Billion Dollar Companies that Started in Garage

Every new company has to start somewhere. And who told you that to launch a new business you need a corporate office? Amazon, Apple, HP, Disney, Google all started in garages and became billion dollar corporations. In this infographic, check out the most gigantic businesses in the world that launched in someone’s garage.

16 Employee Perks Your Team Wants More Than a Pay Raise

Most companies agree that people are their most valuable assets. What they fail to realize is that for today’s worker, salaries are more of a threshold than a scorecard. In fact, there are many more effective ways to keep your talent happy and engaged. But what perks really matter to employees? If salaries don’t always move the needle, what does?

The Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries

The 10 causes of workplace injuries listed in this infographic make up 85% of all workplace injuries in the U.S. and cost $55.4 billion annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Odds are you encounter hazards that could cause some of these injuries.

It’s A Gig World Out There: Work It!

What is the gig economy anyway? From transportation, shopping, and yes, even moving, the gig economy is taking over. Enabled by technology platforms that connect freelancers to clients, it is easier than ever to be your own boss. Learn all about this emerging trend in work from this infographic from Self Storage.

The Office 1986 vs. 2016

The design of an office can increase productivity and worker satisfaction, or it can dampen and discourage it. This infographic from Avanti Systems shows that over the last thirty years, offices have changed to accommodate not only technological advances, but social ones, as well.

17 Cost Saving Ideas for Small Businesses

In recent years, the business landscape and wider economy has been uncertain so businesses are even more cautious about investing or making any financial decisions. This unique guide will offer you 17 great ways to save money.

8 Unsettling Facts About Bad Bosses

Bad bosses: most likely you’ve experience one or more in your working life. Bad bosses cost companies millions per year and the worst part is that they are able to slither through their superiors and make it seem like they’re doing an outstanding job. However, their good job is coming at the expense of other employees’ happiness and well-being.