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5 Easy Piano Tips That Will Make You Sound Better

Playing piano is not that difficult. But its not that easy either. Sometimes people focus on playing so much that they forget to practice the chords and notes. As a result, they sound worse playing. One tip is to start with slow songs. Play bit by bit and then memorize the song in your heart and not to brain.

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Polish Games Market and the Statistics

Back in 2015, there were wild expectations concerning the Polish gaming market. This was fueled by the previous year’s increment of 4.7% growth. The findings also highlighted that of the 24 million people in Poland, half of them were gamers. More than half of that...

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Star Trek Timeline

Here is a handy infographic from the people at Manchester based Fish4Parts which provides the dates of when all of the different Star Trek TV shows and films were set. Discover when the Star Trek original series was set, Star Trek Next Generation was set, Star Trek The Motion Picture was set and all of the rest by reading this piece.

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An Apartment Tour Through Oscar-Winning Films

For some movies, the location was just as important as the actors. It established the framework for the story, anchored the film’s culture and set the atmosphere. Here’s a look at classic, Oscar-winning movies in which the location took center stage in an infographic by ForRent.com.

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Live Wedding Music Guide

Bands For Hire, an agency that offers live wedding entertainment, has taken some of the most common FAQs they receive and put them together in this tidy little infographic. When planning your wedding, there’s so much to take into consideration, and organizing your music for the day is no exception. From schedules to band riders, this graphic will answer a number of queries in a simple and straight forward way.

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Movies That Struck Oil

From one multi-billion-dollar industry to another, the team at Fuel Fighter thought they’d take a look at some of the biggest movies to do with oil. In this piece, they’ll look at each movie and break down the films plot as well as who starred in it, if it won any awards and what the critics thought of the movie. They will also give you its most iconic quotes, some of the movies’ bloopers you may not have seen the first time around and a few fun facts for each movie.

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The Evolution of Batgirl

For many comic book fans, Barbara Gordon has been known as the definitive version of Batgirl, one of the main superheroines of DC Comics. The character made her comics debut 50 years ago in the January 1967 issue of Detective Comics and has gone through many changes, most notably becoming paralyzed in the 1980s graphic novel The Killing Joke and eventually becoming super hacker Oracle.

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America’s Favorite Christmas Movies: Box Office Battle

Do you have a Christmas movie favorite? Maybe one that you watch every year or one that sets the tone for the season just like that first cup of eggnog or putting up the Christmas tree? Here Ebates breaks down which Christmas movies grossed the most and the least.

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Mobile Gaming on the Rise

Mobile gaming is on the rise with no chance of slowdown in popularity. Keeping this fact in mind, it shouldn’t be any surprise that online gambling, as a result, is expected to see a rise in popularity as well.

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Deaf-Friendly Games for a Children’s Party

If you are throwing a party with a deaf child in attendance, what games should you plan for? There are loads of great games that all children, and quite a few adults, will enjoy. Here are some favorite party games and tips for throwing an inclusive children’s party, in an infographic from the team at Wooden Toy Shop.

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A Guide to Rogue One’s New Characters

Rogue One opens on December 16th so the Star Wars fans over at HealthPlans.org created a beautifully designed infographic guide to help chart the new characters and their backstories.

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