How to Get Overfunded on Kickstarter

In this infographic, Market Inspector has collected primary data from interviews with successful founders from three different continents to present you the most common key steps to get overfunded. It is known among former founders that choosing a smaller funding goal increases chances to raise the whole amount of money.

Interest Rates Have Not Risen In UK for 10+ Years

10 years have passed since the financial crisis. During this time, UK interest rates have been squeezed ever lower by the Bank of England, until they now sit at just 0.25%. In fact, they have never risen since July 2007. This caused a waterfall of effects, with the average Brit feeling it perhaps more than many, with savings hit hard by inflation and poor rates.

Why Do Financial Markets Love Donald Trump?

From 8 November 2016, the day of Trump’s victory, U.S. stock markets are experiencing very strong raises. Indeed S&P 500, NASDAQ and DOW JONES all hit all-time record highs in the first months of Trump’s presidency. Why? This infographic from Il Trading Per Te shows the top 5 reasons why financial markets seem to like Trump so much.

The History of Banking

The American financial system has taken many forms since its inception in the pre-Revolution colonies. The system we see today is a far cry from the era when thousands of different bank notes circulated the country and major historic figures — including Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton — debated the merits of a central bank. This infographic looks at the history of banking.

What’s Not In Your Wallet?

Paper money looks like it’s on the decline; cryptocurrency appears to be growing in popularity. But, what exactly does this mean for you? How does this affect you and your investments in gold? Learn more about cryptocurrency’s rise in popularity from this infographic from US Gold.

How Many Dollar Bills Are in Circulation?

How many dollar bills and other forums of currency are in circulation in the United States? The answer might surprise you. This infographic by details the amount of money in circulation in the United States as well as how many coins and new banknotes are entered into circulation each year. One of our most favorite interesting tidbits was that there were over 91 million dollars in pennies minted in 2016. That’s a lot of pennies!