How to Stay Hydrated During Exercise

You’ve probably heard that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day, but the truth is that all bodies and daily routines are different. A person who doesn’t exercise won’t have the same hydration needs as a marathon runner. Even two people who exercise – for example, a hot yoga class vs. a light jog – will sweat at different rates and require different amounts of water to stay hydrated.

Is the Air in Your House Making You Sick?

Clean air is important for all of us. We’re breathing 24/7, so if the air is dirty, then contaminants are constantly entering our lungs. Dirty air can lead to negative health effects, from a minor cough to more serious respiratory illnesses. But where is the dirtiest air that we breathe everyday? The answer may surprise you.

Can You Benefit From Compression Therapy?

Are you a retail worker, frequent flyer, or athlete? Compression therapy might be for you. Compression therapy is well-known for being a treatment practice for medical conditions like Lymphedema, but there are actually benefits to its use for various lifestyles outside of the medical realm. This infographic illustrates how compression therapy plays a role in supporting various lifestyles.

Evolution of CPR

Here is an infographic courtesy of ACLS that depicts the evolution of CPR. The time line goes back to the 1500s and lists the many unusual and barbaric ways that CPR was used throughout history as it advanced to what it is today.

5 Fascinating Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

It is one of the most common diseases in today’s modern world – anxiety. When it kicks in, heart rate increases and hands start to shake. Common anxiety medications can produce undesirable side symptoms. But fortunately, there is a more natural solution and it’s called CBD. As one of the chemicals found in the cannabis plant and is being used in treating general anxiety disorder, phobias, and fears, as well as PTSD.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

The team at Legionella Control have created this useful Infographic titled “What is Legionnaires’ disease” to help people quickly understand more about this preventable disease, what it is, where it comes from, who’s at risk, typical symptoms, how it’s treated, common sources of risk in the workplace and the legionella risk assessment process.

Why the Way You Poo Is Harming You

Did you know that you are probably pooping wrong? Every year, more research is being published proving that sitting is unnatural and linked to colon cancer, IBS, hemorrhoids, constipation, appendicitis, and more… How did we get here? This infographic courtesy of Relaxx answers this and provides a simple solution: the toilet stool.

Your Posture is the Window to Your Spine and a Key to Your Health

A person’s posture can make them look more attractive, stronger and smarter. But your posture is also linked to health and mortality. Rolling forward of the shoulders and middle back creating a dowager’s hump is a predictor of mortality. Uneven shoulders and hips relate to a person’s loss of energy and proclivity towards a sedentary lifestyle and spine pain. In a world of smart phone over-use, gaming, longer commutes, heavy backpacks and prolonged time sitting; our posture suffers.

35 Reasons Why Parks & Natural Spaces Are Important

Parks and natural spaces are very important for our health, economy and environment. While the economy part might be tricky to understand, health benefits of being out in the nature are pretty obvious, to most of us. Yet many if us still need to be reminded of them. This infographic lists 35 reasons, including some scientific data and inspirational quotes.