8 Items A Legitimate Small Business Must Have

Everyone knows that marketing is key to a successful business. Why not make those tips known to the public to help the new small business owners in there journey to success. In this infographic, the team at Las Vegas Printing Experts has outlined 8 must have marketing items that will jump start your business.

The History of Wealthy Affiliate

In the following infographic, Wealthy Affiliate Review visually explores the rich history of the Wealthy Affiliate program. It all began in 2005 as two young and innovative internet marketers, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Kim, had an idea to provide lists of valuable keywords to other internet marketers in exchange for a monthly subscription. Today, the Wealthy Affiliate program offers unparalleled training in how to build a successful online business.

Making The Most of Franchise Exhibitions

This infographic will educate on why you should make the most of franchise exhibitions. Franchise exhibitions allow people to enjoy exclusive partnerships with leading franchise media in the United Kingdom. Exhibitions are perfect for Business franchises in the UK and are designed to facilitate meetings between franchisors and those who wish to invest in new franchises and generate many high quality leads for companies with business opportunities to offer.

From The Bootroom To The Boardroom

The career of a Footballer is a fruitful yet short one and if a player hasn’t spent his money wisely during it, they could be left strapped for cash in their later years. A prime example of this was the legendary George Best who once said, “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” This typified a Footballers mentality back in the day. Today however, it seems as though players have learned from their predecessors.

Ease of Doing Business 2017: Singapore vs India

With the PM Mr. Narendra Modi, India has got more pro-business policies and incentives to encourage foreign investment and Singapore plays a very important role. This infographic argues why Singapore is one of the places for Incorporating a company. It compares the ease of doing business in Singapore vs doing business in India.

How Big is Amazon

With Amazon’s continuous growth, we can’t help but wonder how big their company is. How many employees they have? How do they stay organized? Who are these hard working and smart people behind the company? What is their secret to stay motivated and hard working?

How to Get Organized to Reduce Stress

Did you ever consider that being disorganized can actually cost you money? One study found that the minutes spent by employees searching for lost items in the workplace contribute to $89 billion lost annually. Don’t disappoint your boss – get organized with the help of this infographic.

Alternatives to the Annual Performance Review

While reflecting on your employees’ performance from time to time can help keep them and your company on track for success, the traditional performance review is proving to be ineffective. Get inspired by these alternative options, put together by BirdDogHR, and your employees are sure to appreciate it.