Comparing Reboots – Who Won?

30 years ago during 80s, it seemed like once a movie franchise was done, that was it. As soon as a series had worn out its welcome, Hollywood moved on to the next big thing. Not these days. Everything old is new again, thanks to reboots. Here is a comparison of original movies vs. their reboots.

Summertime Themed Slots

There’s no denying summertime’s high spirits or its irresistible invitation to shake your world out and about. Nights get longer, drinks colder and life gets better – summer is for the best of times, the time for laziness to be set loose, and for a few, summer-themed slots to be discovered.

The Ultimate 2016 UK Festival Guide

The UK has become has become a must-play venue for hundreds of internationally famous artists. Over the next few months we’ll see an incredible variety of acts and genres from the likes of Rammstein, Calvin Harris and James Bay. If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite artists, check out this ultimate 2016 UK Festival guide from MyOffers.