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Internet Trends of 2017

Each year digital marketers around the world eagerly wait for Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers (KPCB) to share her Internet Trends Report at the Code Conference. This year’s 355-page slide deck is filled with charts, graphs and stats that are inspiring and educational – plus some shockers.

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Why Your Advanced Spam Filter Isn’t Enough

Advanced spam filters are a wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong. But they aren’t enough to protect your organization from a phishing attack. If you’ve heard it once, then you’ve heard it a million times, it takes just one employee to click a malicious link or download an infected document to give your IT Support a headache or, much worse, cause a data breach.

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Why We Like, Share, & Comment on Facebook

In this infographic by QuickSprout, get a better understanding of why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook, with the big idea of understanding why people enjoy doing these things will help you generate more Facebook traffic.

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Safety in Cyberspace for Your Family

Keeping the children safe in the digital world is an upmost priority for the new-age parents. The smartphone addiction is a real thing and with the kids being glued to the screen they are easy to get exposed to the harmful side of the Internet say bullying, sexting, pornography or identity theft. This Infographic from Family Orbit will list some real dangers the child may face and tips for parents to tackle these challenges.

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Online Dangers for Teens

Teens are growing up in a world very different than their parents. Dangers are not just lurking in back alleys but are a major threat in their mobile devices, smartphones, and online. It’s important to be aware of and speak with your teen about the potential dangers that they may get into online and make sure they understand they can always come to you for help.

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Protect Yourself From Ransomware

This infographic from the folks at Amnet explains a bit about the history of ransomware, looks at some of the most current threats, and explores how to avoid becoming a victim.

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Quora: Wisdom in Social Crowd

Do you know that Quora celebrated it’s 7th birthday on June 21, 2017? Here is an infographic presented by the team at Fullestop that depict Quora’s timeline over the last 7 years.

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Ransomware Attacks: Sizing Up The Risk To Your Data

Ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to your data, by encrypting files, until a ransom is paid. Once the ransom is paid, if you’re lucky, a decryption key is provided to the victim(s) to decrypt and access files. Here’s an infographic from Backblaze that looks at how ransomware attacks currently size up.

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What is Ransomware & Prevention Tips

The latest Ransomware attack “WannaCry” happened on 12th May 2017 (Friday) and affected tens of thousands of computers in over 100 countries. Many people are still not aware of what Ransomware attack is or what preventive measures they should take? So, the team at Web Track Studio thought of creating an infographic on the topic of “What is Ransomware & Prevention Tips.”

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The Trillion Dollar Industry of Cyber Attacks

Each year, cybercrime continues to rise as more of our most delicate data makes its way to the cloud. This criminal entity of the internet is particularly concerning for small businesses, who are the most frequent targets of phishing attacks and the most vulnerable to financial ruin following an online security breach.

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From 1G To 5G: How The Internet Has Changed The World

The Internet has completely changed the way we shop. We can now browse online, and order products from retailers all over the world and have them delivered straight to our door. The introduction of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, also means that we can shop wherever we are, and at any time of day.

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Factual WordPress Security Checklist

To make the WordPress more secure, regular updates are released to improve its overall security as well as fix bugs. WordPress security is not a single factor but includes various factors. In this infographic, WP Team Support shows how to improve the WordPress security.

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Should I Build An App?

Before you jump into App Development to build an app for your business, take some time to consider whether or not it is the right move for your company. The following infographic can help you decide if a mobile app is right for you, or if you are better off sticking with a mobile website.

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