Healthcare of the Future

This infographic explores new healthcare technologies such as hologram house calls and a virtual doctor app for your smartphone or tablet. These innovations are projected to dramatically reduce the number of hours that doctors require for each of their patients and could potentially revolutionize the healthcare industry significantly.

The Journey from Fat to Fit

Being fit is being positive! There are many reasons to be fit, but the completeness and energy we get by being fit is the goal of a healthy and happy life. Here in this infographic you will discover various ways to lose and gain weight by simple and effective ways through your daily routine,easy workouts and food habits.

Health Benefits of Mustard

It’s strange to think that one of the most overlooked healthy ingredients is also one of the most common. We’re talking about mustard—a condiment usually used as sauce in hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and corn dogs. Sometimes, it is mixed in flavorings and spices. Here’s an infographic that illustrates the numerous health benefits of mustard.

8 Health Benefits of Kissing

When it comes to kissing, we all have different reasons. Some do it to convey love and care. Some consider it as a lucky charm. Whereas, some consider it as the first stage of lovemaking—perhaps, we all consider it as the gateway to lovemaking. Whatever it is, what most people didn’t realize is kissing has health benefits.Learn what they are in this infographic.

4 Rules to Build Muscle Without Meat

Even though you’re a vegetarian, doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle. In fact, there are some muscle men who are vegetarians. But how can you achieve muscle growth if you’re not consuming meat? Here are muscle-building rules, even if you’re not eating meat.

15 Muscle Building Tips

Building muscles may sound easy; it’s not. You need discipline, consistency, and sometimes an incredible amount of sacrifice. If you really want to achieve that impressive Hulk like physique, it’s time to stop dreaming and do the hard work. To help you, here are some proven tips.

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to have health benefits. Some of these include boosting heart health, preserving insulin activity, keeping the brain healthy, and cancer prevention. You may have learned lots of benefits, but this infographic by NO Max Shred focuses on these four.

Best Fitness Trackers in 2016

After talking to half-dozen experts, surveying hundred of users who already are using the fitness trackers and reading every available review over the Internet about more than 40 fitness trackers, clip-ons, bracelets and fitness bands, MobileSiri has put together this detailed guide about the best fitness trackers.