Entrepreneur VS Consumer Mindset

This infographic by Bengu compares the mental differences between consumers and entrepreneurs. Most people in society are addicted to consumption. Entrepreneurs cultivate a way of thinking that is aligned with optimism and success. It’s a prerequisite to succeeding in business and must be learned by aspiring entrepreneurs looking to carve their own path ahead.

How to Fix Your Credit

Buying a house and your ability to borrow a mortgage loan depends on three factors – your credit score, your debt-to-income ratio, and the stability of your work history. When any one of those factors is less than stellar, you can be disqualified or end up paying thousands of extra dollars in higher interest rates. In this infographic learn how to fix your credit.

An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to BlockChain

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin gain footing in our increasingly connected world, blockchain systems are cropping up to help people keep track of their money, almost like an online bank passbook. The technology has the potential to keep democracies healthy and transparent, become the choice medium for stock market and international payment and even help us keep our online identities secure and standardized.

How to Get Overfunded on Kickstarter

In this infographic, Market Inspector has collected primary data from interviews with successful founders from three different continents to present you the most common key steps to get overfunded. It is known among former founders that choosing a smaller funding goal increases chances to raise the whole amount of money.

Interest Rates Have Not Risen In UK for 10+ Years

10 years have passed since the financial crisis. During this time, UK interest rates have been squeezed ever lower by the Bank of England, until they now sit at just 0.25%. In fact, they have never risen since July 2007. This caused a waterfall of effects, with the average Brit feeling it perhaps more than many, with savings hit hard by inflation and poor rates.