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Get the Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to grow brand awareness and sales. Ensuring that campaigns benefit both influencer and brand isn’t easy, which is why contacting an influencer marketing agency can help to achieve the best result. This infographic proves just how driven influencer marketing agencies are when it comes to ensuring that your campaign is the best it can be.

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Construction Logos: What Makes a Great Design?

The 2016 Construction Marketing Outlook Survey found that 84% of construction professionals planned to increase marketing tactics. Whether that’s through building a website, posting on social media, or redesigning signs and business cards, you need a logo to build your brand. FreeLogoServices has reviewed construction companies big and small to find some design best practices.

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Keyword Research: Still Kicking and Very Alive

Sometimes, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than nailing the right keyword to further your research. That’s when you need to understand the hacks of keyword research to put you in the spotlight of search results. The following infographic from OVT Keywords takes a in-depth look at keyword research.

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When to Post on Social Media

Sometimes, social media marketers focus too much on copywriting and forget another important metric that influences social reach: the time of posting/sharing. Several industry players like Buffer, CoSchedule and HubSpot have used their data to figure out when are the best hours to post. This infographic looks at the best times to post to social media.

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How Direct Mail is Winning in the Internet Age

The USPS is doing an amazing amount of work delivering all your mail, including all the things that you might consider not important. What we don’t think about is that companies spend millions of dollars every year, and postal services spend hours and hours of work daily delivering that ‘not important’ mail to your door. Today’s market is very competitive. And many companies struggle to get more customers. That’s why they offer great deals in a form of a direct mail, as it is still considered to be more effective than email.

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Facebook Image Sizes Cheat Sheet (2017)

It’s well known that Facebook has the most robust social media advertising platform in the world. But Facebook alters their image sizing guidelines multiple times a year, and it becomes very difficult for Facebook marketers to set up ads and organic page posts without knowing the latest recommended image dimensions and sizing guidelines.

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How to Write Effective Content

How can you survive the tight competition between online businesses? One effective internet marketing strategy is to create high quality and effective content. Write something that will engage and entertain your target audience. Effective content will help achieve business goals by turning site visitors into satisfied customers. In short creating quality content is as important as the website design and aesthetic appearance of your page

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Public Speaking Fear: Getting Rid of It In a Jiffy

Let’s face it: public speaking is frightening. Even the best speakers experience jitters before they go onstage. They just hide it really, really well—or they’re so used to stage fright that it’s no longer an issue after their warmup exercises. Audience members pick up on signs of discomfort when you as a speaker have a hard time onstage: excessive sweating, stuttering, shortness of breath, etc. When they do, you become more conscious about what you’re doing, and the anxiety starts to build up.

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Behavior Analysis to Know Your Audience and Maximize Your Budget

As companies allocate their annual budgets, more resources are being directed to analytics. Marketing teams want to make sure they’re sending the right messages to the right audiences on the right channels. If even one piece of this equation is off, the marketing department could be wasting money and broadcasting to deaf ears. Behavioral analytics create a yellow brick road for marketing teams to follow.

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Reasons Your Website Sucks

Do you know why your website sucks? Do you ask yourself what makes it suck? There are many reasons why your perfect website is working slowly, or let’s just say there is no result found. Utah Sites gathered some reasons that might help you on your next website launch.

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7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

No matter how great your brand, event, or service is, if your press release is poorly written, nobody would love to give you a call. Remember that the main goal is to communicate effectively. Does it convey the message? What makes it interesting? Can people benefit from it? If you do it right, your press release can be your company’s gold nugget.

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6 Components of a Logo Design Masterpiece

Designing a logo? Get in touch with your inner artist. To design an eye-catching, memorable logo, you need creativity, skill, and inspiration. For a true masterpiece, keep in mind these 6 important components of a logo design from

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Your Local SEO Checklist

Local search engine optimization is a powerful marketing strategy for businesses who want to increase their presence, leads, and sales. Learn how to rank your local business with this Local SEO Checklist. In this infographic, Velvet Cloud breaks down 7 essential items to have on your checklist. Utilize these best practices and take control of your local search results.

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The Super Bowl’s Super Ad Spending

Super Bowl commercials have always been intriguing. We can’t help but wonder how companies pulled off those ideas. How long did they prepare it? How much did they pay for the actors? How much did it cost them? And the most intriguing question: was it worth the expense? This infographic presented highlights Super Bowl’s super ad spending throughout the years.

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