Remarkable Global Free Zones

Free zones are specific areas located within different countries where businesses operate under different tax laws separate from the rest of the country. Companies who are doing their business within free zones are usually taxed very lightly or not at all. Today, such areas are developed globally and they are located around seaports, airports or areas with strong strategic placement with an excellent connection to major roads, railways, ports or even between regions.

How to Choose a Logo Style for Your Business

When it comes to designing the perfect logo, the possibilities are nearly endless. Beyond colors, fonts, and shapes, you can choose from a variety of different logo styles. But how do you know which style is right for your business? Here’s an overview by LogoMaker of the 4 most common logo styles.

Work Email Trends After Hours

Most people agree, when it comes to work email, less it more. Reachmail surveyed 1,000 Americans who use email regularly at work to see if they were taking their work home with them. They looked at after hours work email usage, how people are dealing with work email on weekends and days off as well as work interfering with vacation.

Second-in-Command at 25 Iconic American Companies

CEO’s often get the bulk of the credit for successful business leadership. It’s easy to credit the work of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Tim cook for their success at their respective companies. However new research from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that we may learn more about leadership in business from the second-in-command rather than the CEO.

What Your Office Desk Says About You

Everyone’s a little bit different in their work habits, and that includes how they keep their desk. Some like to keep it perfectly tidy without a scrap of mess, while others are swimming in papers, pens, last week’s lunch, etc. Then there are those who like to personalize their desk with pictures of their family, plants and other bits and pieces, and those whose desks are covered in technology such as phones, tablets, games controllers and a thousand different wires.