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Top 10 Small Business Loan Mistakes

Borrowing funds is one of the obstacles that small businesses face. Obtaining a loan is often difficult for startups, but there are effective ways to boost their appeal to financial institutions. This is just one of the many ways to generate capital for your business,...

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Gold ETF Mechanics

Gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a product class that has grown rapidly in recent years. But what exactly are the mechanics of these products and what do they provide and not provide to their holders? This infographic from BullionStar provides insights into these questions, and graphically illustrates how these products work.

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20 Of The Most Expensive Cities In The World

The cost of living is going up all over, but in certain cities it is downright hard to get by if you aren’t a millionaire. This infographic compares the cost to live and work in some of the most expensive cities around the world–from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

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What Millennials Refuse to Spend Money On

Millennials are notoriously known for being on of the hardest markets for businesses to target. This could be because of their frugal spending habits, or more likely because they have significantly different priorities compared to virtually every generation before them.

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Top Tips for Healthier Credit

When you don’t earn enough money to pay for your expenses, you may need to borrow a certain sum of money from time to time. Taking a credit or a loan often implies risks and responsibilities. To plan your budget correctly, try to follow the tips Viva Loans provides in the following infographic.

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15 Amazing Facts About Payday Loans

This infographic from will give you a little glimpse into the lives of those who struggle to make ends meet and have to take out payday loans. Find out who uses payday loans, and how much they know about them. You might be surprised!

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11 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

The inter-connectedness of the worlds has made it 100% possible for anybody to make money online. With the growth of this online sector there are bound to be scams so the folks at FastMoney decided to write up an awesome article located at on some legit ways to make money online. To accompany the article, they designed an infographic for users to enjoy & share.

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The History of Binary Options

Over the course of 43 years Binary Options has seen a large growth in the market. From the launch of Chicago Board Options Exchange (also known as CBOE), the announcement from NADEX showing a 54% rise in trading volume over the last 12 months as of April 2015. With 2.5 million active binary options traders worldwide as of November 2015 the market growth shows itself to be of the fastest growing of it’s kind.

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The State of Debt: 2016

Do those living in red states or blue states carry more personal debt? In this Lending Club infographic, take a look at average personal loan and credit card balance amounts in each state to see how they compare.

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Home-Buying Myths vs Facts

Here is a useful collection of misconceptions and myths versus the actual facts on home-buying. Ever since the housing bubble burst and the 2007-2008 recession, millions of Americans are afraid to invest in real estate. According to the facts presented on this infographic, that fear is no longer valid and buying and owning a home is a great idea again.

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The Indian Gold Market

The Indian gold market is one of the world’s largest and most extensive gold markets, with an estimated 23,000 tonnes of private gold held within India’s borders. In India, gold is revered and held as a traditional form of savings and wealth preservation, particularly in the form of gold jewellery.

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The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Everyone knows college students and graduates are taking on a lot of debt to pay for school tuition and college expenses, but where exactly is most of the debt going to? Private colleges like ITT Tech? Or major universities? This infographic shows exactly how the over $1 trillion+ in student loan debt is being spent. The data/stats for this infographic was collected from Student Loan Hero.

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New Baby? Before Taking Payday Loan, Read This

The folks at Cashfloat understand the stress of mounting expenses when expecting a baby. On this infographic, you’ll find all you need to know about budgeting before your baby comes along. Now you’ll be able to enjoy the moment of becoming a proud parent.

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