The 6 Biggest Mistakes When Using A Rowing Machine

The rowing machine can be one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment in a gym but it’s also one of the hardest to use in the right way. Survival and Fitness Gear Reviews has created the following infographic to give people quick pointers as to what they’re doing wrong, so they can get the maximum benefits as quickly as possible.

ADHD in Children

ADD/ADHD is a condition affecting both children and adults; estimates suggesting approximately 300,000 or more Canadians are diagnosed each year. Both diseases cause disabling symptoms that impede development and impair social function. ADHD is a mental disorder that interferes with the learning process, impedes social and cognitive development, and can be a precursor to a variety of other conditions.

13 Running Tips For Weight Loss

What’s the best way to lose weight? Many believe it’s running. Yes, there are plenty of exercises out there that can help you cut a slimmer figure. They all work, but running is a top choice of fitness experts. Why? For starters, anyone can start running, regardless of age or fitness level. In addition, you don’t need a lot of equipment or money to run. You just have to invest in a good pair of running shoes. Throw on an old shirt and sweatpants and you’re good to go.

The Dangers of Using Your Phone as an Alarm Clock

Do you use your cell phone as an alarm clock every night? Studies suggest that nearly half (48%) of all people age 16 to 34 use a cell phone alarm, as do 26% of people age 35 to 54 and around 9% of adults age 55 and up. And when your smartphone is always within arm’s reach, you’re more likely to give into digital temptation, even though using electronics at night makes it much harder to fall asleep.

Caregiving: The Costs, Concerns & Choices

Caregiving, which can most often be unpaid, can cause an incredible impact on an individual’s life, whether it’s the person giving the care or receiving the care. Did you know that there are currently around 6 million people in Britain helping and supporting their family, partners or friends who are ill or disabled? This goes to show that increasing the awareness around caregiving is crucial for all parties.

5 Ways Sitting is Killing You

Find out why sitting is the new smoking and what you can do about it for better health and wellness.’s science team has summarized the top five reasons why sitting is unhealthy. It increases our chance of dying early, makes us fat, increases the risk of depression, harms our bodies, and is detrimental even if we exercise.

The Ultimate Prostate Massage Guide

Prostate massages are often undermined in terms of both desire and health. 70% of straight men, in a recent survey, said that they would consider having a prostate massage or admitted having one! The Male G-Spot is located in the prostate and can lead to stronger erections and more intense orgasms. But prostate massages have more than just health benefits, they can help reduce stress, fight depression and improve your mental health as well.

Facial Fillers vs. Facial Implants

Many patients seeking facial plastic surgery don’t often recognize the true differences between facial fillers and facial implants. This infographic by Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics breaks down the key differences between the two procedures and educates people on which they should choose. Depending on whether a patient is looking for something more long term or short term will determine which facial procedure they should go with.