How Running Changes Your Body

Let’s face the facts here – most of us are not the least bit concerned about the necessity of having a fit body. While we may successfully pull off the low-calorie diet for a week, things just seem to stop when exercise comes into the mix. The good news is that you don’t have to get an expensive gym membership program to get back into shape.
All you need are a pair of good running shoes and some motivation to get started.

20 Playground Exercises to Achieve a Full-Body Workout

Why pay for an expensive gym membership when you can make use of the time you have with the “equipment” you have available, while taking care of and playing with your kids. What’s all this about? The playground! Bring the kids to the playground and while you watch, you can get a full-body workout in using only playground equipment.

A History of Vitamin Discovery Throughout the Ages

There’s no question that the nutrients we take in play a major role in our health. In fact, we’ve got centuries of trial and error to prove it. Let’s take a closer look to uncover the link between nutrition and health, a history of observations, and the discovery of vitamins, in an infographic presented by USANA.

Healthcare Technology Trends 2017

Technology promises to be the greatest game-changer for healthcare, with a number of exciting digital technology forms awaiting to be utilized properly. This infographic from Experion Technologies shows which technological trends are going to be the most influential for healthcare in 2017 and even beyond.

The Top 21 Natural Testosterone Booster Ingredients

This infographic contains an extensive list of the top 21 natural testosterone booster ingredients. It highlights the benefits of each of the ingredients and where they can be found. The functions of these natural ingredients, as described in the infographics, are: reducing stress, increasing libido, building muscle, promoting strength and energy, as well as improving fertility.

How To Calculate Your Next Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation

Every woman should know how to determine the date of her next ovulation and period. If you’re trying to get pregnant, these info will help you time your intercourse right and have sex on the days on the days that you’re fertile. If you’re not yet ready to get pregnant, knowing when you’ll ovulate means you can avoid having intercourse on your fertile days and prevent fertilization from taking place.

9 Foods That Fight Depression

Here are 9 great foods and drinks that all depression sufferers should get more of. The foods that you eat can actually have an impact on your mood and how you feel. Look at the foods presented in the following infographic and make it a point to start incorporating these into your diet to improve your mental health and your overall health.

10 Super Foods That Prevent Acne & Other Skin Problems

There are certain foods that contain supplements and certain different intensities that can be useful for skin break out. When you fuse these into your eating routine, they can help you in clearing your skin. Look at the following infographic to get the majority of the data that you require about which foods you have to begin eating today to begin seeing an improvement in your acne.