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Up in Legal Smoke: Canada’s Marijuana Mess

Some people view marijuana as a dangerous drug, while others see it as harmless fun. There is a number of countries that accept marijuana for medical purposes, but the majority still have strict laws against its usage. Such conflicting opinions can bring a lot of confusion in a society. This infographic takes a look at the marijuana topic is perceived in Canada’s legal systems. Even though it is an illegal substance, it seems that some aspects of the law are enforced differently.

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Cost of Speeding Around the World

Getting speeding ticket is not a pleasant feeling, especially when you are in the foreign country. Make sure that never happens to you. In this infographic from Avis find out what are the speed limits and fines in countries around the work and be prepared for your trip.

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24 Hours With Greater Manchester Police

We are all aware that the police officers have to deal with lots of unpredictable situations. But did you know how many confusing and strange situations occur daily? Find out in this interesting infographic.

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Interesting Environmental Law Cases

The following infographic aims to engage the reader with some interesting facts about environmental law cases, as well as providing information on the implications of the decisions. You will learn for example, that 1/3 of waters in the gulf were closed to fishing at the peak of the oil spill in 2010. This had huge implications on the livelihood of fishermen and the economy.

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By Reason Of Insanity

When dealing with crime, pleading insanity doesn’t necessarily get your a free pass, even if it works. Learn more about the insanity defense in this infographic from BBC.

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The Facts and Fiction of Medical Malpractice

51.4 million inpatient surgeries have been conducted in the US as of 2014. In this infographic from, discover facts, statistics, and horrifying cases of medical malpractice amongst the stars, on TV, and in real life.

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Marijuana Law Evolving, But Still Has Long Way to Go

Despite society’s increasingly tolerant attitude towards marijuana, the drug is still considered illegal under federal law. The future of marijuana prohibition is not entirely certain—will federal anti-marijuana legislation prevail, or will we one day look back on the marijuana ban as we look back on alcohol prohibition today?

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What Every App Developer Should Know About HIPAA

Do you develop healthcare applications? If yes, then you must understand the laws surrounding PHI and HIPPA and how they relate to application development. This infographic explores what every app developer should know about HIPAA .

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Minnesota’s Expungement Law Explained – A Visual Guide

Effective January 1, 2015, Minnesota’s expungement law provides new opportunities for people to seal criminal records. Sometimes called Minnesota’s new “Second Chance Law,” the ability to successfully seal a criminal record and get a fresh start is now possible.

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Strange Laws Around the World

Before you travel it is always advised that you make yourself aware of the local laws and customs. The last thing you want on your travels is a heavy fine or time behind bars, because, the money is probably better being put towards a more fulfilling experience! With that in mind, here are some strange laws from around the world you may want to ‘know before you go.’

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6 Cases That Changed Crime Analysis

Today our Miranda Rights are a well established element of the criminal justice system, but prior to 1966 no such rights were granted to suspected law breakers. Ernesto Miranda was questioned without being advised of his legal rights and without a lawyer. This incident is what led to the birth of our right to counsel and current day Miranda Rights. This infographic explores the establishment of Miranda Rights and five additional cases that helped put some of today’s more commonplace procedures into action.

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Medical Negligence: Are You Being Treated Right?

Medical negligence kills more than 210,000-400,000 people in the U.S. each year. Despite the detrimental results of medical negligence, the overwhelming majority of cases never make it to court. Only a fraction of those cases result in a verdict for the plaintiff, and in many states damages caps limit the amount that may be awarded to victims.

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UK vs US – Who is More Civilised?

Here is an entertaining interactive infographic and poll from Mary Monson Solicitors to see if the United States or the United Kingdom has the more civilized legal system. Cast your vote in worldwide poll.

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