Solar Power at Sea

When it comes to collecting the sun’s rays, solar panels have been placed almost everywhere – on rooftops, open farmland, and even on moving vehicles – and now innovators are trying to take solar out to sea. Floating solar panels on the ocean could have a huge impact...

The Changing Face of UK Energy

This infographic provides an easy snapshot of the current energy situation in the UK. Through this we can see how our energy production has evolved over time. Coal, for example, once provided the vast majority of the United Kingdom’s power. Yet in 2015 coal was overtaken by renewable energy for the first time, when renewable energy provided one quarter of the UK’s electricity.

Why Protect Redwoods

Save the Redwoods League has released the following infographic letting people know why they should protect redwoods. Redwoods are some of the tallest and oldest living beings on Earth and they provide critical life support for people and wildlife.

Impacts of a Paper-Based System

Can you imagine a future where the planet is full of greenery and big cities are free of pollution? This is the vision shared by environment activists, who often advocate drastic steps to reduce the current trends of environmental degradation. Among them, using too much paper is a common and worldwide trend.

The 411 on Unwanted Phone Books

Not too long ago, they were the way we searched for businesses and people. Nowadays, when phone books are dropped off in front of my house, they don’t even make it through the front door. In fact, they do right in the recycle bin! Who needs them? We have Google, Bing and multiple smart phone apps.

Winter Survival Hacks

Winter is well and truly underway, and until now the weather has been tolerable. But it might be an idea to prepare to outsmart Jack Frost so you can go about your business when the weather turns arctic. The folks at Jones Oil have put together their top winter survival hacks for your home, car and even your health.