doubt be aware of most of these hazardous jobs, but there are some surprises.

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