Nightmares at Work (Halloween Edition)

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, where do you think the scariest things happen? At work, where grown people spend eight (or sometimes more) hours a day. And that’s not a surprise: a missed deadline is a much more terrible thing than a spider jiggling in the web. And, these nightmares are not a product of a vivid imagination, they happen in real life and make everyone shiver even at the very thought of them.

Business Owners: Are You Lonely at the Top?

Business leaders can easily feel as if they have nobody to lean on, and when not addressed immediately, can affect the overall performance of their company. To help you out, here are few actionable steps that can help you mitigate and overcome this loneliness syndrome while running your business.

Teamwork Lessons From Fictional Elite

We all love super heroes. It doesn’t matter how old we are there is at least one character from a movie or a comic book that we admire, follow, and quote. Quite often, especially for the last few years, we see our favorite characters team up with other to achieve a common goal or to defeat a common enemy. From tactical point of view this seems like a very smart move. Not just for the fictional side of our lives, but for the real one as well.

Secrets of Successful Salespeople

What are your commercial goals? Do you have a business development plan in place? Have you identified the right people that you should be talking to? If you are passionate about developing and fine tuning your sales process, this infographic is just the thing to whet your appetite. Full of statistics and top tips on how to become a better salesperson and detail about why what you do, matters.

3 Crazy Effective Growth Hacks to Get Customers For Free

Growth hacks are clever, highly effective marketing tricks used by business in order to get more users. These hacks may be simple or quite technical and they may take place online or offline. The common factor is they grab the attention of the target audience in an innovative way and build a huge, loyal customer base. This infographic shows 3 effective growth hacks strategies.

Evolution of Some of the Most Iconic Business Logos

One of the best ways to attract and engage customers is with a solid, understandable logo. Logos are the shorthand version of a company’s message to customers—a simple way to share the company’s values and make an impression. The big question is, how do you know when you’ve got it right… and when it’s time for an update? To explore this, C+R Research decided to track how logo evolution relates to revenue for some of the most iconic brands in the world and share their results in the infographic below.

10 Key Considerations to Launch a Product

Software product development companies are steadily evolving and building products with improved time to market. They want to take the early mover advantage and launch products before their competitors. For a successful launch of the product, companies need to consider multiple parameters such as customer needs, market demand, competitors and size of the market.

Businesses Face Wasting Money Without Effective Management Software

In order to become and remain successful, businesses must continually strive to improve their processes. Failure to do so will likely result in higher costs, unmotivated employees, dissatisfied customers and ultimately, lower revenues. Despite this, a recent survey by Applied Business, makers of Pegasus Software, found 73% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not use workflow management software face errors in manual processes.

The List of Infuriating Office Behaviors

With millions of offices and tens of millions of office workers, we’re all bound to come across office behaviors that drive us crazy. The folks at MyOffers have listed some of the most common and infuriating office behaviors. From a colleague that are always late, to the colleague that can be heard in the office building across the road, or that one colleague that takes personal hygiene to a new level.