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Life Without the Internet

Today, you’ve probably already signed on to at least one social media website, or checked one of your favorite news websites, or at the very least taken a quick glance at your emails to see what’s up. But what if you didn’t have any access to all of that? This infographic looks at life without the Internet.

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5 Biggest Credit Card Heists in History

Credit card fraud is the number one fear for consumers in the midst of the global financial crisis. In fact, 11.1 million people in North America fall victim to credit fraud each year. Know which credit card providers you can trust and learn about the 5 biggest credit card heists in history with this infographic.

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The Brain of the Internet

Data centers are typically very expensive to maintain. Housing all those interconnected servers requires an enormous amount of power. They must run 24/7 and one data center can use as much energy as 180,000 homes, and the energy requirements are increasing each year. In fact, each complex holds megawatt generators holding thousands of gallons of fuel in case of a power outage.

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10 Practical Tips To Stop Wasting Time on Facebook Now

Do you spend 1-2 hours on Facebook everyday? If so, you will waste about 7 months in 10 years time! There are tons of limit-time-on-Facebook post out there, but most of them encourage readers to deactivate their Facebook account as the ultimate solution. This is certainly not the right and best way. Here are 10 tips to limit your time wasted on Facebook, and most importantly, they actually work.

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The Evolution of Google Search

This infographic entitled, “The Evolution of Google Search” from Vijay Web Solutions takes a in-depth look at all those core and existing components that enable Google to deliver relevant & accurate search results.

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Making Sense Of OpenStack

A lot of different companies are working on OpenStack, and a lot of people are influencing it. Learn more about OpenStack and how to make sense of it in this infographic from Tesora.

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10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… the Death Star projects failed spectacularly. The Empire made 10 classic project management mistakes that could have been avoided with just a little patience and insight. In this infographic, learn these 10 important lessons direct from the failures of the Empire leadership to make sure your projects don’t explode into a million tiny pieces.

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A Guide to Spanish Tapas

The origins of tapas are drawn from all over Spain and vary according to each region. In fact, within some northern regions of Spain, tapas are actually called ‘pinchos’ or ‘pintxos’. Each region takes influence for their food from its own history and culture, and also mirrors the local specialties in the area. So, to tantalize those taste buds, here is a mouth-watering list locating the best tapas dishes to try in each unique region of Spain.

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The Psychology of Twitter

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become a cultural phenomenon, providing everyone from celebrities to politicians to “regular” people with a platform to share rapid bursts of information with fellow Tweeters around the world. Learn who tweets, why they tweet and how they choose who to follow with the help of this infographic from

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Team Starstruck Saves the World: The Superheroes of Twitter

These celebrities have utterly conquered social media. Rather than just regaling us with juicy details about their lives, they are utilizing their vast influence to empower fans. They stand up for causes, establish their own charities, and all around rock! Are you a fan? Learn more about the superheros of Twitter in this infographic

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History of the Internet of Things

This infographic by the team at Go4Hosting deals with emergence of Internet and the usage of it in day today life. It comprises of history of browser usage and the working procedure.

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How To Be a Google Power User

Sometimes, no matter how you phrase your search or question, Google’s results will not satisfy what you are seeking. In this infographic, WhoIsHostingThis? reveals a few tips and tricks to help you to utilize Google to its full potential and in essence, become a Google power user.

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Mood-Enhancing Colour Schemes For Your Home

This infographic looks at different colors, the emotions that they can evoke and how they can affect our disposition when used in our homes. It also provides readers with advice on how and where to use different colors in their home, to produce a number of positive emotions throughout the home, perfect just in time for Christmas.

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Big Data & Retailers

Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. A 2012 Gartner report predicts that data will grow 800 percent over the next five years and 80 percent of the data will be unstructured.

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