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Beauty & Salon Logos: 5 Flawless Design Trends to Use

The beauty industry’s value is expected to grow steadily up to $90 billion by 2020. And opportunities are expected to increase. If you plan to open up your own salon or develop your own product line, remember to think about your business brand. One element you’ll need is a unique logo design. To help you learn how to design a great logo, the team at FreeLogoServices reviewed the beauty and salon logos of brands big and small.

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The Most Important B2B Digital Marketing Statistics 2017

It’s relatively easy to find B2C digital marketing trends to inspire your consumer-targeted strategy, but much harder for B2B companies to discover what they should be doing to maximize their marketing efforts. Luckily, the folks at Bubblegum Search have pulled together some of the most important email, content, mobile, search and social marketing statistics to help guide you towards a winning B2B digital marketing strategy for 2017.

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Content Marketing Stats – 2017 Edition

With 2017 high on the run, more and more companies are taking their businesses online and are growing more and more. Content marketing has never been more attractive as a market than it is now. And certain numbers and stats are showing content marketing will continue it’s growth, accounting for a $ 300 billion dollar industry by the year 2019.

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The Anatomy of a Professional Email Signature

Composing a perfect, professional email signature is no easy task, especially for the beginners. Before getting started with the design, you have to learn about things an average professional email signature must include. This infographic breaks down each and every importance aspect of a professional email signature to help you compose an impressive email signature without much hassle.

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Color in Branding

There are many strategic decisions in branding but none are more heavily invested in color than brand position and brand personality. This infographic from Iconic Fox will help you extract some insight before making that crucial strategic decision.

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12 Simple Steps for Writing an Awesome Blog Post

So you want to know how to write a blog post but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you have a great idea but you’re finding it difficult to put pen to paper! Don’t worry you’re not alone! This is something a lot of bloggers go through. It takes time to find your groove, especially when you are new to blogging or writing in general.

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Email Marketing 101: How Much Do You Really Know?

Everyone sends emails, but do you ever put any thought behind sending an email? Get to know the importance of email marketing so you could apply it to your marketing. Think about the little details that will make your marketing and communication effort a success.

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How To Become A Pinterest Warrior

If social media were to host a battle of the sexes, Pinterest would be a slam-dunk for the female side. Though other websites like Twitter or Facebook have their own specific demographics — or are somewhat equally distributed among people — Pinterest is overwhelmingly favored by women. To use Pinterest to its full effect when marketing your business, it’s necessary to tap into this very active user base to get your message heard.

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The Social Video Starter Guide

Let’s just be honest here: the social video phenomenon is slowly taking over the world. With studies indicating that nearly 75% of all web traffic will be video-based by 2017, it’s clear that we are seeing a noticeable and important trend. No matter what type of business you are running, if you want to take advantage of this ever growing market, it will be important to understand what makes it so popular.

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The 2017 Email Marketing Field Guide

Finding information on the best day and time to send email can be frustrating. There are several articles on the subject and so many come to differing conclusions. This is because the data is inconsistent based on the variables involved. The team at Propeller has compiled their findings into a user-friendly visual guide.

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How to Vinyl Wrap: The 7 Steps Used By Professionals

Have you considered vinyl wrapping your car but don’t know where to start? With today’s vinyl technology, it’s easier than ever for a DIY like you to make it happen. You can do it like the pros. Whether you do it at home or a professional does it at the shop, the basic steps are the same. Here are the seven steps you can use today to make your vehicle look and say whatever you want.

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How Marketers Feel About Conferences

The list of marketing conferences is growing every year and with that the reasons for attending them. Some people go for networking opportunities and to see old friends, where others are there strictly to learn. To get a better pulse on why marketers attend conferences in 2017, Digital Third Coast surveyed more than 300 marketing professionals.

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Online Marketing Trends In 2017

There’s no denying it, online marketing is very important for every business because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Understanding the future trends will help you decide what areas to focus on now. The following infographic from InfoClutch explains what are the most significant online marketing trends in 2017 and how to take advantage of these trends.

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