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Understanding the Importance of a Style Guide

The style guide is essentially your branding bible. It explains exactly how the company should be represented, what words or phrases are acceptable, and what design elements to use. If you have a comprehensive style guide, then you should never worry about your contractors straying from what’s expected. When you hire a freelancer, send them the style guide and then schedule an onboarding call to review any questions or issues they might have.

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Design that Speaks: Styling PowerPoint Background Designs That Work

Ideally, PowerPoint pitches should consist of a limited amount of words. Therefore, being expressive is a challenge. Usually, they only contain keywords but because designs impose tone or suggest interpretation, they become more comprehensible. Studies suggest that elements of art have several different connotations to them. However, they are seldom obvious. It’s common to people that yellow is a happy color or that red looks romantic.

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2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Each new year brings with it a new batch of trends we can expect to see popping up on websites. This infographic from The Deep End shows ten predicted web design and UX trends for 2017 that have enormous potential for increasing website conversions.

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Toongraphic on Whiteboard Animation

While there are pros and cons to each approach, there is a solution for anyone interested in creating a whiteboard video. Whiteboard is exceptional at explaining conceptual material to audiences. There are even options that require little to no budget or drawing/artistic abilities. The right fit for your project can easily be found by researching the various softwares mentioned in this infographic by IdeaRocket.

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How to Make Your Website More Effective with Less On It

Did you know that you can still make your website effective even with a minimal design? Others call it as a minimalist website. It’s a design that aims to balance aesthetics with functionality, which allows the visitors to focus more on the content itself. If you have a website, then you might consider a minimalist design. Why? Here are a few reasons.

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How To Identify Influencers in Social Media

There are influential people in just about every industry. However, because they are generally not household names, you will need to search to find who these people are. They are often relatively easy to find, as they have hundreds of thousands, often millions, of followers on a particular social media platform.

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Persuasion: The Ultimate Essential Skill in Marketing

Good marketers will keep talking about what they’re offering non-stop, hoping that the service or product—its features, specifications, and the like—will entice the customer to buy it and letting it do the talk. Great marketers will relate with the following infographic by SlideGenius. Let’s study up on persuasion, the ultimate essential skill.

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The State of Referral Marketing – Benchmark Data for 2017

What works best in referral marketing today? From social channels and sharing rates to sign-up conversions; marketers have plenty of options to improve their referral marketing statistics. But why does referral marketing work in the first place? Because… friends love to share.

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The Recipe For A Perfect Logo

Have you ever met someone whose face didn’t match their personality? Maybe they were frowning at first, but you found out they had a witty sense of humor. Or maybe they were smiling initially, then turned out to be very sarcastic. A brand logo can be just like these faces—it may look one way, but fail to represent the personality of the brand it stands for.

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Presentation Lessons You Can Learn From Thanksgiving Dinner

With fall ending (fine, let’s cave: Winter is coming), it’s high time again for turkey season and Thanksgiving. In one Thursday night, families dine together for a feast. In this animated infographic from SlideGenius, discover some presentation lessons you can learn from your Thanksgiving dinner.

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The Epic Content Cycle: 10 Steps to 10X Content

If you’re struggling to create “epic” blog posts, visual content is an awesome way to get your ideas across. This infographic from Smart Blogger gives you a blueprint for creating truly remarkable content, time and time again.

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Exploring Different Types of Multimedia Content

When you are trying to expand your online audience, do you turn to multimedia content? If you’re stuck in the realm of written posts and static pictures, you may be losing audience members who could learn from what you have to say. In this infographic from CopyPress, explore the benefits of multimedia content and learn about the different multimedia styles.

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How Eye Catching Signage Can Help Grow Your Business

Did you know that according to a small business association, the average business gets up to 50% of their sales from signage? High impact, visually appealing signage can help your business build strong brand and be a major influence on new customers buying your products or services.

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Keyboard Shortcuts Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are perhaps the least important thing a Social Media Marketer is concerned about. But did you know that by mastering keyboard shortcuts commonly missed out on social media platforms, you can save up to 60 hours per year? Here is an infographic summing up the most useful and important keyboard shortcuts for various browsers and social media sites.

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