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A Step by Step Guide to University Clearing

After the stress of completing your A Levels, the last thing most students want to do is to go through Clearing. Although it sounds chaotic and stressful, with the right preparation and knowledge, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Here is an infographic on going through university clearing.

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How Music Lessons are Making Your Kids Smarter

Here is an illustration of studies put together by Forza Academy that show the ways in which music lessons make kids smarter, test better, and happier later in life. Share with district administrators and congress representatives in your area to encourage more arts funding in public schools.

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The Private Tuition Industry in the UK

This infographic from The Tutor Website gathers all the latest happenings in the private tuition industry over the last few years to give you an up-to-date insight of where the industry is at the moment.

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The Singaporian Way of Education

Singapore has a rapidly growing education system, offering high quality education. This infographic takes a look at some of the achievements of education in Singapore and provide an understanding of how this distinctive education system is built.

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Top 5 Famous/Rich People Who Skipped Homework

Parents and educators are forever battering children with reasons why they should do their homework. We all know that grades and academic achievements can be major factors in choosing and being successful in a career. Yet, there are some very successful, rich and famous people who have achieved what they have without great academic success behind them.

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A Sleepy Student’s Survival Guide

With busy schedules comes bad sleeping schedules for students. Despite getting everything on your schedule accomplished, there’s a problem with a lack of sleep. This infographic from Brown Mackie College puts this into perspective.

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The Critical Value of a Nursing Education

The value of education in nursing has never been higher. According to a new study, higher education for nurses could mean the difference between life and death. Nursing is the fastest-growing occupation in the healthcare industry, with over 500,000 new jobs to be created by 2018. Since nurses already make up the majority of the industry, that’s a lot of growth.

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Dad on Campus

With Father’s Day just past us and summer school in effect, we’ve got Pops on the brain — particularly the hilarious, heartwarming, relationship-building, potentially embarrassing campus visits from dad. Whether your papa is far away and a “drop off freshman year, pick up at graduation” kind of dad or a dad who is nearby and wants to visit you every weekend, your college years are key to forming your new adult relationship with your father.

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Headed to College? Ditch These High-School Habits

Congratulations on completing your senior year of high-school. Now you are heading off to college in a few months away so why not use that time to prepare for the experience by ditching the high-school mentality, opening your mind for the changes ahead, and getting into some good habits now so you can start freshman year off right? This infographic will help you.

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Advantages of Online Courses

Online courses are great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn new skills and advance their careers without dropping their commitment to their job and/or family. Getting education online will also save you tons of money since you’ll avoid having to pony up even a fraction of the 10-30 thousand dollars required on average for a traditional education.

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Summer Storage for Students: How College Kids Should Store Their Stuff

Next Door Storage has created a useful infographic for college students dealing with summer moving. Many college students move either back home each summer or store their stuff in the city their college is located in. This graphic helps guide college students on best practices for storing their things for the summer.

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Benefits of a Christian Education

The importance of Christian values in schools is more important than ever. Today’s world is full of temptations and half truths that are teens have to struggle with each and everyday. Here is an infographic by Help Your Teen Now that discusses the difference between a secular education and an education based on Christian values.

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Top Tricks for College

Part of getting a college education is about learning the things that aren’t in books or in lectures. In fact, much learning is done in terms of self-maturation and navigating things like time-management, friendships and relationships, health and wellness, and finances. With this school year wrapping up, summer sessions nearing, and some time to reflect before fall semester, read what other students have found helpful in this infographic.

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