Facial Fillers vs. Facial Implants

Many patients seeking facial plastic surgery don’t often recognize the true differences between facial fillers and facial implants. This infographic by Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics breaks down the key differences between the two procedures and educates people on which they should choose. Depending on whether a patient is looking for something more long term or short term will determine which facial procedure they should go with.

PRK vs Lasik – Which Option Is Best?

Given the high success ratio of corrective eye surgeries, patients are now opting for safe and effective vision correction procedures for permanent freedom from lenses and glasses. If you are contemplating a laser eye surgery but can’t decide between PRK and Lasik, here is an easy to follow infographic that compares both your options to help you make an informed decision.

A Concise Guide to Staying Healthy As Told By Organs

While the ill effects of eating unhealthy food at the wrong times of the day cannot be felt immediately, you know you’re in trouble when you start piling on the pounds. Further, the habit of choosing nutritious food over unhealthy items needs to be inculcated from childhood itself. This ensures that a person grows up hale and hearty, with his vital organs functioning to the best of their ability. This infographic by Practo highlights just how midnight binging on junk food harms your body parts.

Winter’s Impact on the Skin

What does winter do to our skin? First, the cold atmosphere and dry air can make the skin dry or cracked. Second, if you spend more time indoors and just rely on central heating, then it would make the skin rough and chapped. Yes, we have no escape. So what are we to do?

How To Reset Your Body Clock

With Christmas party season in full swing, the late nights and overeating will be taking their toll on your body clock. Whether it be avoiding blue lights at night, managing your naps or lying awake in bed, there are plenty of ways to return to your normal sleeping patterns. In this colorful infographic, The Sleep Matters Club round up their top tips for sleeping success.

17 Ways Exercise Makes You a Happier Person

Health and fitness are often inseparable. While some people can be out of shape, staying fit is often one of the prerequisites of staying healthy. Eating a healthy diet and exercising daily can help you accomplish both tasks. In this infographic, we will see the 17 ways exercising makes you a happier person.

9-Step Winter Eczema Management Plan

Winter can be particularly challenging for people like who struggle with eczema. By making small changes to your eczema treatment plan, winter eczema can be easily managed and you can enjoy the holiday season without any eczema flare-ups to spoil the fun.​ This infographic by Eczemacreamhub.com provides a simple 9-step plan to help you manage eczema in winter.