2016 State of Small Business Report

According to the 2016 State of Small Business Report, 71 percent of business leaders expect revenue in 2016, a 14 percent increase over 2015’s revenue optimism. That optimism is holding up in the face of a few big hurdles, including hiring new employees and employee healthcare. Check out this infographic for a few of the highlights.

Workplace Customs From Around the World

Conducting business within a global economy often requires traveling to countries abroad and practicing business according to their respective cultures. In the following infographic, Suddath Workplace Solutions takes a look at some of the more unique workplace customs that exist in foreign countries.

A Definitive Guide to Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a topic that is often overlooked. In recent years, the American Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear has taken shape and is being enforced in work environments all across the country. The standard aims to help curb work related accidents by ensuring employees have access to reflective clothing that can help keep them safe in a variety of work situations.

How Lecterns Are Like a Shield

If you think about it, a lectern is just another presentation aid – for better or for worse. When used improperly, they can end up hindering your presence onstage, reducing audience engagement. Make the best out of lecterns by leveraging them instead of overly relying on them. Learn how to use them to your advantage through this infographic.

Absenteeism in the Australian Workplace

This infographic outlines a series of eye-opening statistics in relation to the extent of absenteeism in Australian businesses, detailing the cost to companies and reasons for large-scale absenteeism. It also contains a plan of action to combat absenteeism.

Where’s My Package?

If you have an online retail business, you can’t afford not to use a warehouse management system. Learn all about this in this infographic from SkuVault. [Click here for full size version]...

16 Onboarding and Talent Management Lessons From Star Wars

A company’s employees are the driving force behind every inch of progress, innovation, and success. That is why it is crucial to cultivate a passionate, empowered armada of talent. This infographic serves as a tool for unlocking the potential within each and every employee.

The Value of Business Travel

As Americans fill the skies and roadways with business travel plans each day, it makes one wonder if it’s necessary. Travel for conferences, meetings and job site visits are most common, but is it worth it? The following infographic looks at the value of business travel.