Strength Training for COPD

Did you know that Strength Training is helpful to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, otherwise known as COPD, patients? Find out more in this infographic by

How to Wear a Waist Trainer

This infographic goes into the do’s and don’ts of wearing a waist trainer to lose weight and get a slim figure. Aside from attending the svelte and sexy appearance you so desire, the process of training your waist can also promote a few notable health benefits.

8 Super Beauty Fruits

Beautify your best bits with these 8 super beauty fruits from It’s not just about eating them either – fruit smoothie recipes, natural face masks and hair masks are all great natural beauty tips to get that well-being glow.

The Ultimate Guide to Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer disease that is caused by a naturally occurring silicate minerals known as Asbetos. It remains foreign to many people and takes hundred and indeed thousands of lives every year and simply reading facts about it can be pretty overwhelming to anyone. So here’s an infographic of everything you need to know about Mesothelioma.

How to Save on Medical Waste Disposal

It’s no secret that medical waste disposal can be expensive. With the cost predicted to grow in the future based on population growth and an increase in healthcare services many facilities are looking for ways to cut costs. In the following infographic, discover are 5 ways you can save on your medical waste disposal.

How Many Calories Are You Consuming?

Do you know how many calories are in the food you digest? You may be surprised at some of the statistics the folks at Calorie Lookup have gathered. If you are struggling to lose weight, then perhaps you should look into the calories you are ingesting.

Keep Your Brain Young

A healthier brain – rev it up. The idea of steady brain decline is plain wrong. We now know that we can tune up our brain by engaging in social activities, being more physically active and challenging ourselves mentally. Attitude and Lifestyle are important too.

25 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Weight loss myths are common and make it difficult to know which ones are true and which ones are false. Here Well Being Secrets have explored 25 weight loss myths that can be squashed.