Hacks to Transform Your Ramen Into a Gourmet Meal

Ramen has a reputation for being a budget-friendly meal, but by adding a few simple variations, you can turn it into a gourmet feast. Most of the recipes in this graphic from Title Pro Loans use items you probably have in your kitchen already, so you won’t break the bank. Turn your next Ramen lunch into a bowl fit for champions.

How Many Miles Do I Have to Run to Work Off a Burger?

With little time to cook and too many options for quick and easy food, many Americans turn to fast food to feed their families after a busy day at work. But just how unhealthy is this fast food diet we have grown accustomed to? In this infographic, compare fast food favorites with the amount of exercise needed to burn it off, and you just might be inspired to throw on your running shoes.

The Highest Calorie Food Items of 25 Fast Food Chains

Have you ever wanted to know what the worst thing was on the menu of your favorite fast food joint? In this infographic, the team at Title Pro Loans take a look at 25 of America’s favorite fast food chains and present the worst of the listed food items at each. From mind-melding milkshakes to heart-busting hamburgers to barely edible breakfasts, here’s the absolute worst of the worst (at least in terms of calories).

Guide to Sparkling Wine

Navigating the wine aisle can be a bit daunting and this guide courtesy of FTD.com breaks down the most popular types of sparkling wine from the region they originated in to the best glasses to serve them in! We even include the various dryness levels and a few serving tips.

Fresh or Powdered Milk in Your Office Coffee?

Today’s Office Coffee Machines offer a wide range of specialty coffees. London Coffee Machines have compared two of the leading machines, both with very similar features but one serves fresh milk and the other serves granulated milk. One would think that fresh milk is the only choice for that barista style coffee in your office but is that assumption true? read on to find out.

Rental Coffee Machines, What Type of Machine is Best for You?

Choosing a Rental Coffee Machine can be quite overwhelming, If your looking for a coffee machine for a self service environment what type do you go for? Bean to Cup coffee machines, Instant/Soluble machines, or the increasingly popular Capsule/Pod machines are some of the best options. The following infographic highlights the pros and cons of the various types of commercial coffee machines.

The Great Candy Apple Chart

Enjoy delicious candy apples in a whole new way with the creative and unique ideas featured in this infographic. Make your next candy apple bar gourmet or just host a more interesting party with these cool and yet classic desserts. Great for a wedding or gala, these totally cheap, yet expensively looking treats can really wow guests.

Coffee: Culture, Caffeine & Calories

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the global coffee scene, Honest Coffees have put together a round-up of the world’s favorite coffees in the following graphic. Take a look at the map below to find out more about coffee culture, caffeine and calories worldwide.

Why Choose a Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

We all know how great traditional coffee machines are with our daily visits to the local high street coffee shops, but how do you bring that barista style, fresh tasting coffee to your office? You need look no further than Commercial Bean to cup Coffee Machines. While a traditional machine isn’t practical for a self service environment, the fully automatic coffee machines are perfect.