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What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

Just like a fingerprint, your handwriting is unique and no two people can have the same. Whether you have the scruffiest handwriting in the world, the neatest handwriting or maybe something in the middle, check out the following infographic to see what your handwriting reveals about your personality. Letter spacing, sizing, crosses, dots and curves are all covered.

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Moving Trends 2016: Annual Moving Industry Snapshot

Did you know that Friday is the busiest day for the moving industry? Or that less people moved to California in 2016 compared to 2015? More curious information is presented in the 2016 edition infographic of MyMovingReviews. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to last years’ infographics, this one even features a comparison to previou

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Holiday Hazards

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, sandals are being traded in for snow boots and dark evenings are illuminated by holiday lights and displays. But with all the magic the holidays bring, there are some dangers that lurk in the festive...

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New York Salon and Spa Spending Habits

The team at decided to pose a few questions to the salon and spa owners and managers of New York, compiling the results of the survey into the following infographic. They asked questions such as, “How many times they visited a salon or spa per year?” or “Do they visit more than one salon?” or even questions related to If they enjoy when a stylist initiates conversation and, crucially, how much do they spend per visit?

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Decoding Your Teen This Holiday Season

This holiday season, families may be scratching their heads about how to celebrate with their teens — what movies to watch together, what gifts to give or where to celebrate. Here is a survey put together by Ebates of what teens want for Christmas vs. what their parents think they want, with surprising results.

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The Cost of Showers Around the World

You might not realize it, but regular showering is a luxury reserved only for people in the most developed countries. In many parts of the world, the cost of water to supply a shower far exceeds what many individuals can afford, or there’s insufficient plumbing and water treatment infrastructure to even make showers a reality.

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10 Tips to Self Improvement

We all want to improve ourselves in some ways. For others, it’s a lifetime commitment, a never-ending mission. Yes, it’s hard. Is there any shortcut? No. If you really want to improve yourself and become the person you want to be, you have to be patient and determined. At some point, you need to sacrifice certain things.

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How Americans Watch TV in 2016

TV is experiencing a renaissance. An abundance of quality shows are available through traditional TV, Video On Demand, TV Everywhere, as well as streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. With so many options it can be difficult to decide what to watch and how to watch. Metrocast has outlined some of the latest developments in television, from consumer habits to content trends.

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How To Be More Creative

Creativity is something we all have difficulty with from time to time. In a recent study, as few as 1 on 4 people felt they were living up their creative potential. Individuals blamed lack of time, the education system and pressure in the workplace to be more productive as the main reasons for this. Whilst it is true that our creativity tends to peak very early (around 5-10 years old), we are not doomed to a life of creative block.

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Top Muscle Building Foods

Building muscle is not just about going to the gym, lifting weights (albeit, that’s an effective way). The truth is, there are other ways that can help you gain muscle. We’re talking about the foods we eat. Did you know that there are certain muscle building foods? Discover some top muscle building foods in this infographic by TestX Core.

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18-20 Year Olds Use Drugs the Most

Although substance abuse does not discriminate regarding age, gender or ethnicity it can affect one group more than others. The following infographic breaks down the demographic and shows that with the 18-20 age group, teen drug use is most prevalent and many of these have already experimented with drugs even earlier.

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Essential Wedding Preparation for Men

It might be tempting for the groom to take a back seat and let his fiancée run the show when it comes to wedding preparation, but it’s a landmark day for him too so he should be just as involved as his partner. Also, those privileged enough to be chosen as groomsmen (and particularly the best man) should reward the groom’s faith by being as thorough and enthusiastic as possible with the tasks they undertake in preparation for the wedding.

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