Forex Trading Definition For Beginners

Forex is largest financial world market, where almost 4 trillion dollars worth of currencies are traded every day. This infographic is an introduction to Forex currency trading that will help you to understand Forex trading better and how to do it the right way.

Charitable Giving in the United States

Americans donate tens of billions of dollars every year to charity – but have you ever wondered which states’ residents give the most? This map from will tell you which states donate the most money to charity, as well as which states give the most as a percentage of the gross income of its residents.

Donation Landing Page: Increase Online Donations

Online giving is on the rise. Therefore, optimizing your website’s donation landing page is fundamental in increasing your nonprofit’s online donors. Successfully boost your online donations with the 7 elements illustrated and explained in this infographic.

How to Teach Finance to Kids Ages 5-12

As your children grow, so does their understanding of finances. Even though most money habits are ingrained in us by the time we turn 7, there are still plenty of lessons that can be imparted into children after that. Here is a guide to teaching finance skills to kids from age 5-12.

What Does A Living Minimum Wage Look Like?

Can workers really live on a minimum wage? This infographic details the states that use the federal minimum wage and what a ‘living wage’ would look like in each of these states, taking into consideration housing prices, food, and other costs of living.

Play It Safe When It Comes to Online Payments

It’s the age of the smartphone and chances are you’re probably using your device to buy merchandise, make airline reservations or pay a bill. While convenient, using a mobile phone can make you susceptible to identity theft. Check out the following infographic for five easy tips on how you can help protect yourself online.