15 Spice Mixes and Seasonings from Around the World

No one likes bland food. Because of this, cultures around the world have been perfecting the art of spice blends for thousands of years. This goes far beyond simply adding salt to your potatoes, too! These spice blends range from the sweet and tangy to overpoweringly spicy. This infographic features 15 spice mixtures from around the world and features a popular dish they are used in.

Bacon vs. Jerky

Which is better, bacon or jerky? Find out who emerges the victor in this fun infographic from Cabelas.com which pits two delicious meats against each other to determine who holds the honor of being named the king of processed meat.

Americans Perception Of Popular Foreign Foods

American stereotypes regarding foreign foods are often way off base. Many Americans believe Pizza to be a popular Italian food, however pizza doesn’t even crack the top five foods that Italians actually consume. To get a pulse on what Americans know about foreign cuisine, Home Run Inn Pizza to surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out the type of food they associate with 25 different countries around the world.

Ultimate Guide To Burritos

Delicate and delicious, the humble burrito has taken the world by storm over the past decade. Foodies around the globe are delighting in a variety of burros with a number of origins ranging from Mexico to California, as popularity of the favorite continues to soar. In this infographic, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts explores common variations, local specialties and the tales behind the creations.

Where the American Diet is Sourced From

Americans have an increasing interest in where their food comes from. After researching the top 20 most popular food options in the United States, Pots Planters & More has created an infographic that identifies the top food sources for some of our most favorite meals. They looked at which U.S. state or foreign country is the most likely source of each ingredient in the food.

How Much Do You Spend On Energy Drinks

This infographic from Reize shows how much money people spend on energy drinks over the course of a week, a year and 10 years; along with what they could buy with the amount of money they spent over that time period. It also shows how energy drink popularity has been steadily increasing.

10 Food Safety Mistakes You Never Noticed

Food well-being is a standout among the most essential things in cooking. Notwithstanding the fixing, flavor or taste of the food, you generally need to take after some particular security rules. On the off chance that the food makes individuals wiped out, every one of the endeavors in setting up the food is unquestionably squandered. There are some regular food security safeguards everybody ought to take after.

Guide to Modern Eating

This infographic illustrates a guide to modern eating. It covers food allergies/intolerances, different diet types as well as various food sources. This infographic will come in handy for F&B owners who are looking to learn more about restaurant food trends that can be used to design their menus.