36 Interesting and Fun Facts About Google

What is Google? Ask a random person and, more likely, you will receive an answer – it is “a search engine” or something describing search engines. Ask a businessperson or a marketer – and you will hear that Google is an advertising company. As a search engine, Google processes two-thirds of all the world’s searches via desktop computers and even more on portable devices.

Health & Safety in Numbers

Whether you are a start-up business or a long established company, the well-being of your employees should be a top priority. It is vital to have correct practices in place to ensure staff members remain safe when performing their jobs. In this infographic, Phoenix Health and Safety explores why health and safety are too important to ignore.

Play It Safe

Keeping your workplace healthy and safe may seem like an uphill battle but with the right training and a little common sense, you should be able to reduce accidents and illness.Check out the following Infographic to learn more about workplace safety.

Standing & Desk Ergonomics: Hacking Your Workspace to Stay Comfortable

Even if you are a generally healthy person who keeps fit, studies suggest that all the benefits of even daily exercise can be undone by sitting for extended periods of time at work or at home. In fact, sitting for more than 6 hours each day can make you 18% more likely to die from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (compared to those sitting less than 3 hours).

7 Project Management Challenges for Startups

Startups are generally unable to find the right project management solution, they often fail to understand the risk associated with a project, there are other challenges as well which startup owner find while managing different projects. In this infographic, Nutcache presents top 7 project management challenges faced by a startup.

The True IP Communications Story

It may be time to update your costly dinosaur of a phone system and adopt an IP communications system. Learn more about the benefits in this infographic by Edgewater Networks.

The 21st Century Office – Coolest Office Spaces In The World

Traditionally, the office has been a rather depressing place, filled with rows of cubicles and artificial light. Today, with companies like Google leading the way, the office has been reinvented with employees’ happiness in mind. So what companies are leading the drive for these re-imagined work spaces?

How Work Culture Impacts Employees

The picture of an ideal work culture is easy to imagine, but in implementation it is far more complicated. In a given work-culture infographic, The Career Muse brings you some interesting details on work environment, employees view on their present work culture conditions and scope of improvement.

How Much is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You?

Are you an avid coffee lover? You might love your daily cup of coffee, but you surely won’t like the price of it. Find out how much are you actually paying for you coffee per year in this intriguing infographic from Buddyloans.com. [Click here for full size...

From Mortar And Bricks To Cash And Clicks

E-commerce may seem like a retail staple to us, but for many people the legitimacy of online businesses never became apparent. The power of brick and mortar always sent a strong message to consumers that said “this is a real business.” But what’s keeping online businesses from getting the same message across? Learn more about the importance of online storefronts in this infographic.