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How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Work?

Are the days of the petrol-powered car numbered? The folks at Rybrook Driver's Life have created the ultimate guide to its potential competitor: the hydrogen fuel cell engine. The animated infographic explains just how such an engine works, from the drive battery to...

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App Trends For 2017

In 2017 the mobile app market is projected to grow to $77 billion and your business deserves a piece of that pie. New technology and trends in the mobile space can make growing your business easier than ever – you just must know what they are and integrate them. The following infographic entitled, “App Market Trends for 2017,” shows you what to expect in 2017.

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Why Santa is Moving to the Cloud

The following infographic from Total Product Marketing creatively shows how a massive operation like Santa runs at the North Pole benefits from Cloud computing. The elves can focus on toy-making instead of software upgrades and patches, while Santa improves delivery route efficiency and ensures that kids’ personal data stays ultra secure.

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Graphene: 2D Miracle Material Shaping Our Future

Since its discovery in 2003, Graphene has been a hot topic in chemistry and materials science research. When first discovered, Graphene was odd. This infographic looks at some details of Graphene and uses of this miracle material of the future.

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Deciphering the History of Encryption

“Encryption” is one of the hottest topics trending on theInternet today. However, many people still are not fully aware about the many benefits offered by encryption. This is why PureVPN has created an infographic to explain the history and technicalities of encryption in a playful and entertaining way.

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Google Pixel Vs iPhone 7 – Which is Better?

There is a new curiosity among mobile lovers since iPhone7 & Google Pixel came on the market last month. In September, Apple has introduced iPhone 7 and 7 plus, having some cool new features, iOS 10 and stunning look. Google has also introduced two new devices at the same time, Google Pixel and Pixel XL with upgraded features, Android 7.1 version, and great design for the users.

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Healthcare Communication: How Technology Improves Patient Safety

There are many common misconceptions about how doctors, nurses and hospitals communication with each other. In this infographic, you’ll learn about how technologies that enable modern healthcare communications, and what the future holds for this industry and its essential institutions.

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10 Years of Cell Phone Use

A telephone is necessary, both for safety and connection. But in a short time, our phone habits have morphed from the head tilt of cradling a wall phone handset to the forward slouch of hunching over our smartphones. Here is an infographic about what cell phones have done to our bodies over the past 10 years.

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Fascinating Facts About the USA Tech Industry

Did you know that in 2005 on April Fool’s day, NASA pranked the world by claiming they had found water on Mars? Starting from the early years of its independence, US became a home for many inventions and progressive technologies. The leading position in tech is so deeply rooted in US history, that “America” is easily associated with the Silicon Valley, Google, Apple and numerous other software and hardware giants that changed our lives forever.

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Rise of the Machines

In this infographic, Euroffice makes some predictions based on the trends that are currently unfolding. They look at how robots are taking over some of the jobs that humans used to do and how Artificial Intelligence could see the end of traditional ways of working.

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How To Create Viral Mobile Apps

In this infographic, the team at App Marketing Minds shares the exact steps some of the most popular apps have taken to go viral. You will discover what research needs to be done, how to incentivize your users to share, and even what pricing models to go for. Virality is great as your users help you to grow exponentially, without much of your help. This is how you make your next app a star.

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50 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Change Your Life

We all have a favorite keyboard shortcut that we use every day at work, saving us time and boosting productivity. Well… imagine you had 50 at your disposal! This infographic highlights 50 keyboard shortcuts that will change your life – print them out, use them, and you’ll remember them off-by-heart in no time.

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WAN vs Business Broadband

This WAN Internet Access VS Business Broadband’ infographic illustrates the underlying differences between the two connections, clearly drawing comparisons on what is and what is not possible with each. It also identifies how the connection to the internet actually works and what this means for usability and cloud services access.

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Virtual Reality: A 360° View of the Future

The virtual reality technology we already have is impressive and has been built upon the imagination and expertise of many generations of developers. If the predictions of experts are correct, consumer VR products will be as popular as smartphones sooner than we think. In this infographic, Couponbox takes a look at the future of virtual reality.

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