Mistakes to Not Make When Hiring an Event Staffing Service

For all sizes and types of events, we need the right event staffs to make it a great success. Hiring the right corporate event staffing services will not only ensure good service to all guests, but will also make it one of the most unforgettable events. Here are some valuable tips for organizers so that they don’t make a mistake while hiring the event staffs.

The Evolution of Amazon

Like any other successful companies, Amazon too, has come a long way. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, thought of selling books in a more efficient way. This desire led to the creation of Amazon. And as years passed, he realized that he can sell almost everything once he understands his customers’ preferences. So he started acquiring information about his customers. As a result, he had expanded Amazon into a giant e-commerce site, selling various items.

2017 Checklist: What Your Business Needs to Do to Start the Year Wisely

New beginnings can be looked at in a myriad of ways: positively, negatively, pragmatically, stoically, and so on. If you’re one who holds new years in a high note, then you’re sure to hope for the best in 2017—like the past years as they started. Others can be unconcerned, at worst be apathetic, and just go on with their daily grind. Not saying this is wrong, mind you.

The Story of Houzz

Houzz is home to 40 million users with 55% of users based in the United States. However, markets around the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia, continue to grow. The platform lets you browse over 12 million interior design photos. This visual asset from HalfPrice.com.au tells the story of Houzz from their launch in February 2009 to the present day.

How Ikea Flat Pack Furniture Thrives and Evolves

The very essence of flat pack furniture is based on improvisation and creativity. The evolution of IKEA flat pack furniture is only one of many examples of creative and efficient thinking. Thanks to clever assembly improvements IKEA has managed to achieve impressive results in reducing costs and furniture prices. In this infographic, learn how Ikea flat pack furniture thrives and evolves.

Why Do Projects Fail?

Your company is having difficulties completing all projects? This might be a product of one or more most common issues that cause projects to fail. Knowing how to identify and counteract these key issues can bring you one step closer to being a part of only 3% of the companies that finish all of their projects.

America’s Relationship With Work Email

Reachmail surveyed one thousand people who consider email significant to their work, to find out which parts of the country have the busiest professionals. They sought out to find how often American’s are checking their work email each day, the amount of emails they are sending each day, how quickly American workers respond to emails as well as how many unread emails are sitting in people’s inbox.

The World’s Most Amazing Office Buildings

When many people think about office buildings, they think of boring structures to be endured rather than enjoyed. Yet across the world there are numerous teams of creative geniuses smashing that stereotype with innovative designs and beautiful buildings. In this infographic, Euroffice looks at the world’s most amazing office buildings.