Horror Movie Villain Kill Count

There is no rhyme or reason why horror movies are so popular. But they always have been, and always will be. Probably it’s in human nature to seek for fear-made adrenalin. And when one can’t have it in a real life, they go and look for it in other places, books and movies in particular. This infographic is a collection of some of the most popular horror series, with the main villain and the number of poor victims.

Ferris Bueller: The 2017 Model

It’s been over 30 years since Ferris Bueller took his day off, which may leaves you wondering, if he were to do it all over again today what would it look like? 360 Chicago looked into his famous day off and compared it to the Chicago of today, seeing if it would be more or less fun and risky.

The Importance of Fog in Film

Weather has been used for dramatic effect since fiction began, so much so that the term ‘pathetic fallacy’ is probably one of the main things you remember from your English Literature classes. Hands down, the most dramatic of all meteorological phenomenon is fog. It can be used to ratchet up tension, conceal terrifying creatures and even provide important characters with a suitably dramatic entrance.

Stormtroopers & Clone Troopers of Star Wars

Stormtroopers – the terrifying force that makes up the armies of the The First Order. Like the Empire before them, the First Order was born from the Dark Side of the Force. Many stormtroopers and clone troopers do the bidding of evil entities without having a choice. But in the case of Finn from The Force Awakens (and the upcoming The Last Jedi sequel), he did make a choice and is now fighting for the Resistance.

Vinyl is Back and Here to Stay

With vinyl music almost disappearing in 1990-2010, vinyl is now on the rise again. And that does make sense as vinyl is providing a whole extra dimension to the music. The sound from a record is simply warmer and characteristic compared to other carriers. Also, searching a record and placing it on your record player is much more entertaining than hitting a playlist on Spotify.

The Young Singer’s Guide to Vocal Warm Ups

Warm ups are an important part of preparing for any exercise, whether it is a high-impact sports game or a concert. For young singers, vocal warm ups help prepare the voice for the rigors of a vocal performance. Warm ups not only stretch and exercise the muscles around the vocal cords, they also provide the singer with an opportunity to exercise proper breathing, tone, and resonance before singing begins.

How to Choose Headphones That Suit You

Having headphones is necessary nowadays but many people make a hasty decision in this regard and choose bad ones. There are so many options available and it’s difficult to research/test each of them. The following infographic looks at some simple steps to choosing headphones. It contains information about headphones types, headphones drivers, and different things to look for in headphones.