The Zika Virus and Pregnancy

This infographic visually discusses some of the dangers of the Zika Virus, where it has been located in the United State, how it is spread and the symptoms associated with it. Also talks about the effects it could have on infants. This infographic also showcases the steps of prevention and the things you can do to keep your house and home mosquito free.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction

If you’ve ever experienced the devastating effects of heroin, you know that some people would rather stick with the drug than go through detox. While going through withdrawals can seem like torture, it is necessary in order to reclaim control over your life.

What Do Your Eyes Tell The World?

Identifying and interpreting the eye movements of our closest comrades or newest acquaintances is an innate part of human nature. In fact, your eyes can give away a lie or tell your doctor you need to be tested for diabetes. What do your eyes tell the world about you? Learn more in this infographic from Frames Direct.

Child Head Injuries

This infographic will inform parents about the danger of head injuries, falls, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) of their children. Falls are the most common cause of minor head injuries in children and adolescents, followed by motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, sports-related trauma, and child abuse.

Your Guide to Health Screenings by Age

As you age, your risk for certain diseases and health conditions changes. Regular check-ups and screenings help to catch warning signs early on – the earlier a health issue is detected, the easier it is to treat. To keep yourself in top shape, here’s a handy guide to important medical tests and screenings you should get throughout your life.

Top 10 Herbs That Heal

While there are many options when it comes to traditional medicine and using herbs as a solution for your health problems it is not wise to go about eating anything green in front of you. Many herbs can have multiple health benefits but some more than the others are best used for specific health needs.

15 Deadly Lies of Diet and Nutrition

Many myths and lies surround conventional nutrition. A great example is that dietary fat is inherently harmful and should be replaced by starch or that food fortified with vitamins is healthy. Unfortunately, many people follow these mis-truths, and we can see the resulting damage all around us.

How Cannabis May Cure Cancer

This “How Cannabis May Cure Cancer” infographic from Surviving Mesothelioma illustrates the 4 anti-cancer properties contained within cannabis which are Anti-Proliferative, Anti-Angiogenic, Anti-Metastatic, and Apoptotic.

The Hard Facts About Tonsil Stones

Do you brush your teeth regularly, floss, mouth wash, and still have foul breathe? There is a culprit that you might not be thinking of, or for that matter multiple culprits, and they are called Tonsil Stones. For more information about how to prevent and treat these foul-smelling annoyances, refer to the following infographic.