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The Evolution of Microsoft Office Improvements

Can you imagine what the world without Microsoft Office suite was like? For most of us that is impossible to imagine. Find out everything about beginnings of Microsoft Office and its rise to glory in this interesting infographic.

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The Evolution of TV

The evolution of the television has changed massively over the years from big boxy retro TV’s to Large curved flat screen TV’s. Travel back in time and take a look at the first ever TV called the Baird in this infographic.

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Most Popular Classic Toys of All Time

The continuing progress of modern technology has produced wonderful new games and toys for children. However, there’s something inherently charming about the toys of decades past that today’s parents and grandparents grew up with. From the most basic sock toys that were a hit in 1800s to the Rubik’s cube that was introduced in 1974, all these classic toys have given everyone a sense of nostalgia and awesome memories.

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Bourbon Without Rules

The bourbon your great-great-grandpa drank might have contained battery acid and tobacco spit. Learn more about the history of bourbon from this infographic, brought to you by Old Forester.

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Beating The Odds Through History

Historically, sometimes huge gambles have paid off. In this infographic, take you on a walk through history and see some of the ways in which famous individuals have beaten the odds. It clearly shows that once you set your mind to something, it can often be achieved.

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The History of Bikes

Since we’re approaching the 200 year anniversary of the first bicycle that was ever made, the folks at Icebike.org thought it would be a good time to get you all caught up with the last 2 centuries of two-wheeled history. In the following infographic are 58 of the greatest milestones in biking history.

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The 20 Biggest Epic Battles in World History

The current world is the most peaceful our planet has ever been. War and violence is at an all-time low. But this hasn’t always been the case. This infographic digs into the biggest battles the world has ever seen, and the sizes of each side involved.

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The History of Diamond Cuts and Cutting

The first diamonds to be recorded dates back to 325BCE, which have been moulded into the diamonds we know today due to thousands of years of artistry and technology. Diamond Cuts and Cutting have transformed each year with passing fashion trends and the ultimate desire for a flashy diamond or engagement ring. Learn about the history of diamond cuts and cutting in the following infographic.

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Graffiti Through the Ages

In this infographic, Marky has compiled highlights of the history of graffiti. Check out this timeline of one of humanity’s oldest art forms and though graffiti is illegal in most places and arguably devastating to some of the ancient ruins it defaced – this underscores that people just can’t help but shout I AM HERE!

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The History of Lipstick

Want to learn some interesting facts about lipstick? Here is a quick and cute infographic by The Stylist blog about lipstick’s rise to most popular beauty product over the last 100 years.

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Marcel Breuer: Life and Selected Works

Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian-born designer, carpenter, and architect known for being a master of Modernist design. Seats and Stools has put together this infographic that covers the life and selected work of Marcel Breuer. He is most widely recognized for his design of the Breuer Chair that bears his name.

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Valentine’s Day

Here is a fun and informative infographic courtesy of EZstorit.com that explain how Valentine's Day got started as well a some statistics about this loving holiday. [Click here for full size...

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A History of the Wedding

The Italian Villa have produced a cool infographic about The History of a Wedding. Did you know the first use of wedding bands was in 2800 BC? These and other interesting facts below.

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Dodge Celebrates its 100th Birthday

Dodge recently celebrated its 100th birthday recently. Over this period Dodge has changed a lot. It’s fascinating that the actual Dodge brothers died in 1920 and that famous Dodge name carries through to this day. Dodge has been through it all and has adapted throughout their 100 years to stay competitive.

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