Open Your Eyes to the Facts

Every day 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight and two million people in the UK live with sight loss. Fight for Sight believes sight loss is not inevitable. It is only through medical research that we will make sight loss a thing of the past. The following infographic reveals the wonders of your eyes, eight fun eye facts and top tips for health eyes.

Eye Health: A Guide to Iridology

As most of us know instinctively, the eyes are a great indicator of overall health. Whether they’re jaundiced, bulging or blood shot, when something’s not right, it shows in our eyes. So much so that since the late 1600s, we have been looking at the eyes to determine what’s going on in the body – an alternative medicine technique known as Iridology.

Essential Oils: What Can They Do For You?

In recent years, more and more families have turned to more natural solutions for health problems and general wellness. You may have heard of essential oils before, but trying to delve into the topic may feel overwhelming. With this helpful infographic, beginners can become well-versed in the basics of essential oils in just minutes.

Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wallet

This infographic from Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center compares the prices between LASIK eye surgery and contact lenses, as well as the average age of contact wearers and benefits of each option to inform readers on their options for improved vision.

Naturopathic Doctors Explain Women’s Immune Health

What are the top five threats to women’s immune health? Why is immune health so important? The Portland naturopaths at Heart Spring Health answer these questions and more. Not only will you learn more about the symptoms of a weakened immune system, you will learn about how a weakened immune system affects women in particular.

9 Reasons We Can’t Sleep Well

We used to think that overtime hours at work make us excellent workers. But that’s not true. The truth is, when we’re sleep deprived, we’re not fully functional. This infographic from Banner Mattress looks at 9 reasons we can’t sleep well.

The Ultimate Foam Roller Exercise Guide

We’ve all experienced muscle soreness before, and we know just how painful it can be and how long it can last if we do absolutely nothing about it. That’s where the foam roller comes in. Foam rolling is a very unique practice that can be difficult to learn if you’re a beginner that’s never tried it before.

The Process for Curing Obesity

Obesity is considered a disease by the World Healthy Authority, and if we’re now considering it a disease, we should consequently be talking about a cure for this disease. It is a misconception that obesity sufferers are trapped and must remain that way. Obesity can be cured through a combination of physical exercise and diet.

Health Benefits of Sewing

Clinical studies are now revealing that sewing, along with other crafting type hobbies are actually good for us. According to Robert H. Reiner, Ph.D, of the Department of Psychiatry at New York University Medical Centre, “The importance of a hobby or creative pursuit cannot be over-emphasized. If we don’t allow our bodies to rest from the pressures of everyday life, we are placing ourselves at risk for heart disease or other illnesses.

Cannabis As Medicine

As more states change laws to allow cannabis for medical uses, more patients are giving it a try. Learn more about common techniques for using medical cannabis from this infographic from Mesothelioma Treatment Centers.