Healthy Baking Recipe Substitutions

From breakfast to dessert, it’s no secret that the folks at Greatist are huge fans of making the food we eat every day healthier. Here are some of their favorite baking recipe substitutions to help cut back on some of that unnecessary sugar and fat to make healthy, hearty, and delicious baked goods.

Florida’s Craft Brew Explosion

Florida, known for sunshine, beaches, alligators, and the infamous Florida Man, can now add its rapidly expanding craft beer industry to the ever-growing list of reasons you should visit the Sunshine State. The team at LabelValue have broken down some key facts for you about Florida’s up-and-coming craft brewery scene in the following infographic.

50 Snacks That Are 100 Calories or Less

Dieting is hard work, especially when cravings kick in! Fortunately, there are easy and low-calorie ways to satisfy savory cravings, sweet cravings, and cravings for chocolate. In this infographic, TitleMax has listed 50 snack ideas that are quick to whip up and enjoy, or plan ahead to eat between meals.

15 Make-Ahead Freezer-Bag Meals

It’s time to get fit and save money by making meals at home. But what if you’re crazy busy? Consider easy dump-and-go dinners go from the freezer into the slow cooker, so you can have very little work to do during the work week. With an afternoon of prep,  you can pack away a bunch of these freezer-bag meals all at once. Then, you can enjoy far less stress and many delicious slow cooker meals on work days.

UK Pizza Market- Facts and Statistics

The burgeoning pizza culture has contributed to the growth of the pizza market in United Kingdom. This infographic reveals slice by slice facts and statistics of the market of the most popular food item purchased in the restaurants. Get the taste of the booming pizza market and relish it bite by bite.

What is the Future of Meat?

Good ol’ meat – one of the central elements in diets around the world. With the ever-increasing demand for meat, scientists have begun turning their attentions to alternative sources of protein. These can range from lab-grown meat to insect meat. That’s right, I said “insect meat!” Learn more about the future of our meat in this infographic.

Hacks to Transform Your Ramen Into a Gourmet Meal

Ramen has a reputation for being a budget-friendly meal, but by adding a few simple variations, you can turn it into a gourmet feast. Most of the recipes in this graphic from Title Pro Loans use items you probably have in your kitchen already, so you won’t break the bank. Turn your next Ramen lunch into a bowl fit for champions.

How Many Miles Do I Have to Run to Work Off a Burger?

With little time to cook and too many options for quick and easy food, many Americans turn to fast food to feed their families after a busy day at work. But just how unhealthy is this fast food diet we have grown accustomed to? In this infographic, compare fast food favorites with the amount of exercise needed to burn it off, and you just might be inspired to throw on your running shoes.