8 Beer Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Don’t you hate when you find yourself at a party, with a bottle of beer, but without a bottle opener? Well, now you’ll never have to deal with these problems again. In this interesting infographic you’ll find beer hacks that everybody should know.

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

We all know that drinking wine can make you happy, but what else is it good for? Scientists are now discovering various health benefits of drinking wine. Find out everything about that in this interesting infographic from the folks at Serenata Flowers.

35 Interesting Facts About Coffee

It is the first act of the day – a cup of coffee! However you may like it, many folks cannot do without this energizing beverage. In this infographic discover how coffee is connected to a Bach cantana, fossil fuel and even elephant dung. These and many other facts about coffee below.

Prepping for Disasters: A Food Guide For Emergency Situations

In a natural disaster or any other emergency situation, getting adequate nutrition and hydration are two of your main concerns. However, it can be difficult to prepare a collection of items that will cover you in this type of event. Use Wise Food Company’s infographic as a guide to help you put together this essential household staple.

Do’s and Don’ts of Juicing

Juicing has become so mainstream to the point that it is more than just a fad diet option. Although juicing can have valuable health benefits, there can also be downsides to juicing if not consumed properly. Juice cleanses can be even more dangerous, when substituting a juice only diet in place of meals. The expert physicians over at PhysicianOne Urgent Care have put together this helpful infographic to help you learn everything about juicing properly.

6 Top Wine Investment Picks from Bordeaux

Bordeaux wines are the finest of the world’s wines and the most reliable for investing. Here is a little guidance from Vin-x to help you zero in on the best picks from Bordeaux, based on the wine investment perspective.

How Well Do You Know Coffee?

If you thought the United Kingdom was a nation of tea drinkers, think again! Carlton Sales has put together a compelling infographic displaying all the facts about this caffeine craving nation.

Essential Apps for Foodies

For food lovers there are some really excellent mobile apps out there designed for people who enjoy cooking and eating great food. Whether it’s preparing a feat for the family or being better educated on the world’s finest wines, this list of excellent apps will be of interest to any food lover.

Restaurant of the Future

Restaurants and bars, specifically, stand to profit and reach new audiences through the successful implementation of social gaming in progressive, thoughtful ways. This infographic will show you the crash course of what you need to understand social gaming and the restaurant of the future.

Eat Yourself Happy

Many of us are susceptible to a slump in energy at some point in the day, which can leave us feeling drained and de-motivated. But did you know that you can work to beat this simply by changing your eating habits? The folks at Atkins have created an infographic to help you combat dips in energy levels and keep you feeling positive and energized throughout the day.