What Is Bitcoin and Where Can You Buy It?

After almost 10 years, the one question still remains a hot topic all across the web. What is Bitcoin? This beginner-friendly infographic by Kriptomat tackles this question along with frequently asked questions like; How does Bitcoin work, what does Bitcoin represent, what about Bitcoin security, and of-course, how do I get Bitcoin myself?

The Definitive Guide To Cryptocurrencies

How much do you know about cryptocurrency? The world of cryptocurrencies can seem as alien as it is exciting and even if you aren’t interested in investing yourself, it can never hurt to be hip to the explosively popular tech trend. Learn everything you need to know to get started within this infographic from Best Accounting Schools.

Passive Income Generation Ideas

Passive income ideas are all around us but we tend to overlook them because we get too deeply immersed in our mundane routines. It is not just about the tediousness of our days, it is about adding a stream of passive incomes which can generate cash flow without you having to move a finger. In the following infographic, the team at Branax has put together some ideas to generate passive income.

The Real Carbon Footprint Of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin certainly has a carbon footprint problem on its hands, but that doesn’t mean that all cryptocurrencies do. It appears there is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the associated electricity usage. More specifically, most sources claim Bitcoin mining uses a lot of energy, which is absolutely correct. However, it seems the situation is being blown out of proportion completely.

Top Crypto Exchanges For 2018

After a huge 2017 for cryptocurrencies, there has been a surge in new cryptocurrency exchanges cropping up. To invest in any cryptocurrency you will have to use an exchange in some form or another, however hen it comes to cryptocurrency, some people have no idea how to even get started. Learn more about the top cryptocurrency exchanges for 2018 in this infographic.

A Brief History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin fans have called it the “future of money”, predicting it will transform the global financial system, but others are more skeptical. However, it’s easy to get caught up in technical jargon if you don’t understand the basics. Here is an easy to follow guide from CartwrightKing to help you understand the basics of Bitcoin, where it came from and what you can do to get involved.