Tax Breaks Every Homeowner Should Take Advantage Of

Good News! You can write off your tax liabilities if you are a homeowner. The bad news is, you might not be aware of it. There is a long list of tax breaks you can claim. You can qualify for a tax deduction and/or tax credits to help you alleviate your tax burden. However, as the tax code gets longer and more complex each year, you might not be aware of some Tax breaks you are qualified to claim.

Important Dates to Remember for Tax Year 2016

We are now counting the other half of the current calendar year, and soon enough before you realize, it would be tax season once more. There is no better way to start preparing for 2016’s tax filing season other than knowing the important dates to remember and abide with. With this infographic you will be on board for the 2017 tax filing calendar.

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice finance is a growing phenomenon in the UK but not many people actually know what it is. A market worth £62.5bn, it might be worth finding out more. Business Expert’s infographic has everything from its background to who is suitable for it and how it works.

How Much Does Free Business Checking Cost?

The free business checking account that most banks offer isn’t actually free. For banks, free business checking means that you pay no monthly maintenance fees. However, banks do charge monthly maintenance. But they also provide a way to have these fees waived. This infographic takes a look at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank.

The Freelancer’s Tax Guide for 2016

Freelancers often pay twice the amount of taxes as their corporate counterparts which causes financial hardship if you don’t prepare for this annual inevitability. So, rather than being caught off-guard every tax season, the following strategies will make filing your taxes a straightforward, successful and stress-free experience.