Philosophy That Will Change Your Business Customer Service

Businesses, no matter their industry or size, are all concerned with their customer service – especially at this age when buying experience can heavily influence the opinion of the customer, and subsequently, their decision to patronize and what they will say to fellow customers. This is especially true when you consider the fact that 78% of customers would not pursue a purchase due to low customer service experience.

What is the Best Payroll System for Your Business

Payroll is a sensitive process that needs to be handled with care and responsibility. Deciding on the right Payroll system is a tricky business because you want nothing but the best. You can either choose to manually do payroll, hire an accountant or CPA, or use Payroll software. Here is an infographic that presents some of the pros and cons of each system, find out which is the best Payroll System for your business.

10 Ways HR Managers Can Boost Workplace Productivity

Employee productivity matters should be kept in check for a good reason. When employees are wholly focused on their work, they can effectively maintain high levels of productivity at any given time. To avoid any disruption in your company’s processes, here is an infographic from e-days that provides some ways that HR managers can consider and implement moving forward.

How To Master Meetings

There are a lot of problems with meetings today – for starters, they take up too much time. The workplace is more collaborative than ever in the conference room and on the screen but inefficient meetings can sabotage productive employees. Learn more about mastering meetings in this infographic from CBTS.

What Makes Employees Quit

People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons. It’s beneficial to form solid long-lasting teams that can grow and work together. In order to do that, it’s important to consider how to retain good talent by analyzing what causes employees to change jobs in the first place. The following infographic looks at why people leave their places of employment in detail.

Mind Numbing YouTube Facts, Figures & Statistics 2017

How much do you know about YouTube? Most of us know that YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform online as well as the second largest search engine. But do you know things like who is the highest paid YouTube star or how much did he/she earn in 2017 on YouTube? Get ready to read the latest YouTube facts, figures, and statistics in 2017.

How Online Reviews Impact Law Firms

Online reviews are the new word of mouth, so if you want to have a successful law practice, you need to make sure that you have plenty of reviews across social media platforms and search engines. The following infographic from Broadly looks at this in more detail.

Nightmares at Work (Halloween Edition)

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, where do you think the scariest things happen? At work, where grown people spend eight (or sometimes more) hours a day. And that’s not a surprise: a missed deadline is a much more terrible thing than a spider jiggling in the web. And, these nightmares are not a product of a vivid imagination, they happen in real life and make everyone shiver even at the very thought of them.