How Learning Languages Affects Our Brain

Learning new language is extremely difficult but also extremely satisfying. Not only does learning languages have ability to transform social aspects of your life but it can also affect your brain. Find out how in this interesting infographic from Sunbelt Staffing.

The Benefits of a Master’s Degree

Depending on your industry a graduate-level degree may be an essential factor in your ability for career advancement or can propel you to move up to the next pay scale, particularly if your career is in health care or education. Check out the following infographic and decide for yourself if the benefits of having an MBA degree is worth it.

The ROI of a Bachelor’s Degree

There are many benefits to having a college degree. Explore the following infographic which can help you start formulating your equation with basic research on some of the factors that can play critical roles in your overall estimate.

What Do Games Have To Do With Standards-Based Math Practices?

Most students would prefer to eat broccoli rather than do math problems. With jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields growing faster than other fields, students are needed who are not only proficient at math, but genuinely interested in math and problem-solving. Traditional teaching methods are not enough; less than half of American students are proficient in math.

Eating Well on a College Budget

When in college, it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to eat well. Between juggling classes, exams, social life and possibly a part time job, you sometimes just can’t seem to eat healthy and on a budget. Check out these ultimate tips that will definitely help you achieve a healthy diet without exceeding your budget.

Why Students Prefer Mobile-Centric Universities

The transition from high school to college is one of the most anticipated changes for students. The current generation is extremely tech-savvy and their lives revolve around their gadgets. Research states that today’s teen spends over 8 hours on their smartphones every day and 51% of students use their smart device before they even get out of bed. And this trend is not slowing down. This infographic looks at why students prefer mobile-centric universities.

UK vs USA: Battle Of The Grad School Destinations

This infographic has been created to help grad students decide whether they should study at a US or a UK Grad School. As well as comparing the cost or each country, the infographic also compares the professional exposure, education and niche degrees available in both countries – supported by wise words from grad school students.

The Top 50 Colleges for Aspiring Game Designers

The team at has reviewed and ranked the very best college programs for those hoping to become a video game designer. Using criteria like graduation and employment rates, professor scores, average starting salary, and tuition costs, they were able to select the top schools worth enrolling in.