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How to Help Our Troubled Teens

As parents, we know that our children are facing issues that we never imagined as teenagers ourselves. We need to understand what these issues are, and do everything we can to help our teens become strong, successful adults. The following infographic looks at how to help our troubled teens.

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Nannies in the Movies

Nannies have become the integral part of most homes owing to the massive demand for child care. This can be understood from some of the popular Hollywood movies, which have depicted nannies as their focal characters. These movies have beautifully described the splendid role of nannies in different roles. In this infographic, Nanny’s & Granny’s looks at some famous nannies in the movies.

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10 Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness In Children

Traveling with kids for a long trip can be stressful. You might also get irritated by their frequent questioning and also motion sickness. Here are few tips to help you to prevent your child from suffering motion sickness.

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Parenting Gems from the Kingdom of Fiction

This infographic features beloved parental characters from TV, movies, and literature. Parents are bombarded with opinions on how to properly raise children which can come from books, experts, family, friends, teachers, and blogs. It can be overwhelming to decide what to believe. So why not “make believe”?

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Creating Confident Kids

Parenting can be tricky business. Everyone knows it but no one truly knows how much until they become a parent themselves. One thing many parents struggle with is creating confident kids. A confident kid will grow up to have the greatest possible chance to have success in life.

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The World of Multiple Births

Multiple births are more common today than ever before. Where are the most multiple births? Why are they here? In this infographic, have a look at the world of multiple births.

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Vomiting During Pregnancy – Causes & Remedies

During pregnancy, the body will undergo many changes both physically and mentally. The physical changes cause muscle contractions and relaxation patterns of stomach & intestines which in turn causes nausea and vomiting. In this Mom Junction infographic, learn the specific causes and the remedies to curb vomiting during pregnancy.

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13 Signs Of Baby Teething Along With Remedies

Baby teething is another milestone in your baby which you eagerly wait for. Knowing the symptoms is important as a parent. Here is an infographic from Mom Junction that will help you to know the signs and the remedies to abate the severe symptoms.

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Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage: Things To Keep In Mind

If you are planning to conceive soon after a miscarriage, there are many facts related to pregnancy that you must keep in mind. Here Mom Junction has put together a few things that can help to answer your questions on pregnancy after miscarriage. These will help you to evaluate your readiness to conceive again.

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6 Simple Ways To Increase Breast Milk Supply

If you think you’re falling short on breast milk supply, don’t worry- it’s not a serious issue. All it needs is the right approach, and very soon, you’ll be having enough supply of milk for your baby’s growth and development. Here Mom Junction has listed down some simple tips that will help increase breast milk naturally.

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How Co-Sleeping Can Help

There’s a long discussion on the negative effects and risks of co sleeping. This often results to people forgetting how co sleeping can help a family, especially the mom and the baby. Here is an infographic on how co sleeping can help.

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Tips To Prevent Pains & Cramps During Pregnancy

Cramping is an involuntary temporary strong muscle contraction that causes severe pain. These may last for a few seconds to minutes. Are cramps normal during pregnancy? Yes, however getting severe cramps could be a cause of some concern. Here are effective tips to prevent pains and cramps during pregnancy.

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