10 Popular Blockbuster Movie Themed Slots

All sorts of memorabilia accompanies the release of blockbuster films. However, while mugs eventually break and t-shirts become worn, a slot game is forever. Two forms of entertainment, movies and gambling, have joined forces to create the ultimate in thrill and risk. Hit films have been transformed into exciting video slots with authentic graphics and audio in combination with fun and lucrative bonus features.

The Hunger Game of Thrones

Any Game of Thrones fan will know that when it comes to brutal murders and countless backstabbing, no one does it quite like the characters in this show. The folks at Lottoland thought it might be interesting to take a look at how some of these characters might fare if they were pitted against each other in one of the most ruthless competitions of the fictional world, the Hunger Games.

Disney Animated Ladies Census

Buzzfeed has conducted a detailed census of twenty-one leading female characters from every animated Disney film to date. To be included in the census, characters had to be both human as well as have a leading role in the film. The results are all presented in the following infographic.

Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and considering whether or not to hire a professional DJ? This infographic shows the benefits of hiring a professional DJ, a variety of statistics about wedding entertainment and helpful tips and advice for finding the perfect wedding DJ.

The Evolution of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the most iconic super heroine in DC Comics, and perhaps the most recognizable in comic book history. But since the “Golden Age” in 1941, both the character and her costumes have constantly evolved. Even now, her brief-but-dynamic appearance in Batman v Superman and her own solo film in 2017 show that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

10 Things That Make Red Rocks the Most Amazing Venue

Red Rock Amphitheater has been a pride of Coloradans for generations. It has been the venue talked about by many famous artists and anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing a show there. It is famous worldwide, but there may be a few things you don’t know about this venue.

What Do Oscar Winning Characters Do?

Great films need great characters, and great characters are often shaped by what they do. This infographic from Adzuna explores the types of jobs that Oscar winning characters have had and takes a look at the characters that didn’t appear to work at all.

Disabled Access at Music Festivals

As the summer season creeps up, festivals are beginning to announce their line-ups and usic lovers all over the United Kingdom are eagerly awaiting for the festival season to begin. But what if you’re a wheelchair user? How accessible do the likes of Glastonbury and Leeds make their music festivals?

Haircuts in the Movies & Comics

Lets take a look at how some fictional Pop-culture characters have changed their hairdos over the years in this infographic. If you are a geek, you will recognize most of them quickly but if not, there there are many you did not know about.

The Irish at the Oscars

The nation of Ireland usually pops up in some way, shape or form at the Academy Awards. This year is no exception, with no less than six different Oscars having the potential to end up in Irish hands on the night. Saoirse Ronan and Michael Fassbender are flying the tri-coloured flag for Best Actress and Best actor for their roles in Brooklyn and Steve Jobs respectively, while there are also Irish films nominated for Best Feature and Best Short Film.