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Federation Starships & Vehicles of Star Trek

For over 50 years, Star Trek has had an illustrious history both in television and in movies. One unforgettable part of the franchise, undoubtedly, is the amazing federation starships and vehicles. So, if you're going to boldly go where no man has gone before, which...

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Vinyl is Back and Here to Stay

With vinyl music almost disappearing in 1990-2010, vinyl is now on the rise again. And that does make sense as vinyl is providing a whole extra dimension to the music. The sound from a record is simply warmer and characteristic compared to other carriers. Also, searching a record and placing it on your record player is much more entertaining than hitting a playlist on Spotify.

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The Young Singer’s Guide to Vocal Warm Ups

Warm ups are an important part of preparing for any exercise, whether it is a high-impact sports game or a concert. For young singers, vocal warm ups help prepare the voice for the rigors of a vocal performance. Warm ups not only stretch and exercise the muscles around the vocal cords, they also provide the singer with an opportunity to exercise proper breathing, tone, and resonance before singing begins.

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How to Choose Headphones That Suit You

Having headphones is necessary nowadays but many people make a hasty decision in this regard and choose bad ones. There are so many options available and it’s difficult to research/test each of them. The following infographic looks at some simple steps to choosing headphones. It contains information about headphones types, headphones drivers, and different things to look for in headphones.

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Evolution of Catwoman

June 16, 2017 marked 25th anniversary of Batman Returns, Tim Burton’s popular follow-up to 1989’s Batman. The film featured the return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman along with Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, one of Batman’s most famous villains who has also been known as a love interest of Bruce Wayne since being introduced in the comics in 1940.

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The Voices Behind The Characters

Whether you’re watching a movie or a TV show, when it comes to animations and cartoons, more often than not, the main characters are voiced by famous actors who you’d recognize in an instant if you were to see them. When it’s only their voice being used, however, it can become a little more difficult. Sometimes, you’re able to instantly identify the actor behind a voice, but with others, you’d never in a million years have guessed who it was.

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The Languages Of Star Wars

Matinée Sound & Vision has put together an infographic which showcases the most common Star Wars Languages spoken in the galaxy. From Galactic Basic Standard through to Binary (Droidspeak), Ewokese, Sith Language and more, it’s surprising that many beings can communicate with each other. But the question is; without the translation skills of C-3PO and other such droids, would it be a little more difficult?

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The Evolution Of Mario Kart

In this infographic from Select Car Leasing, discover all the characters and items used in the games as well as some trivia that many keen Mario Kart players may be surprised to discover. So, buckle up and check out ‘The Evolution Of Mario Kart’.

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Eurovision Over the Past 20 Years

Some countries never win Eurovision, and some seem to win a startling amount. But who’s most likely to win this year? Discover this year’s predictions for Eurovision winners from MrGamez.com.

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The Evolution of the Home Games Console

Here is an infographic from OnBuy.com that looks at the evolution of home games consoles. It starts off in 1972 when the Magnavox Odyssey was released and then goes all the way through to 2017 when the most powerful games console ever will be launched called Project...

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Women of the Fast and the Furious

With the new Fast and Furious movie upon us, let’s take a look at the most badass women from the franchise in an infographic by Select Car Leasing. We’ll look at what they drove, how awesome they are at street racing and what each of their defining moments were for the past 7 films as well what their actual jobs were before taking to the streets.

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5 Easy Piano Tips That Will Make You Sound Better

Playing piano is not that difficult. But its not that easy either. Sometimes people focus on playing so much that they forget to practice the chords and notes. As a result, they sound worse playing. One tip is to start with slow songs. Play bit by bit and then memorize the song in your heart and not to brain.

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Polish Games Market and the Statistics

Back in 2015, there were wild expectations concerning the Polish gaming market. This was fueled by the previous year’s increment of 4.7% growth. The findings also highlighted that of the 24 million people in Poland, half of them were gamers. More than half of that...

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Star Trek Timeline

Here is a handy infographic from the people at Manchester based Fish4Parts which provides the dates of when all of the different Star Trek TV shows and films were set. Discover when the Star Trek original series was set, Star Trek Next Generation was set, Star Trek The Motion Picture was set and all of the rest by reading this piece.

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