Idiot’s Guide To Smarter Coffee Drinking

Science has figured out how to consume coffee for maximum benefit. And chances are that you’re doing it all wrong. That is because the right way to drink coffee isn’t always intuitive. In this infographic, discover 7 steps to becoming a smarter coffee drinker.

The Cost of Coffee in the US and Worldwide

From a morning energy jolt to an afternoon pick-me-up, the worldwide “coffee culture” has become a lucrative enterprise for both top-tier corporations (think Starbucks) and small neighborhood haunts. For consumers, though, indulging that daily caffeine fix continues to rise in cost as the demand for java increases.

What Do They Eat in Space?

This infographic by shows how food prepared for space missions has evolved in the last 50 years, starting from one of the first manned missions during Project Mercury, to today’s preparations for the journey to Mars.

What Does Your Choice Of Wine Say About You?

While there are countless types of wine available at the grocery store, many of us gravitate towards similar flavor profiles, be it a dry sparkling white, a rich red, or a sweet rose. While it’s useful to learn about wine and food pairing, it’s also important to learn which grapes taste best to you as each produce wine with a dramatically different flavor profile.

The Rise of Coconut Oil Mania

What if there was a natural substance that you could use in cooking, on your skin, in your hair, on furniture, and even to help cure numerous diseases? Believe it or not, this substance does exist. I’m referring to Coconut oil which has been around for centuries. However, its popularity has only taken off within the past few decades.

How Superfoods Work

Below is a detailed graphical representation of how superfoods work in your body. The folks at have broken down all the information you need in the following infographic.

The Secret Formula for Perfect Low Sugar Smoothies

If you’re trying to eat healthy, one of the first things you might add into your diet is smoothies. Smoothies are delicious, convenient, and full of vitamins, but they are also full of something else: sugar. Excess sugar is the last thing you need when you’re trying to eat healthy as it contributes to obesity, diabetes, and is highly addictive.

The Price is Ripe: 25 Most Expensive Dishes and Drinks

The world’s most expensive dishes are more diverse than you’d think, though. From bagels and grilled cheese sandwiches to ice cream sundaes and lobster frittata, this infographic will prove that the only things uniting them are their huge price tags. Take a look at some of the tastiest and most outlandish ways to literally put your money where your mouth is.

Smoothie Your Moods and Needs

In this infographic, learn how you can resolve many problems or improve different life situations with easy-to-make smoothies. The graphic contains information about ingredients that are helpful in certain situations. Learn how to combine these ingredients to get the right smoothie for every situation.

Meals Around the World

This infographic from the folks at shows off food and meals from 34 different countries around the world. Each one of of these dishes can be prepared for around $6 or less.