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What Does A Living Minimum Wage Look Like?

Can workers really live on a minimum wage? This infographic details the states that use the federal minimum wage and what a ‘living wage’ would look like in each of these states, taking into consideration housing prices, food, and other costs of living.

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How to Teach Finance to Toddlers

It’s never too soon to start teaching your kids about finance. Here’s and infographic from Fat Wallet that explores how to teach finance skills to toddlers.

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Play It Safe When It Comes to Online Payments

It’s the age of the smartphone and chances are you’re probably using your device to buy merchandise, make airline reservations or pay a bill. While convenient, using a mobile phone can make you susceptible to identity theft. Check out the following infographic for five easy tips on how you can help protect yourself online.

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Throwing Seniors a Financial Life Saver

For some time now, financial experts have warned about the looming retirement crisis as Baby Boomers turn 65. The following infographic from GWG Life demonstrates how life settlements can generate income to pay for long-term care, vacation getaways, and other expenses.

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Who’s Richer: Batman vs Superman

People always think that Batman is richer than Superman. This is usually because Batman’s alter ego is the millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. This infographic from The Bitbag compares the assets and liabilities of two of our favorite heroes.

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Cash, Loan or Lease? Choose Your Financing Method

There are many directions you can take when it comes to funding equipment for your business. Covering the expense with cash, a bank loan, or a lease are three methods you should consider. Each has it’s benefits and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your business for your next equipment purchase.

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How To Retire On Cash-Flow Properties

There are two very different philosophies about retirement. ‘The Deferred Life Plan’, which says you should work hard your entire life for somebody else with minimal vacation time, build up a “nest egg”, then retire at age 65, reduce your lifestyle and hope that you die before your nest-egg runs out. Or, there’s The Maverick Plan.

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Michael Jordan: Rise To Billionaire Status

Last year Michael Jordan officially made the Forbes Billionaire list for the first time. In 2016 he has done it again, and is currently the wealthiest athlete on the planet. This timeline graphic outlines the various investments made by the greatest basketball player of all time to have finally reached $1 billion in net worth.

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The Spending Power Of Irish Seniors

They say there’s strength in numbers. So it’s true to say that with the life expectancy of Irish people getting longer, there will be an increase in the number of ‘seniors’ in our population, and their strength? spending power. The following infographic takes a look at ‘The Spending Power of Irish Seniors’.

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A Charitable Journey

The journey to acquire more donations should be taken one step at a time. Communicating and interacting with your audience should be one of the first steps. People like to hear from organizations they care about and will donate to those that spend time with them. Social media is a great tool to achieve just that and it will pay handsomely to those who utilize it tho their potential.

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