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The Social Video Starter Guide

Let’s just be honest here: the social video phenomenon is slowly taking over the world. With studies indicating that nearly 75% of all web traffic will be video-based by 2017, it’s clear that we are seeing a noticeable and important trend. No matter what type of business you are running, if you want to take advantage of this ever growing market, it will be important to understand what makes it so popular.

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The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide

Finding information on the best day and time to send email can be frustrating. There are several articles on the subject and so many come to differing conclusions. This is because the data is inconsistent based on the variables involved. The team at Propeller has compiled their findings into a user-friendly visual guide.

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How to Vinyl Wrap: The 7 Steps Used By Professionals

Have you considered vinyl wrapping your car but don’t know where to start? With today’s vinyl technology, it’s easier than ever for a DIY like you to make it happen. You can do it like the pros. Whether you do it at home or a professional does it at the shop, the basic steps are the same. Here are the seven steps you can use today to make your vehicle look and say whatever you want.

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How Marketers Feel About Conferences

The list of marketing conferences is growing every year and with that the reasons for attending them. Some people go for networking opportunities and to see old friends, where others are there strictly to learn. To get a better pulse on why marketers attend conferences in 2017, Digital Third Coast surveyed more than 300 marketing professionals.

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Online Marketing Trends In 2017

There’s no denying it, online marketing is very important for every business because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Understanding the future trends will help you decide what areas to focus on now. The following infographic from InfoClutch explains what are the most significant online marketing trends in 2017 and how to take advantage of these trends.

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The Remarkable Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Hub recently conducted an online survey to help them understand how companies see the state of influencer marketing in 2017. The results are definitely optimistic, indicating that influencer marketing is truly mainstream, on an upwards trajectory as a preferred method of marketing. Here are the key results from their Influencer Marketing Hub 2017 Study, along with a few other relevant recent statistics.

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Why Marketers Must Take Content Marketing More Seriously

Quality content is the backbone of any brand that wishes to establish a strong presence over the Internet. Your content marketing strategy defines your success to a large extent as it’s the prime fuel for brand building, lead generation and sales. This infographic looks at why marketers must take content marketing more seriously.

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Why Your Blog Isn’t Enough

Setting up your company blog is a powerful first step to successful content marketing — but it’s not enough on its own. If you rely only on your blog, you limit who you engage with, creating huge missed opportunities. In this infographic, discover the reasons why your blog isn’t enough.

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Top 10 Memorable Designer Brands in Songs

Do you love music as well as fashion? For years music and fashion has always come side by side. So its not surprising that many well known fashion brands are mentioned in popular songs. did some research and designed the following infographic of the top...

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Growing and Sculpting Your Link Portfolio

You have just developed a terrific website for your new product, yet how do you use SEO (search engine optimization) tools to get your brand in front of the correct audience? Link building and outreach marketing are two trends gaining popularity that let you maximize your results without maxing out yourself. Once you identify prospects, look at that website’s community and conversations and develop link partners.

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What Colors to Use on Your Website

Did you know that the color of your website matters? Yes, you can attract people by complementing your site with appealing color combination. It’s important that you choose a color that can convey your brand’s message. Here’s an infographic presented by Utah Sites that can help you decide what color to use on your website.

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6 Ways to Market Your Business or Organization for Free

Don’t let a limited marketing budget limit your outreach. Even if you have more time than money in the budget, a little strategic thinking can help get you where you want to go. Here iiContact has put together a list of ways to market your business for free.

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9 Ways to Make your WordPress Website Faster

Did you know that visitors will probably leave and never come back if your website takes to long to load? Yes, speed matters—not just design. The good news is that there are many ways to speed up your slow website. Consider deleting unnecessary plugins, cutting down on your images, finding a good hosting company, minifying your codes, and optimizing your database.

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Logo Design Trends: As Seen in Famous Logo Redesigns

Like fashion styles, logo design trends come and go. What’s hip one year can look tacky and outdated the next. To determine which design trends are popular and on the rise, the team at LogoMaker looked at the logo redesigns of big brands. By choosing subtle design changes, you can maintain the essence of your brand while adapting it to modern tastes. If you’re thinking about updating your logo, consider using some of these design trends.

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