Why Customer Engagement Matters

Customer engagement is the key to driving business and long-term success. By creating a personalized, repeatable customer experience, and delivering top customer service, you can keep your best customers coming back. For statistics on what customers want and how they want it, as well as what frustrates them and how that can impact your business, check out this infographic.

Why Millennials Want Personalized Customer Service

Millennials are quickly becoming the most prominent and desirable demographic group among businesses nationwide. It is no wonder why. By 2020, they are predicted to make up half of the U.S. workforce and control $24 trillion dollars globally. Not to mention, millennials are reaching the stage of life where big-ticket items (home mortgages, retirement planning) are becoming more important

What Top Talent Really Wants: The 10 Best Workplace Incentives

You’ve heard of cool workplace perks at tech giants like Google and Facebook—free food, game rooms, unlimited vacation, and the list goes on. But those perks aren’t just fun and games. These companies are vying for the attention of the most talented workers in the world. If you want to attract and retain a talented team (or if you want to see what benefits you could be earning), check out this top ten countdown

How Logo Colors Affect Your Business

When you’re creating a brand, business logo, or even a product, it’s normal to get confused about choosing the appropriate color (unless you don’t care about it). But you should care, because colors could affect your business’ overall impression. Do you know the meaning of red? What about blue? To help you decide, here’s a list of colors with their meanings.

Bunker Trading Around the World

Did you know that there were approximately 400 major bunkering ports in the world? Or that 6 countries were responsible for almost 60% of global bunker sales in 2012? This infographic provides an in-depth look at the global bunkering industry, from marine fuel types to the refinery operations. It also dives into the bunker fuel’s origins, as well as which countries are dominating the field.

How Co-Ops Work

You might have passed by many co-ops in your day, but a surprising number of people don’t understand exactly what a co-op is. In a co-op, it is the customers that have the power of ownership in the business. Co-ops make money, but that money is turned around to benefit the members of the co-op by investing in the local economy through outreach programs, charities, social benefits, and even school and group programs.

6 Ways to Engage Nonprofit Volunteers

Nonprofit volunteers are the face of your organization. Make sure you’re keeping them engaged and coming back to help. In this infographic, Elevation explains the best practices for engaging nonprofit volunteers and simple strategies to follow for the best volunteer return.