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How 10 Billionaires Faced Failure

The road to success certainly isn’t always easy. However, some of the world’s top billionaires have had real tough roads. Did you know that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos went from being a fry cook to the richest person in the world? Or that Michael Bloomberg went from being laid off in his thirties to becoming vital to the stock exchange? This infographic presents some of the top failure stories of some of the most successful people.

7 Attributes Of A Great Business Leader

Leaders play an extremely crucial role in the business organization. However, they are one of the key people in a company that is often misunderstood because they have little time to work on building relationships with their employees, customers, vendors, and shareholders. Regardless of the variety of tasks or the level of interaction they are required to do, leaders are essential to run a successful business.

Missed Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning various establishments in and around London is both varied and challenging. Each establishment is unique and therefore requires a bespoke cleaning solution. Despite this, it’s surprising how often the same things get missed. This infographic takes a look at often missed cleaning services.

Empower Your Employees

The more engaged and empowered your employees are, the more likely they are to feel a sense of ownership in your company. And naturally, they take more responsibility and create a more positive work environment for everyone involved. In this infographic from Info Graphic Design Team, see how employees empowerment helps to boost your brand.

What is GDPR & How Could It Affect Your Business?

This infographic by Caunce O’Hara Professional Indemnity Insurance relates to the groundbreaking new EU law coming in May 2018 that will affect all businesses. It is specifically related to the protection of private information of customer/visitors to businesses websites as well as how that data is handled.

Happiness in the Workplace in the UK

To be happy in the workplace is one of the most fundamental factors for an happy life and great results in career. What and where are the most and least happy workplaces in the United Kingdom? The following infographic from Market Inspector represents various studies that will show you what are the happiest jobs, regions and offices in the UK.

Real Time Data Changing the Construction Industry

Real time data is becoming more important in the construction industry. Being one of the least digitized industries, the key to future success is collecting field data and utilizing it to make significant impact that won’t affect the bottom line. APE Mobile demonstrates below the importance of going digital and how this will benefit the construction industry in future.