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Finance Goals By Decade

Everyone knows goals are important, but how many of us actually have them, especially regarding how we manage our money? It can be a confronting subject to think about, especially if you’re nowhere near where you’re supposed to be! But don’t worry too much about it – firstly, many (most?) people don’t have it figured out either. Secondly, it’s never to late to get started!

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Debts Owed By the US Government VS Debts Owed To It

International financial relationships are a very complicated part of the world economy. The simple fact that we all know though is that somebody always owes money to somebody else. Many of us will argue whether or not money rules the world, but they definitely make...

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Non-VA Home Loan Options

In the following infographic, discover some of the benefits of a non-va home loan. The infographic features many options that are available. Then check out the VA Loan Calculator to see what options might be available for you.

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The Cost of Coffee And Other Creature Comforts

If you just think a little, and make a short list of things, small things, you buy daily, and then calculate how much money you actually spend every year, on things that you don’t even notice, you’ll be surprised. This infographic shows a very simple, yet very realistic breakdown on just a few things that only cost you a few bucks.

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Future and Scope of Cashless Economy in India

Cashless economy seems to be all the rage in India at present. The seventh largest economy in the world has taken to going cashless after the declaration of demonetization measure on November, 2016. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes that India will play a key role alongside China in the coming years in contributing to the growth of the global economy.

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Bullion Banking Mechanics

Bullion banking is a commonly used term, but what does it refer to? And who are these bullion banks? This infographic guides you through the shadowy world of bullion banking centered in the City of London. It looks at the paper gold creation process and how the banks use unallocated gold accounts to allow the trading of gigantic amounts of fictitious gold, as well as how the system is being perpetuated, even by the new entrants into the market who claim to offer a competitive alternative.

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Beer Or Textbooks: The Rising Rate Of Frivolous Student Loan Spending

Even if you escaped college without student loans, you definitely know someone who has them. Student loan debt is quickly reaching crisis proportions in the United States. Student loans can never be bankrupted, yet they are handed out to teenagers like candy. Learn more about student loan debt in this infographic.

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Ways The Great Depression Taught Us How to Save Money

Here is a collection of different tactics and skills that were employed during the era of the Great Depression that can be used today to help save money, compiled by TitleMax. Each tactic is compared to some practices that can be done to help you be more frugal.

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Top 10 Small Business Loan Mistakes

Borrowing funds is one of the obstacles that small businesses face. Obtaining a loan is often difficult for startups, but there are effective ways to boost their appeal to financial institutions. This is just one of the many ways to generate capital for your business,...

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Gold ETF Mechanics

Gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a product class that has grown rapidly in recent years. But what exactly are the mechanics of these products and what do they provide and not provide to their holders? This infographic from BullionStar provides insights into these questions, and graphically illustrates how these products work.

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20 Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World

The cost of living is going up all over, but in certain cities it is downright hard to get by if you aren’t a millionaire. This infographic compares the cost to live and work in some of the most expensive cities around the world–from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

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What Millennials Refuse to Spend Money On

Millennials are notoriously known for being on of the hardest markets for businesses to target. This could be because of their frugal spending habits, or more likely because they have significantly different priorities compared to virtually every generation before them.

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