Advantages of Pressure Cookers

This infographic describes what a pressure cooker is, how much faster you can cook food with it, how pressure cooking is healthy and many other benefits of pressure cooking. You can cook meals up to 10 times faster with a pressure cooker, keep much more of the vitamins and nutrients compared with standard cooking and save energy because you cook faster.

How the World Uses Coconuts

We’ve all gone nuts for coconuts! The UK spends £60 million a year on coconut water alone. And coconut oil is popping up everywhere from our fitness regimes to our beauty regimes. But how do other countries use them? Find out in this infographic by Holland and Barrett.

How to Blend an Inspire Protein Drink

Protein is usually encouraged for bariatric post-ops, especially right after the surgery. Eating protein-rich foods after the surgery is proven to aid repair, build, and maintain muscle tissue and organs. But since post-ops cannot eat heaps of foods (as they used to be) doctors recommend complementing it with protein shakes or supplements to ensure they’re gaining enough protein that their body need.

The Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Most of us are familiar with the concept of reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing high-carb foods with foods that are high in protein. Usually, people adopt a high protein diet when they are on a weight loss program and it is widely accepted that following a diet that does incorporate a substantial portion of protein, is a great way to go about shedding weight.

Blender Food Processor Buying Guide

People who love to cook know well that a blender and food processor are kitchen essentials. However, not all people have adequate kitchen space to accommodate the two machines. This convinced manufacturers to develop a combination appliance that performs both functions.

Benefits of Organic Wine

Organic wines are made from organically grown grapes—without pesticides or any chemicals. And being organic, we can expect it’s safe for the body. Some of its known health benefits are anti-oxidant properties, prevention of coronary heart diseases, calming effects, anti-bacterial properties, and prevention of age related memory loss.