The Indian Gold Market

The Indian gold market is one of the world’s largest and most extensive gold markets, with an estimated 23,000 tonnes of private gold held within India’s borders. In India, gold is revered and held as a traditional form of savings and wealth preservation, particularly in the form of gold jewellery.

The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Everyone knows college students and graduates are taking on a lot of debt to pay for school tuition and college expenses, but where exactly is most of the debt going to? Private colleges like ITT Tech? Or major universities? This infographic shows exactly how the over $1 trillion+ in student loan debt is being spent. The data/stats for this infographic was collected from Student Loan Hero.

Visualizing the Chinese Gold Market

The Chinese gold market is now the largest gold market in the world. From gold mining to gold imports, from physical gold trading to physical gold demand, China ranks number 1 in all global rankings. Central to the gold market’s evolution is the Chinese State, which has closely controlled and monitored the market’s development since its liberalization in the early 2000s.

The Cost of Living Across Europe

The average monthly wage varies dramatically across Europe – from £4,396.68 in Switzerland, to £125.01 in the Ukraine and everything in between. It therefore comes as no surprise that the cost of living varies from country to country. But just because a country has a low cost of living, it doesn’t mean that it’s harder to get by, as prices will drop.

Tax Breaks Every Homeowner Should Take Advantage Of

Good News! You can write off your tax liabilities if you are a homeowner. The bad news is, you might not be aware of it. There is a long list of tax breaks you can claim. You can qualify for a tax deduction and/or tax credits to help you alleviate your tax burden. However, as the tax code gets longer and more complex each year, you might not be aware of some Tax breaks you are qualified to claim.

Important Dates to Remember for Tax Year 2016

We are now counting the other half of the current calendar year, and soon enough before you realize, it would be tax season once more. There is no better way to start preparing for 2016’s tax filing season other than knowing the important dates to remember and abide with. With this infographic you will be on board for the 2017 tax filing calendar.