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Why YouTube Stars Are More Influential Than Traditional Celebrities

It is clear that the day of the traditional celebrity is numbered. The YouTube celebrity is gradually becoming more influential. Marketers and others trying to hang on the coat tails of celebrity cannot ignore this. If they do so, they will gradually fade into insignificance. The folks at Influencer Marketing Hub have created the following infographic titled “Why YouTube Stars are More Influential than Traditional Celebrities”.

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Celebrities Going Wild & Unusual Places They’re Banned From

We’ve all heard of rowdy celebs, infamous rock bands and famously spoiled children, but you probably didn’t know that some rather unlikely (and defiantly likely) celebs have been banned from some even stranger locations. Just take a look at some of the interesting stories in this infographic from MyOffers.

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Pokies Addiction: Crack Cocaine of Gambling

Australia’s penchant for a punt has become a problem – and Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation is the most transparent hard hitting documentary to ever expose the facts, sharing exactly how the gambling industry and poker machine operators use these insidious pokies to cause addiction and help transfer the wealth from the communities that need it most.

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Hunting Rare Pokemon

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go, you know that it’s hard to catch rare monsters and there are even some monsters that aren’t yet available. Learn more about hunting rare Pokemon in the following infographic from Casino Short List.

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Poker Machines in Australia: The Facts

For the rest of the world they are slot machines, but for Australia they are poker machines or ‘pokies’ and it’s fair to say that the Australian public have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them. As of 2014 there were nearly 200,000 poker machines in Australia which means that there was a machine for every 114 people – making it the country with the most slot machines per head in the world.

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Big Screen Breaks

In this infographic, the team at the Daffodil Hotel picked a few of their favorite "movie hotels" and then created some reviews from the characters who stayed at them. Read on for some illuminating feedback on big screen breaks. [Click here for full size version]...

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Cutting the Cord Beyond Cable

In recent years, more and more people have been dropping their cable packages in favor of streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Why pay for a hundred extra channels you don’t want when you can cherry-pick your favorite TV shows and movies for a fraction of the price? Here is a guide on cutting the cord on cable and beyond.

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Making Movies – DIY Guide

In this infographic, learn how to shoot a movie like a professional by using the camera on your mobile phone to shoot the movie. It also features some accessories that will boost the professionalism of your mobile phone’s camera and some cool technology that will help stabilize your phone whilst shooting.

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Pokemon GO Pokedex List Sorted by Type

Pokemon GO has been the most popular game for iOS in its nearly 10 year history. Pokemon for beginners can be a complicated proposition, so here is a list of Pokemon in the game organized by type and evolution, compiled by Integrated IT Solutions.

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10 Point Foosball Table Buying Guide

It is coming up to 100 years since the game of Foosball was invented by Harold Searles Thornton in 1922. For decades, the game of Foosball has provided fun and entertainment for families, friends and work colleagues. Indeed, the game is suitable for just about all ages and it is a blast to play.

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New Forms of Online Bingo Continue to Evolve

The good old classics 75 and 90 Bingo will never go out of style and are still widely played across the US and UK. Newer games are a bit different – in the 80 ball Bingo, a ticket has 4 rows and 4 columns, with 16 numbers total and winning patterns including letters, lines, shapes and coveralls.

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Why to Hire an Event Coordinator

Why should you hire an event coordinator for your next event? Event Planners can help you stick to your budget, coordinate services, negotiate cheaper rates, and execute on the day of your next event. This infographic helps visualize how an event coordinator can help you out.

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How To Play Baccarat

Here is an infographic that will help you play your first baccarat game. Even though baccarat is not as popular as video slots yet, it has many fans among gamblers and you will quickly become one of them once you try playing.

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