The Magic of Music: 8 Musical Phenomena Explained

As a music lover and a musician, I think music is one of the most awesome things that we can experience in this thing called life. The joy of performing and listening to music forms a universal language that connects listeners across personal beliefs, cultures and even time. And yet despite how universal the experience of music is, there’s still a lot we don’t know about its effects on our bodies and minds. 

Best UK Christmas Songs

Here is a festive infographic produced by the website Glow New Media which takes a look at some of the very best UK Christmas songs. Check out how much hit Christmas songs make in royalties such as Merry Christmas Everybody, Stay Another Day and Wonderful Christmastime.

Stephen King in Film

No author has seen his work made into more movies than Stephen King, with over 50 films originating from his writings. However, not every movie was a success. The following infographic courtesy of Moneypod looks at a few movies derived from King’s writings that experienced success and some that were not so successful.

Movies That Make You Feel Claustrophobic

Being Claustrophobic or feeling claustrophobic itself is an eerie feeling. There are certain movies that just encapsulates that discomforting feeling of being cooped up. Here is an Infographic by Storage Centres comprising the movies that managed to generate a churn in the stomach and a bout of anxiety of being caged in restricted space.

Horror Movie Villain Kill Count

There is no rhyme or reason why horror movies are so popular. But they always have been, and always will be. Probably it’s in human nature to seek for fear-made adrenalin. And when one can’t have it in a real life, they go and look for it in other places, books and movies in particular. This infographic is a collection of some of the most popular horror series, with the main villain and the number of poor victims.

Ferris Bueller: The 2017 Model

It’s been over 30 years since Ferris Bueller took his day off, which may leaves you wondering, if he were to do it all over again today what would it look like? 360 Chicago looked into his famous day off and compared it to the Chicago of today, seeing if it would be more or less fun and risky.

The Importance of Fog in Film

Weather has been used for dramatic effect since fiction began, so much so that the term ‘pathetic fallacy’ is probably one of the main things you remember from your English Literature classes. Hands down, the most dramatic of all meteorological phenomenon is fog. It can be used to ratchet up tension, conceal terrifying creatures and even provide important characters with a suitably dramatic entrance.