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20 Amazing Facts About Being Pregnant

This infographic from Pregnancy Pillow Guide is aimed at expectant mothers and fathers and aims to showcase 20 amazingly wonderful facts about your body and baby whilst you are pregnant. Did you know that one in every 2000 babies is born with a tooth? Use this infographic to prepare for the changes to your body during pregnancy.

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You Have The Right To Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding rights aren’t always clear, but when you think about it shouldn’t women be able to feed their children when they are hungry? Learn more about breastfeeding rights in the following infographic from Registered Nursing.

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Birth Injuries And Your Baby

There are 6-8 birth injuries for every 1,000 babies born. When a birth injury causes a child to be born with a lifetime disability, many families face not only the emotional devastation of their child’s suffering, but the overwhelming medical and therapeutic expenses required just to provide their child with a future.

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Parenting In a Digital Age

Here is an infographic courtesy of Sitters and designed to enlighten to the realities of parenting in the digital age. Our children’s habits have changed through the integrated and widely adopted use of technology.

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How Much Sleep Does A Baby Need?

It seems sleep is what new-borns do the most, that and eat and.. well, you know!. But just how much sleep does a baby need? The following infographic from Merino Kids explains some baby sleep facts that you should know.

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Rainy Day Fun – 20 Exciting Activities For Your Kids

Rainy days need not dampen your kids’ enthusiasm. Days spent indoors due to bad weather can be just as much fun as playing outside. Even a few board games, or a deck of cards can keep the kids entertained for hours; and the adults too. Here is a infographic that explains 20 exciting rainy day activities for everyone.

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The Ultimate Parents Survival Guide

This parents survival guide by Tyrers CoachesTyrers Coaches covers topics such as diet and health, focus and making friends and feelings and safety and is designed to be beneficial in maintaining the safety of...

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Baby Milestones: What to Expect the First Year

The first year of baby milestones is so exciting. By the end of the first year, parenting your infant will feel nothing like those first few weeks with a newborn. In the following infographic by BabyCare Mag, you’ll discover an overview of what to expect that first year. Keep in mind that all babies are different.

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Raising Kids & Running a Household

Balancing both work and family is very difficult task. In nearly 50% of two-parent households, both parents work full-time. 56% of working parents find balancing work and family difficult. What can be done to ensure you balance work and family to the best of your ability? Check out the following visual asset for some tips. It’s so important to stay organized.

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Guide to Adoption

Being a parent will change your life. If you’re thinking about adoption there are many things to consider and a process you need to go through legally. It can be daunting, but taking time out to assess all your options will benefit you as you contemplate taking the next step. This guide will show you where to begin and where you can go to get further help and information.

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Childproofing Your Home

Raising a child is both exciting and terrifying. There are so many things to think about that you may never have considered before. Before you know it, your tiny baby is learning to crawl and there’s suddenly danger everywhere. Cue trying to change everything in your house to be childproof!

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How to Potty Train in 3 Days Without Losing Your Sanity

Potty training doesn’t need to be a drawn-out process that lasts as long as monsoon season (and feels as wet): it can be done in three days’ time. As you take the following steps put together by Parenting Passage, you just need patience, perseverance, and probably some carpet cleaner.

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Best Practices for Training New Nannies

Are you thinking of hiring a new nanny? Here’s an infographic from Homework Solutions that includes everything you need to know about training your nanny and bringing her up to speed in no-time.

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Sharenting Or Parenting? What Kind Of Parent Are You?

You might not be familiar with the term, but chances are either you or your friends are “guilty” of it. Sharenting refers to parents oversharing information and pictures of their children on social media. Sounds a little bit more familiar now, doesn’t it? In this infographic, Picky Basket looks at sharenting and parenting so you can see what kind of parent you are.

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