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Eye Health

Are you taking proper care of your eyes? Chances are you are ignoring your eye health altogether until there’s a problem. You need to do more for your eyes. Learn more about eye health in this infographic from Frames Direct.

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Top 11 Toy Drone Gift Guide

Do you have a kid with a birthday or holiday coming up? Check out the following toy drone gift guide that is not only fun, but will teach them responsibility as well.

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Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

If you’re rushed for time during your morning routine, you don’t need to sacrifice your hairstyle. There are ways to make your hair look super cute in just a few minutes. These lazy girl hair hacks put together by The Ogle School will fool everyone into thinking you spent lots of time styling your hair. No one will ever know just how easy it is to be lazy on the daily.

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20 Tricks To Fall Asleep Fast

Lying awake all night and counting sheep? Don’t fall into the trap of relying on prescription medication as a sleeping aid. The next time you find it impossible to drift off, try one of these science-based tricks of falling asleep fast in an infographic by Drömma.

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Selecting the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Posture

Normal humans burn through 1/3 of their life resting and sleeping, An insightful man once said “on the off chance that you gain a touch of additional cash then you ought to spend it on something that you accomplish for a greater part of your life which is dozing”. If invested right your mattress can serve you beyond your imagination, Your whole health can depend upon what kind of mattress you have.

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How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance With Zen Mind

A life in all its spheres isn’t so easy. Sometimes you need an extra advice on how to make your life better. Fortunately, there are different ways. Check out the following infographic by Mind Your Zen to accomplish the higher level of living by implementing our solutions.

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Cleaning Rituals From Around The World

Cleaning is a rudimentary part of human life. It happens everywhere and has been since the dawn of time. However, the process of household cleaning varies across the world, from country to culture. There’s a multitude of reasons for this and many can be traced down to simple factors such as climate, seasonal changes, religious behavior, cultural traditions and so on.

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Top Luxuries American’s Can’t Live Without

1,000 Americans were recently surveyed by Thermosoft to find out which modern day luxuries they could do without, and which they will never give up. The data and corresponding infographic provides an interesting look at the most common consumer goods Americans spend their disposable income on.

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Our Changing Engagement/Marriage Habits in 2017

Our engagement and wedding habits may be shifting. From the way we propose to the way we celebrate, times are definitely changing. Whereas once getting engaged was celebrated with a big party, it’s now more a part of social media than anything in real life. Couples are also dating for long periods before getting engaged, and then waiting even longer before actually tying the knot. I

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Weirdest Sleep Experiments

The very nature of being human means that we strive to understand the world around us. Scientists have long considered experiments the best way to test a hypothesis and draw a conclusion. Over the last century, scientists have begun to study sleep more and more. We know it’s necessary yet we don’t fully understand it.

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A Social Media Guide To Your Wedding

You’re getting married. Congratulations! You might not have thought much about how social media can affect your big day, but unless you put a ban on mobile phones, chances are, there will be photos and comments from your day across different social networks. But do you know your hashtag from your trend? Your retweet from your share? And do you understand just how social media can help or hinder both your planning and the day itself?

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Moving to Spain – Regions, Reasons & Quirky Facts

This infographic from Britannia Sandersteads shows the top countries Brits migrate globally and also the regions in Spain Brits end up living. Additionally, it covers 12 quirky facts about Spain and also the 5 main reason Brits move to Spain.

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Senior Abuse Awareness and Prevention

No matter if you are a senior yourself, are providing for an elderly loved one, or know someone who is a senior, there are ways to prevent and stop elder abuse. This infographic from Accessible Home Health Care shows how to help seniors age with dignity and grace by learning how to spot, prevent, and report elder abuse.

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Anatomy of a Great Workout Song

Ever wonder why some songs just make you want to move? The team at Jazzercise breaks down why some songs are more effective at keeping you motivated during workouts in the following infographic.

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