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A Social Media Guide To Your Wedding

You’re getting married. Congratulations! You might not have thought much about how social media can affect your big day, but unless you put a ban on mobile phones, chances are, there will be photos and comments from your day across different social networks. But do you know your hashtag from your trend? Your retweet from your share? And do you understand just how social media can help or hinder both your planning and the day itself?

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Moving to Spain – Regions, Reasons & Quirky Facts

This infographic from Britannia Sandersteads shows the top countries Brits migrate globally and also the regions in Spain Brits end up living. Additionally, it covers 12 quirky facts about Spain and also the 5 main reason Brits move to Spain.

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Senior Abuse Awareness and Prevention

No matter if you are a senior yourself, are providing for an elderly loved one, or know someone who is a senior, there are ways to prevent and stop elder abuse. This infographic from Accessible Home Health Care shows how to help seniors age with dignity and grace by learning how to spot, prevent, and report elder abuse.

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Anatomy of a Great Workout Song

Ever wonder why some songs just make you want to move? The team at Jazzercise breaks down why some songs are more effective at keeping you motivated during workouts in the following infographic.

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A Guide to Aging in Place

Most seniors prefer to age in place, in the comfort of their own homes, instead of moving to a care facility. Follow this guide by Home Work Solutions as you plan for yourself (or a loved one) to continue living at home through the golden years.

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15 Little-Known Yet Brilliant Beard Benefits

To beard or not to beard? Seems to be that stupid questions do indeed exist. In this infographic, discover 15 data-backed reasons why you should be growing out your beard as big and as bushy as you can. From helping you to gain the edge with the ladies and create better first impressions to benefiting your health in a whole range of ways.

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10 Best Scenic Views in Charlotte, NC

From the skyline views at The VUE Sky Lounge, a luxury apartment community in uptown, to the amazing landscape at UNCC Botanical Gardens, check out this list of the most picturesque locations in the Queen City.

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How to Prepare for an Off-Grid Lifestyle

If it is your dream to become self-sufficient and live an off-grid lifestyle, you should check out these valuable tips put together in a handy infographic by Consumer Files to help you prepare yourself better.

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Be The Man of the Match On Your Wedding Day

On the big day, many people think that the bride is the one that goes through the stress of organizing, planning and distributing tasks. However, the groom has his own set of tasks to do in order to make the day run smoothly. From choosing the perfect best man to getting your winning speech together, all these things make for a perfect day.

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Best Places for Men to Meet Women

Dating and meeting others doesn’t only have to be done on online apps. In fact, did you know that women prefer the workplace as a place to meet men more so than bars, the grocery store or the gym? Gotham Dating has interviewed 1,400 of its members (male and female) to find out the top 102 locations for men to pick up (or meet) single women.

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Technical Awards at the Oscars

The Oscars’ technical awards celebrate and highlight amazing achievements in the movie industry. This infographic from Electronic World showcases some of the best editing and special effects in recent films in a fun, visual and interesting way.

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11 Qualities of Super Successful People

There are people who chase after success throughout their lives, but never achieve it. Then there are those who set examples for others by achieving their dreams. The million dollar question here is; what is it that makes some people successful and others not? Is it hard work alone or is it actually all about luck?

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How Pornography Affects the Teenage Brain

There is a rising problem of pornography addiction in teens. By viewing sexually pornographic material, teens are susceptible to countless psychological, emotional, and physiological disorders and issues. This infographic is designed to help you better understand the chemical effects that pornography has on teenagers.

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The Science of Peer Pressure

Everyone faces the challenges of peer pressure. From childhood, right through to adulthood, both negative and positive effects can be felt. There’s a lot of research and science behind the influence others can have on us, and in this infographic, the team at WoodenToyShop looks at how you can help your child navigate the demands of these everyday pressures.

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