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What You Drive Matters

It turns out that what you drive says a lot about who you are as a person, and no one knows that better than celebrities. Learn more about what celebrities drive and what it says about them from this infographic from Digital EFX!

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The Safest Cars of the Last 11 Years

Which car company consistently creates the safest vehicles? This infographic from the team at takes a look at the safest manufacturers by IIHS rating and their safest models. [Click here for full size...

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Electric Cars in the UK

Passenger vehicles are currently responsible for approximately 10% of the UK’s carbon emissions which are widely accepted to contribute toward dangerous climate change. The good news is that electric vehicles are becoming mainstream with most major manufacturers now producing or at least developing electric powered cars.

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Electric Cars by Range

From the very beginning of the history of electric cars the biggest problem was the driving range. It was way too short to get customers interested in paying extra. And the ‘green’ argument wasn’t strong enough for that. Now, we are still years away from going to road trips on electric cars. But there are many options that will let you go to and from work for at least for a few days or even a week (or even longer) before you need to charge again (depending on how long your commute is).

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The True Cost Of Car Commuting To Work

Each extra mile you add to your drive to and from work can cost you thousands of dollars over a thirty year career. What are the true costs of your drive to work when you add up all those hidden expenses? Based on number crunching by Mr. Money Mustache, each mile in your commute costs $795 per year.

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Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance

One of the indispensable- and most important parts of owning a car is comprehensive insurance. While it may sound very intimidating and overwhelming, especially for first-time car owners, having a comprehensive car insurance is one of the great deals that you will find out there. To better understand what comprehensive car insurance is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide to car owners, check out the following infographic.

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30 Crazy Facts About Volkswagen

Happy Birthday, Volkswagen! As the automaker turns 80 years old, OSV has produced a colorful infographic that includes everything you need to know about this iconic company.

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The Many Types of Distracted Driving

When people think of distracted driving, they usually think of texting or using a mobile device, but distracted driving is caused by so much more than that. There are three distinct types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. While texting creates a distraction that includes all three types, having a conversation with friends in the car, eating and changing the radio are all dangerous distractions for drivers. Learn the dangers and stats if distracted driving in America as well as tips for staying safe.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Rid of Your Old Car

Cars—no matter how technologically advanced, have a lifespan. Although it’s life depends on its owners and the level of care they provided for their vehicle, time will come and those engines will retire. This infographic from Yard Junk looks at the do’s and don’ts of getting rid of your old car.

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21 Ways to Power Your Car Without Gasoline

Both dirty and clean power-generating methods are included in this car-related infographic about alternative fuel types from From nuclear power to ethanol to chocolate, one of these energy sources will inevitably need to make our cars go when the oil and gas of the world runs out.

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Discontinued Cars: The Good, the Bad & the Comeback

Select Car Leasing has created the following infographic surrounding some of the most unforgettable discontinued cars the automotive industry has ever seen. You’ll discover some of the best and worst cars to be discontinued, some that really did deserved to die and some that are truly missed. You’ll also gain some insight into whether any of these iconic cars will ever return.

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100 Vehicles of Star Wars

The vehicles of Star Wars includes Death Stars, TIE fighters, X-Wings, and so much more! From Knights of the Old Republic to The Force Awakens to the very first film, A New Hope, every new iteration of Star Wars has resulted in an explosion of creativity and design, with amazing and beautiful imaginary spaceships whooshing and firing lasers across the screen.

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The 13 Most Delayed Train Routes In The UK

New research investigates the 13 most overcrowded trains in Britain to see how long you might be stuck on them – or waiting for them – and finds that the 07:34 Didcot Parkway to London Paddington has the highest chance of meeting with a delay – at stunning chances of 21/22. See all 13 in the following infographic from Roulette Online.

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10 Signs You Need to Change Tires

All tires get old, worn down and damaged. But how will you know your tires need to be changed? What are the signs? This is very important for car owners to prevent road accidents that may be caused by worn-out tires. To help you, check this infographic presented by Burt Brothers Tire & Service. It talks about signs your tires need replacement.

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