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The Rise of Legal Marijuana

After years of prohibition, residents of Colorado and Washington recently voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. With this, more and more people are realizing the socioeconomic benefits of both decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana, leading to economic growth and an increase in tax revenue that eventually will be used to supplement our educational system.

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50 Insane Driving Laws From Around The World

Since the invention of the car in 1886, authorities around the world have devised a variety of rules and regulations for motorists. Whether you follow the Highway Code or le code de la route, there will be a comprehensive set of laws to follow, designed to protect both drivers and pedestrians from the dangers of the road. However, some driving laws are truly baffling.

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The Risk of Attorney Malpractice

Being an attorney is a risky profession, particularly malpractice. According to the American Bar Association, malpractice claims are on the rise. Attorneys who take time to understand the most common reasons for malpractice and identify how their business could be impacted, can minimize their exposure to risk.

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The True Cost of an Attorney

There are a number of factors that can influence how much money you or your company might have to spend the next time you need an attorney. In the following infographic, UpCounsel outlines additional factors that influence the costs of hiring an attorney, what types of services small businesses typically hire attorneys for, and how costs vary depending on where you are in the country.

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The History of Personal Injury Law

The history of personal injury law is not a straight path by any stretch. Most personal injury historians would argue that there is no specific start to when personal injury law began, but legal historians do agree that legal systems have existed in some form since ancient history but usually as a more general common form of law.

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Strangest Laws Still In Effect Today

Would you believe that in the state of Arizona, you could be sentenced to 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus? Or that in North Carolina, it is illegal to sing off-key? Both of these surprising bits of information are true! In fact, there are many more strange laws like these two examples that, despite being put into place long ago, are still active in states across the country today.

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Disabled Access – Still A Major Problem

Recent reports have shown that there is a serious problem with regard to disabled access throughout Ireland and the UK. While laws such as the Equality Act of 2010 have brought about reforms and change with regard to the level of disabled access present throughout Ireland and the UK, major access problems still exist and do so on a large scale.

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What Are Your Rights to Defend Yourself At Home

An attack on your or your family in your home, or even just around town, can be a jarring experience. In the moment, no one should have to think about the repercussions of defending themselves from such an attack. This infographic examines your rights to defend yourself and family in your home.

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws Across 50 States

State Laws vary with their requirements concerning whether or not a rider is capable of determining if it he or she should wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. This Sons of Anarchy themed infographic looks at motorcycle helmet laws and their importance.

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Things To Do Before You Die To Avoid Probate

We all have bucket lists of things to do before we die, things like sky diving or visiting Italy. However, the folks at Dana Law Firm feel there are a few other things you should add to that list in order to avoid probate. Such as getting a will. They have provided this infographic to help you learn how to avoid probate.

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Big Corporate Lawsuits

Corporate lawsuits are widely prevalent. At any given time, the average large corporation in the U.S. can be juggling 37 lawsuits simultaneously. Lawsuits can also be fairly costly for companies on both sides of the table. It is estimated that litigation costs represent more than seventy percent of overall legal spending by the average U.S. business. In addition, many corporations fight lawsuits in which $20 million or more is at stake.

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