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Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casino gambling has dominated the Industry for the past decade. In 2010 91 % of the people that play mobile casino games used desktops or laptop computers. In 2014 34% of real money gamblers used their desktop or laptop computers to play games cash. The growth...

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What Kind of 3-Ring Binder Do I Need?

So you need a custom binder – great! You’ve probably considered the ring size and whether or not you need index tabs, but what about the construction of the binder? The printing style? Do you need to be able to change the cover art? There are lots of ways to customize your binders to make sure they serve you and your team well. There are likely far more options and choices than you expected.

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Over-the-Top Celebrity Wedding Expenses

We’ve all heard about the extravagance of celebrity weddings and the high costs of all their lavish celebrations. In some cases, it may make us wish we had similarly massive budgets for our own weddings, and in other cases, it helps us realize we have much better ideas on how to spend that money. Here’s the breakdown from eBateseBates of some big-ticket celebrity wedding expenses and what you could do with that budget.

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Setting Up Your Newsroom Made Easy

Create your newsroom that is integrated directly with your social media, journalists and your customers is quick and easy with NEWSLINE360. Post press releases, articles, blog posts and more. Pitch journalists directly in your area and region. Learn al about it in this infographic.

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How Many LEGO Would It Take to Build Every Baseball Stadium?

In this infographic, combines the sport of baseball and LEGO to determine just how many pieces it would take to recreate some favorite Major League Baseball stadiums — in full size, not miniature. Find out approximately how many bricks are needed in these “ballpark estimates.”

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Writing Dynamic Characters: The Book Deal

Three popular characters (Han Solo, Walter White, and Katniss Everdeen) have to land a book deal with a publisher. By seeing how each character deals approaches this goal, you will learn how the stories you tell are influenced by your dynamic protagonists’ desires, flaws, and conflicts. It’s all in an infographic entitled, “Writing Dynamic Characters: The Book Deal.”

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The Craziest Bets Ever Made

The following infographic from Vegas Slots shows some of the world’s biggest and craziest bets ever made. From risking your entire life savings on a roulette wheel to backing Hilary Clinton in the US election, take a look below and meet some of the winners and losers.

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What You Need To Know About Vaping

If you are keen to quit smoking but struggling to take the step, e-cigarettes are definitely an option to be considered. 2.6 million adults in Great Britain have already made the decision to switch to this healthier replacement. Take a look at the history of e-cigarettes to come to grips with it’s increasing popularity in this infographic from Tank Puffin.

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How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System

There are a number of factors that can alter the length of time that meth will remain in your system. These include the frequency of use, the dose and functionality of the kidneys and liver (these organs flush the drug out of the system and if they are not functioning at maximum efficiency then it will linger for longer).

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28 Cruel Fictional Diseases Rated on a Scale of Pain and Misery

Writers and directors build a base of loyal fans in many ways. Most of the time, this is done by introducing realistic, lovable, and believable characters within the world. Then, there are the writers of some movies, television shows, and video games that take it a step further. They kill those characters. That’s right, the characters that you grew to love as though they were really in your life, are now gone.

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5 Must-Have EDC Items for Outdoor Survival

If five EDC (Everyday Carry) tools could help you survive in outdoor distress, would you carry them with you at all times? In this infographic from Lumintop, discover which 5 EDC items that would benefit you the most and what basic survival skills you need to learn for emergency survival.

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Astrology Dieting Based on Your Sign

Proper dieting plays a crucial role to maintain a healthy body. Did you know that there are some people who based their diet on Zodiac sign? For example: If your sign is Pisces, you may be prone to inflammation, anemia, and low blood pressure. While some people don’t fully believe, others claim that following what their sign says has helped them maintain a healthy body.

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Comparison Between Summer and Winter Tents

Camping is a great way to get out with family or friends and enjoy the great outdoors. Most people don’t realize that there are different types of tents for different weather and seasons. This infographic from HDI Trading provides a comparison between summer and winter tents.

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