Guide to Hay Fever

Hay fever can make life miserable for people every summer. Look at the pollen calendar below, courtesy of, to find out which weed, grass or tree causes hay fever at different times of year, how to minimize those effects and the effect on contact lenses.

Normal Defiant Behavior or Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

How is a parent to know what is normal age appropriate defiant behavior or if their child is displaying signs of Oppositional Defiant Disorder? This infographic is meant to bring awareness to ODD and help parents understand what to look for in their child’s behavior that can be signs of the disorder.

The Hazards Of Being A Desk Jockey

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t the only hazard of being a desk jockey. According to this infographic from Frames Direct, digital eye strain is also a major concern. Read on to learn all about the hazards of being a “desk” jockey.

Under Pressure: The Science Behind Compression Garments

Many injuries are treated with RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. RICE helps reduce inflammation and swelling. Some of these solutions are obvious. But compression warrants a closer look. This infographic looks at the science behind compression garments.

11 Deadly Airborne Diseases You Should Know About

Smaller particles like the allergens, microbes and pathogens could potentially lead to deadly airborne diseases. Being very lightweight, these elements can easily transmit through the air, cough, sneeze etc. You need to ensure some necessary preventive measures to avoid being infected by these diseases.

How Common is Cancer Misdiagnosis?

A major 2014 study found that 12 million US patients are misdiagnosed every year. That’s a huge, scary number, and the research got tons of press. Even non-medical news sources, like CBS, picked up on the story, crafting shocking headlines. But unfortunately, at least for patients, the study only looked into diagnostic errors affecting outpatients.

Metal Hip Implant Recall Timeline

An estimated 500,000 Americans have received metal hip implant devices for broken or fractured hips, manufactured by various companies. Unfortunately, many of these metal hip implants were defective, and have caused serious injuries for thousands of patients. Here is a helpful infographic highlighting key dates and important information for patients that received a defective metal hip implant device.

Coolsculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that eliminates that stubborn fat you just can not get rid of. Coolsculpting uses a cooling method called Cryolipolysis that targets, freezes, and eventually eliminates fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. It usually requires very little to no downtime.

10 Benefits of Regular Acupuncture Treatments

It improves sleep quality by three hours or more, reduces chronic pain by up to 80 percent, lessens depression symptoms by at least 50 percent, and boosts weight loss in obese patients. This remedy is not a miracle drug, it’s acupuncture, an ancient form of Chinese medicine that dates back to the year 100 BC.