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Build Your Shed into the Perfect Workshop

Transforming a backyard shed into a workshop can be disappointing if you don’t have any experience. Is it expensive? What materials to use? How to make it sturdy and efficient? Here are some tips to help you turn your shed into a perfect workshop.

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15 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants to Purify the Air

These days most offices have plants. Most of them require minimal efforts to keep them for years, and the help to create a better, welcoming atmosphere both in the office and in living spaces as well. But did you know that certain plants actually help you make your micro-climate healthier? In this graphic you will find a list of 15 plants, as well as tips on how to take care of them and list of toxins that each of them can filter out of your air.

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Real Estate: What is Right for You?

This infographic, designed by GetPat.ca, reveals the stages and percentages of people renting home in different cities as well as how much residential and commercial customers pay. It also includes five of the most important reasons to hire a professional property...

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Top 5 Everyday Cleaning Hacks

Here is an infographic detailing the top 5 hacks for cleaning your home. Spring cleaning can be awfully hard when you have stains and gum stuck everywhere, you have to pick the “best carpet cleaner”, the best washing cloths, the best mops all to find out that the stubborn stain can’t be removed. Rest assured, the following hacks will help you.

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Home Automation: Your Guidebook To a Growing Trend

Home automation is the new big thing. Connecting your home’s tech to your phone provides the luxury of keeping tabs on your phone at all times. But what does it all cost? This infographic from LivSecure gives you an idea of cost.

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How To Clean Your Pool

Owning a swimming pool brings lots of rewards, but it can also bring lots of chores. The prospect of getting back from a long day at work and having to go through the process of pool maintenance is enough to fill most pool owners with dread. The truth is, most people are doing their pool maintenance all wrong.

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The Smart Kitchen of the Future is Here

The current home improvement trends are developing in terms of technology. Some interesting stats of the future smart kitchens include that by 2022, the smart kitchen appliances market is expected to be worth $2.7 billion, smart refrigerators are seeing huge growth with the market likely to be worth $768.2 million by 2020 and that there are also many great apps available to bring efficiency to how we cook.

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The Cost of the Apartment in 50 Shades Darker

Christian Grey lives in a penthouse in downtown Seattle’s Escala building. The 5,170-square-foot apartment has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows with a 280-degree view. There is an open kitchen area with breakfast bar and a 1,000-square-foot private terrace. Have you ever wondered what Christian Grey’s luxury apartment would cost? ForRent.com ran the numbers.

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The Cost of the Apartments in the Most Romantic Movies

More than on-screen relationships, watching romance movies makes us lust after the sweet homes that the main characters live in. This infographic from the folks at ForRent.com looks at the cost of the apartments and houses in your favorite romantic movies, from Harry Met Sally to The Notebook.

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Why Gardening is Good for You

Did you know that gardening could reduce the risk of hart attack or stroke by as much as 27%. It could also reduce your chance of obesity by as much as 62%. In this infographic by What Shed, discover why gardening is good for you.

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How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust

If you’ve got a leaky tap or broken toilet that needs fixing, and you don’t have the skills, hiring a plumber is a necessity. Hiring a plumber is not as easy as picking someone from the yellow pages or Google search. So how do you choose who to hire? In this infographic, Radiator Valves 4u will show you easy steps to take, to ensure that you make the best choice for you, your home and your peace of mind.

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Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you’re looking to move or simply upgrade the home you’re living in, adding certain features or fixing particular problems can add value to your property. So, it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time researching all the options, from simple, cosmetic makeovers to structural repairs, extensions and renovations. This guide provides an overview of all the factors, including internal and external options to consider.

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7 Types Of Motivated Sellers To Buy Properties From Now

Winning in real estate is all about making your money when you buy, and helping others. So, if you are buying property it makes sense to search out the motivated sellers. Here are seven types of property owners investors should be looking for now, from Real Estate Worldwide.

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