The Freelancer’s Tax Guide for 2016

Freelancers often pay twice the amount of taxes as their corporate counterparts which causes financial hardship if you don’t prepare for this annual inevitability. So, rather than being caught off-guard every tax season, the following strategies will make filing your taxes a straightforward, successful and stress-free experience.

The US Gold Market

The US Gold Market is best known as the home of gold futures trading on the COMEX in New York. The COMEX has a literal monopoly on gold futures trading volumes worldwide, but very little physical gold is actually exchanged between COMEX trading participants, and gold inventories maintained in COMEX vaults in New York are very low. This infographic guides you through some of these need to know features of COMEX gold trading.

Inheritance Tax in the UK Explained

The following infographic by iWill Solicitors explains the basics of IHT, who is required to pay IHT, what happens in the event of being married or unmarried, and how you can legitimately reduce your IHT bill.

3 Ways Asset Protection Will Help You Guard Your Wealth

Save on your taxes while protecting your small business or personal assets from creditor claims and potential lawsuits. Here’s 3 ways that asset protection can help to keep your business running smoothly without any interruptions in an infographic by American Society For Asset Protection.

Investment Ideas You Should Try Out

Investments are always not to be taken lightly, but what if you want to invest on a budget? That’s why CC Bank created this infographic along with their post regarding investments you can make with a low amount to begin with. [Click here for full size...

How to Make Money with Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn money with Bitcoin. In this Infographic you can learn how to do so with cloud mining. Bitcoin Cloud Mining is a way to produce (mine) Bitcoins without the need of any special hardware. Learn more in the following infographic. [Click here...

Visualizing the London Gold Market

The London Gold Market is the largest gold market in the world. Trading volumes are huge, yet the workings of the market remain opaque to the outside world. This infographic guides you through London’s secretive OTC wholesale gold market by illuminating trading volumes, the fractionally reserved nature of paper gold trading in London, and the dominance of London versus other major gold markets.

How To Buy Investment Property: 10 Basic Steps For Beginners

Getting into the real estate game and buying your first investment property is exciting, and a little scary, but it is the first crucial step in taking control of your financial future. It will create the first stream of passive income, which will cover part of your living expenses so that you don’t have to actively work for that money anymore.

A Dollar Abroad: This Is What It’s Worth

Going on vacation soon? For those planning to cash in their PTO and travel abroad, it’s important to see just how far their dollar will get them. This handy infographic from will help you plan your next trip.