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US Casino Gambling History

Casino Gambling has been an American tradition since the pre-colonial days way before Charles Fey invented the liberty bell slot machine. The American Indians liked to gamble by playing casino gambling games that were similar to craps. The following video infographic shows the history of gambling in the United States of America.

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7 Common Home Repairs

Sooner or later your once pristine home will start showing it’s age. Whether that’s leaky taps or worrisome wall cracks. But don’t be so quick to call the handyman. Here is a guide to 7 common home repairs you can do by yourself. And for those of you short on time, there is a video version of the infographic as well.

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What Is Domain Name System And How Does It Work?

The Domain Name System is one of the most important systems of the Internet. It will help us to reroute all requests and match right IP addresses to appropriate domain names. This video infographic explains how DNS works, from the time you type the domain name into your browser and press Enter to when a web page is delivered to your browser.

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Wood Wise – Building Planet and People Friendly Homes

With few exceptions, homes are framed with softwood lumber. Wood is a cost-effective structural material that’s easy to build with and familiar to DIYers, builders and contractors. So it’s ideal to create the enclosure for an energy efficient home. This means homes use less energy for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

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How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods

Even though we all know that junk food isn’t as nutritious as we would like, we can’t help but to treat ourselves from time to time. But do you know how much workout you’ll need to burn it off? Discover everything about it in this interesting infographic.

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7 Common Home Repairs You Can Do By Yourself

Is there anything you need to fix in your home? Don’t call handyman immediately, see if you can repair it by yourself. Find out which common home repairs you can do by yourself with the help of this handy infographic.

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50 Facts About Alzheimer’s

While it’s true that Alzheimer’s causes slow decline, it’s never a reason to give up on life. More and more of those affected are learning to accommodate and work around it. In Bluebird Care’s latest animated video and infographic, take a look at some interesting facts about Alzheimer’s.

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Lawn Maintenance Your Seasonal Cheat Sheet

Dream of most homeowners is to have a beautiful home they can be proud of. Part of this dream is to have an amazing lawn to go with that perfect home. With the help of this infographic from Heiton Buckley you can have perfect lawn in no time at all.

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How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You?

Are you an avid coffee lover? You might love your daily cup of coffee, but you surely won’t like the price of it. Find out how much are you actually paying for you coffee per year in this intriguing infographic from [Click here for full size...

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Why The World Needs More Women In Tech

Around the world, more and more women are taking over the workforce, but they still fail to come to the fore in all fields. In the field of technology they occupy only a small percentage of employees. In this infographic by NextGeneration Recruitment, find out why this has to change.

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How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

When you listen to music, multiple areas of your brain become engaged and active. But what happens when you are part of making the music? The activity of playing an instrument becomes more like a full-body brain workout! What’s going on? Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play and examines some of the long-term positive effects of this mental workout

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Infographic of Infographics

Here is a short video infographic about infographics. It provides an over all analysis of what attracts people to infographics and why they are so useful.

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People & Their Cars: America’s Undying Love of the Automobile

It may sound crazy to some, but the phenomenon of people naming their car is fairly common. In fact, 36% of car owners between the ages of 18 and 34 named their car, with many of them using the car’s color and appearance as inspiration. Some of the most common male names include Daniel, Tom and Jack.

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How Many Times Should You Try Before Success

How many times should you try before rationally quitting? Intuitively, you would think there is a number that most people will attempt before the survival instincts kick in. What is that number? Apparently, it is much higher than one would think.

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