How Successful People Teach Their Kids About Money

Do you ever look back on your early days and wish we would’ve been taught more about money?There are so many people that even after they finish college have no clue how to manage money. In this infographic, you can read money lessons from some of the world’s most successful people.

The Cost Of Living In The UK vs Wages

Here is an infographic displaying the cost of living in the UK vs wages. It is a visual demonstration of precisely how much of a struggle it can be to pay ones own way in Britain today. Far from the work-shy shirkers, scroungers or just plain old lazy that many of those on lower incomes have sometimes been portrayed as, such workers are fighting against spiraling living costs in all parts of the country.

The Ever-Increasing Costs of Everyday Items

Who can remember the days when you could buy a pint for just 5p? Or plan an entire wedding with only £70? Over the past fifty years the cost of living has increased significantly. This infographic by Lottoland takes a look at which everyday items have seen the biggest price hikes, from petrol to cinema tickets.

Is Cash No Longer King? – Guide to Non-Cash Payment Methods

This infographic describes about non-cash payment methods, which have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. With Irish businesses now accepting contactless payments for transactions of up to €30, the infographic explores this and other non-cash forms of payment.

From Small Loans to Big Business

Nearly all large corporations have humble beginnings as small businesses. And for many, the road to becoming a big business was paved with financial assistance, in form of small business loans or infusions of working capital. This infographic illustrates the business financing journey that some of the nation’s largest companies have taken on their road to success.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell During A Stock Market Panic

Though a stock market dip can be a scary time for investors, history has shown us that stock market corrections are a natural part of the stock market cycle. Each bull market of the last 40 years has been accompanied by stock market corrections. Instead of panicking whenever the market starts to dip, here is how you should prepare for a stock market correction.

America’s Best (and Worst) Tippers

Thousands of employees rely on the generosity of tippers to make ends meet, which inspired a look at the tipping habits of Americans. This chart pulls dining transaction data from thousands of restaurants across the U.S. that used the Lavu iPad point of sale system in 2015.

What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

In this infographic from, learn the essential reverse mortgage information for seniors such as: What is a reverse mortgage loan, how does a reverse mortgage work, how do they help seniors, and are they safe?