Is Second Hand Vapor from E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

There can be no doubt that one of the game-changing inventions that really shook the tobacco industry is the e-cigarette. Since its modern predecessor first appeared in 2003, millions of smokers have managed to quit smoking and regain their life from the impending threats such as lung and throat cancer. But despite the numerous scientific studies and clinical reports that support the idea of e-cigarettes as a cessation device, many are still doubtful about its safety.

The Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Building

Thinking about having a drink after your hard workout? Research studies show that alcohol can affect muscle building by slowing down your progress. It causes dehydration and fatigue. It increases body fats and prevents protein synthesis known as the process that builds muscle. In this infographic from TestX Core, learn the effects of alcohol on muscle building.

How Medical Practitioners Stay Healthy

Getting sick is one of the most important things doctors and other medical practitioners try to avoid. Because of their varied responsibilities, they are prone to fatigue, stress, and sickness too. To prevent this from happening frequently, they have to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and meditate. This will help them handle physical and mental stress, fatigue and the constant pressure of their job.

The 3 Most Important Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fats and have a broad range of health benefits. The health benefits include better mood, heart health, anti-inflammation, improved cognition and even anti-cancer properties. There are 11 omega-3 fatty acids, and the 3 most important types are ALA, EPA and DHA. The following infographic goes into detail on where to obtain the 3 types of omega-3 fatty acids.

5 Myths Behind Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery offers many benefits for adults of all ages and lifestyles. However, there are some commonly shared myths about cosmetic procedures that may be holding you back. The following infographic by Appearance Center of Newport Beach explains why these beliefs are just myths and reveals the truth about how cosmetic surgery can improve your life.

Zika Virus: Things You Need to Know

Making quite the impact across the country, the Zika virus is a relatively dangerous virus that has no particular medicine to help cure it. Primarily a mosquito born disease spreading through a species of mosquito called Aedes via their bites, those infected may not even know that they’re infected because most of the time the Zika virus shows very mild to no symptoms at all.

All You Need To Know About Home Laser Hair Removal

With the help of this infographic, understand how laser hair removal works and types of devices available for home use, how to pick the right device for your skin tone and hair color, what are the preparations, steps and after care needed while doing laser hair removal at home, what results to expect and how long you need to continue the session, and the pain factor and costs of home laser hair removal devices.

This is Your Body and Mind on Drugs

For people who are already addicted or only tried it once it can be hard to believe in, because it makes them feel better or even really good… in a moment. But when this moment is over things get worse. The euphoria effect of drugs is temporary. But the damage it’s causing your mind and your body can and usually does have a long-term effect.