8 Unsettling Facts About Bad Bosses

Bad bosses: most likely you’ve experience one or more in your working life. Bad bosses cost companies millions per year and the worst part is that they are able to slither through their superiors and make it seem like they’re doing an outstanding job. However, their good job is coming at the expense of other employees’ happiness and well-being.

What’s Your Ideal Workplace?

Many companies are just beginning to realize that workplace and work space design directly impact an employee’s performance. Despite this, research shows that 3 in 4 U.S. workers are not in optimal workplace environments. This infographic looks at the ideal workplace.

Avoiding Small Business Pitfalls

Think of all the reasons any small business owner may close the books in a given year. Whether from competition, poor planning, low demand, or a host of other factors, many small businesses are forced to permanently liquidate as other companies take their place.

Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

It’s fair to say that a fire can devastate a business. A fire can destroy expensive equipment, stock, premises and vehicles as well as put the lives of employees at risk. It’s no wonder that businesses all over the world struggle to survive after a serious fire. This infographic visualizes statistics provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government to show how fires commonly start on commercial premises.

How To Start an Online Business in 4 Steps

The following infographic was developed to summarize the four key steps to starting an online business for beginners. The information in the infographic is designed to help beginners create their own legitimate, flexible online business and provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of online business opportunities available.

A Beginner’s Guide to e-Invoicing

E-invoicing is going to be a key part of our digital economy. But it is quite complex, and frequently misunderstood. It will soon be a huge part of everyday life for consumers and businesses alike. With this in mind, Zervant has created the following infographic.

5 Easy Steps to Choosing a Conveyor

While conveyors have the seemingly simple task of moving an object from point A to point B, this activity has evolved over time to become a highly efficient process that’s an integral component of all material handling systems. Finding a conveyor that matches the performance requirements needed for your application can be a complicated and overwhelming task.