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Business Infographics | Infographic Journal - Part 2

The Real Cost of Customer Churn

There are several phrases commonly used to define customer churn: defection, attrition, termination. Regardless of what losing a customer is called in your company, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences for senior leaders to deal with. Customer churn can weigh on office morale, serve as an indicator of product or service issues, or be a sign of weak links within your team.

Top 18 Imports and Exports Around The World

Which items do we love to spend money on from overseas? While many of us buy cheap t-shirts and shoes, the biggest imports and exports by value are often cars, petroleum, and circuits. TeletracNavman.com have created an infographic that breaks down shipped items by value and pointed out which countries are the main exporters as well as which ones are the top importers.

Myth vs. Reality: Outsourcing QA

Over the last decade, QA outsourcing has surged in popularity in the software industry. Even so, there are some misunderstandings about its effectiveness. In the following infographic, QASource have identified and dispelled the top 5 myths about outsourcing QA.

Remote Team Collaboration Today & Tomorrow

The following infographic from Chanty and entitled, “Remote Team Collaboration Today & Tomorrow, sheds light on the concept of remote work and provides insights into the future of team collaboration. Learn how to use the right tools to get the best results in your remote team.

The Not So Good Cleaning Companies

Most cleaning companies are conscientious, hardworking and honest folks, but as occurs in many industries, there is always an exception to this fact. The following infographic from Master Cleaners of London, offering cleaning services in London, explores the results...

When Security Fails To Protect

Businesses have an obligation to protect people on their property. When security is negligent, people may suffer serious or fatal injury – due to either an accident or an act of violence. Some businesses employ security personnel to make sure patrons are kept safe. Learn more about when security fails to protect in this infographic.

CRM Predictions 2018

This coming year will be a stirring one for businesses, especially while talking about CRM technology. With the arrival of the prognosticating season, let’s quickly see what will be customer experience and customer relationship management predictions, trends and statistics in 2018. It’s all compiled in the following infographic, courtesy of Algoworks.

2018 Game Changers: 10 Startups That Could Change The World

Most businesses don’t try to revolutionize their industries, let alone change the world. But as we head into 2018, a small group of startups is doing just that. Brylak Law teamed up with James Publishing to illustrate a recent study by CB Insights, listing 2018 Game Changers: 10 Startups That Could Change the World. From artificial intelligence (AI), to self-driving bulldozers, to rocket launchers, these companies have boldly identified solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.