Live Wedding Music Guide

Bands For Hire, an agency that offers live wedding entertainment, has taken some of the most common FAQs they receive and put them together in this tidy little infographic. When planning your wedding, there’s so much to take into consideration, and organizing your music for the day is no exception. From schedules to band riders, this graphic will answer a number of queries in a simple and straight forward way.

Movies That Struck Oil

From one multi-billion-dollar industry to another, the team at Fuel Fighter thought they’d take a look at some of the biggest movies to do with oil. In this piece, they’ll look at each movie and break down the films plot as well as who starred in it, if it won any awards and what the critics thought of the movie. They will also give you its most iconic quotes, some of the movies’ bloopers you may not have seen the first time around and a few fun facts for each movie.

The Evolution of Batgirl

For many comic book fans, Barbara Gordon has been known as the definitive version of Batgirl, one of the main superheroines of DC Comics. The character made her comics debut 50 years ago in the January 1967 issue of Detective Comics and has gone through many changes, most notably becoming paralyzed in the 1980s graphic novel The Killing Joke and eventually becoming super hacker Oracle.

Why YouTube Stars Are More Influential Than Traditional Celebrities

It is clear that the day of the traditional celebrity is numbered. The YouTube celebrity is gradually becoming more influential. Marketers and others trying to hang on the coat tails of celebrity cannot ignore this. If they do so, they will gradually fade into insignificance. The folks at Influencer Marketing Hub have created the following infographic titled “Why YouTube Stars are More Influential than Traditional Celebrities”.