15 Fun Sandwich Facts

Sandwiches are one of America’s favorite handheld…or, at least our favorite edible handheld foods. The folks at Sandwich America have created this 15 Fun Sandwich Facts infographic to capture just how important sandwiches are to all of us…everyday, all the time.

20 Overnight Oats Recipes

Have a healthier breakfast on the cheap while sleeping in with these super-simple and easy-to-prepare overnight oat recipes, which range in so many different flavors and options. The folks at TitleMax.com have gathered some great recipes together for you to experiment...

32 NFL Inspired Cocktail Recipes

The Tailgating Institute’s first ever research study analyzed the habits of over 20,000 tailgating individuals across 25 large American cities. They concluded that the standard tailgator is a college-educated 35-44 year old male. They spend on average of $500 annually on tailgating food and drinks, and begin the party 3-4 hours prior to kickoff! The following infographic created by PartsGeek.com is a collection of NFL-inspired cocktail recipes.

Oktoberfest 2017: Numbers & Crazy Lost Objects

The Munich Oktoberfest closed its 184° edition with more than 6 million visitors throughout the 18 days of celebration. With 7.5 millions litres of beer it’s not hard to imagine that people might lose something while having fun in the tents, but could you believe that it’s possible to lose (or forget) a garden gnome? Or a cat carrier? What about a blood-pressure meter?

12 Healthy Foods You’re Missing Out On

When you think of healthy foods, you’re probably thinking about broccoli or avocado. And if you’re watching your diet, you’ve probably had enough of those already, right?
Well, this is your lucky day. Here before you are 12 most unusual and most healthy foods you didn’t know of before.

37 Apple Varieties Around the World & Their Flavor Profiles

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If that is true, just imagine what 37 different apples can do! This infographic shows 37 different kinds of apples, grown in different part of the United States and other countries as well, with their basic flavor profiles (such as sweetness, firmness, tartness, as well as the main or the most popular purposes of growing them).