How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

This infographic by TrainFitness is a simple five step guide of how to create your own healthy smoothie recipes. Upgrade your nutrition in the tastiest way possible.

Tea: The Facts Of Its Health Benefits

Tea is considered the most widely consumed beverage around the world for its health benefits. First consumed in China as a medicine, tea later became popular throughout the world not only for its taste bout also for health benefits. This infographic from Blue Banyan looks tea and its health benefits.

Smoothies Made With 3 Ingredients

This infographic from BestBlenders.Reviews has nine of the best easy to make smoothies that are matched up by color. It’s a simple concept to use fruits of the same color for your smoothie, but doing so will benefit your health greatly. Here you’ll learn which quick and simple color matches are both mouthwateringly yummy and nourishing.

5 Green Superfoods (That Aren’t Kale) to Enjoy This Spring

You’ve made it through the winter and it’s time to shed some maybe unhealthy eating habits that came along with the season. The great news is that more fresh, seasonal foods are coming our way and there is no better time to start making some nutrition changes. Learn about 5 green superfoods that aren’t kale to enjoy this spring in this infographic.

Healthy Food Swaps

Small changes can have big results and make healthy eating a more manageable process. Instantly cut calories with the simple food swaps displayed in this infographic from HealthyLife.

Cheese, Please! 51 Tasty Cheeses From Around the Globe

Like wine, beer, and cigars, there are many unique types of cheese, each one with its own process and ingredients. It’s a wonder that such similar ingredients can be combined in so many different ways. In this infographic, takes a look at 51 special cheeses.

The Ultimate Pizza Topping Encyclopedia

Pizza is easy for any of us to throw random ingredients from the fridge onto a pizza base and create our own experimental concoction. However, just how quirky are we when it comes to our favorite toppings and what are some of the craziest we’ve ever seen?

Idiot’s Guide To Smarter Coffee Drinking

Science has figured out how to consume coffee for maximum benefit. And chances are that you’re doing it all wrong. That is because the right way to drink coffee isn’t always intuitive. In this infographic, discover 7 steps to becoming a smarter coffee drinker.

The Cost of Coffee in the US and Worldwide

From a morning energy jolt to an afternoon pick-me-up, the worldwide “coffee culture” has become a lucrative enterprise for both top-tier corporations (think Starbucks) and small neighborhood haunts. For consumers, though, indulging that daily caffeine fix continues to rise in cost as the demand for java increases.

What Do They Eat in Space?

This infographic by shows how food prepared for space missions has evolved in the last 50 years, starting from one of the first manned missions during Project Mercury, to today’s preparations for the journey to Mars.