Marcel Breuer: Life and Selected Works

Marcel Breuer was a Hungarian-born designer, carpenter, and architect known for being a master of Modernist design. Seats and Stools has put together this infographic that covers the life and selected work of Marcel Breuer. He is most widely recognized for his design of the Breuer Chair that bears his name.

Valentine’s Day

Here is a fun and informative infographic courtesy of that explain how Valentine’s Day got started as well a some statistics about this loving holiday. [Click here for full size...

Dodge Celebrates its 100th Birthday

Dodge recently celebrated its 100th birthday recently. Over this period Dodge has changed a lot. It’s fascinating that the actual Dodge brothers died in 1920 and that famous Dodge name carries through to this day. Dodge has been through it all and has adapted throughout their 100 years to stay competitive.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie is a lady synonymous with the area of science and in particular cancer research. An astounding and truly inspiring lady, she would be due to turn 147 this November. Born in Poland into an unassuming family, Marie Curie was determined to have a career defined by research even at an early stage. For a woman to show such determination in terms of her career at that particular time of the century is remarkable.

The Evolution of Denim in America

Denim is one of those uniquely American garments that has continuously been able to reinvent itself to suit the changing cultural and stylistic landscape. American Eagle Outfitters takes a look at a few styles that have ebbed, flowed and ultimately caught the attention of the fashion set over the decades.

Remembering Our Troops on Veterans Day

It’s safe to say that we all support our troops, yet statistics and struggles of American’s military veterans reveal that we can do much more. Here is an infographic from Pick Up Please that is a reminder of the sacrifices of their service and what we can do to make a difference in their lives.